Very unsettled weather in jan, one day freezing one day blowing a gale like today 
With the weather being so bad we decided on a rover so no one could blame anyone for a bad peg, had 4th choice and my priorty was the wind off my back, wasn’t expecting big weights because presentation would be hard. Picked a peg near the carpark and decided on 6m swim top and bottom and a feeder rod, bait was white mags and f1 ground bait .
Its a very deep venue 10ft at 6m and full off silvers which is good at this time off year, but finding were there lying could be a problem.
Started on the deck with white mags and fed a small hard ball of ground bait to get the skimmers feeding. Got bites from the off from small 2oz roach but even with a heavy float with a big bulk got bites on the drop, knowing most people were fishing on the deck looking for skimmers I decided on what turned out to be a match winning move off fishing 4ft deep just under half depth, loose feeding white mags quite heavy for the time off the year which resulted in a bigger stamp of fish and a few pound plus roach and perch which bottomed out my 6 elastic, was catching very regular one every five mins and from what I could see no one else was catching. branny landed a 2lb crucian and guy on the next peg landed a few skimmers but no one else seemed to be catching much.
Wasn’t expecting to keep the catch rate up and every 20mins the roach would back off and perch would move in this seemed to be the pattern till late in the match, I noticed was running low on mags and decided to use sloopy breadfeed to create a cloud but all this did was fill my peg with tiny roach and just couldn’t hit the bites. At the all out most people who fished up in the water seemed to get this problem.
1st me 12lb 10z
2nd ste 4lb 6oz
3rd malc 3lb 2oz
A very good result for me and a well fished match, looking forward to fishing it again hopefully next week when less windy.
Two match wins on the bounce my best ever sequence of wins, after a bad run of results was made all the better 

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