well off me and branny went to have a practise on what is supposed to be the premier match canal at whitmore , after getting some advice from the bailef on the best pegs and tactics off we went.
Well the weather was awfull wind rain hailstone and to make matters worse went to open my brolly and it just fell to pieces 
after plumbing up to find only 3ft we new it was going to be hard, the wind dictated I was going to fish my favorite 5m swim only, pellet was the key bait we were told.
Soaked some micros in some marku liqued and a handfull of 130 , pole potted a small ball and went over the top with a jpz, a bite almost straight away elastic being pulled out then it was off, great start not! !
Right back in again ages for a bite and when it did come small 1oz skimmers , branny was using mags and couldnt get through them, every fish was the same 1oz skimmer like fishing in a stock pond.
After 2hrs and both of us getting peed off with the small stuff, we had about 2lb each so time for somthing diffrent. Try to feed them off, two big cups of dead red mags and fish treple mag on the hook, finally got the bait to the bottom and 5min wait slight nudge on float and 4lb bream in the net, here we go I thought but no nothing nowt zilch, 30mins tried again two more cups red mags, 5min wait and another 4lb bream!
By now we were both cold and wet so decided to pack up, knowing branny took ages to pack up, decided on fishing shallow with the top kit to see how quick I could catch the small skimmers 1lb in 15mins not to bad. Ended up with 10lb in 4hrs but without the bonus fish would have only had 3lb
Well what have I learned from fishing today , could well turn into a small fish race with the odd bonus fish, doesn’t look promsing though.
Two other people fished the bottom end on the tip and had one bream each, must have been the conditions why it fished so bad.


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