Well were do I start on this match other than it was a total struggle for majority of the anglers me included as you will find out later.
Picked up my usual fishing companion for our short ride to golborne at 8am the sun was shinning and hardly a breath of wind conditions looked good  was expecting to be the first ones there but to my suprise there was a few early birds there and most were now stood behind the two flyer pegs having a good look at the venue (scaring all the fish in the process )
After giving out the usual bollockings about bank walking seems like im doing it every match!!! We had our 9am draw with a full house for a change, I ended up with peg 21 on the wide side only a few pegs a way from were I fished last week and had over 30lb so was quite happy. Tony scopex was the venue regular and drew the like flyer peg 7 so the win was in the bag for him and Ste got peg 8.
On arriving at my peg I decided on three swims,
1 margin swim to the right just on top off the ledge 3ft deep
1 margin swim to the left at the bottom of the slope 5ft deep
1 13m swim at the bottom of the far bank slope were i found a little trench 5ft deep.
All 3 were to be feed with meat and hemp because when I practised I found that the fish seemed to be backing away from pellet our groundbait and seemed to prefer natural baits 
When I plumbed up to my left my float was moving all over the place and looked stuffed with fish down there, I even caught a small crucian on a bare hook so couldn’t wait to get started. Shouted the all in at 10am and potted in some bait at 13m before I went to my banker margin swim or so I thought, 20 mins on my left and nothing not even a liner so over to my right maybe they had backed off down the slope, but another 30 mins with out a touch could not work out what was going on 
So an hour into the match and still no bites, went out to 13m to see if the skimmers had found my feed but another 30 mins with out a proper bite, I did get some strange indications and when I lifted into 1 I spiked a carp with my float which bolted off so it looked like they were up in the water. Shortened my un productive margin swim to 1ft deep and fired a few cubes of meat out before I dropped it in my 13m swim I now had a longer leader which would give me problems later in the match.
30 more unproductive minutes and I was on the verge of bringing it make in when my float finally shot under and I landed a 1lb chub and had managed to avoid a blank  but no more fish were forth coming I even started a new line at 6m with pellets in case I had got it wrong with the bait but still nothing, was beginning to run out of ideas but decide to try 14m up in the water and swing my rig out so it was only a few feet away from the island we were now in to the last 40 mins last chance saloon time 
first flick out and I missed a bite (had I finally found some fish) next put in after feeding a few cubes of meat and my float didnt even have time to settle before I was attached to an angry 1lb carp, now I couldn’t get back in fast enough and was running out of time, but because of the long leader I missed 4 bites on the trot but couldnt shortern it as I wouldn’t be able to reach the fish 
The all out came and I was left wondering if only for the 2nd consecutive match !!!
at the weigh in it became apprent that it had been a grueler for most people on the wider sider with lots of weights under 5lb mine included, but when we got round the shorter side the weights nearly doubled 
tony scopex 1st 17lb 9oz peg 9
martin branny 2nd 13lb 12oz peg 7
mick anderson 3rd 10lb 8oz peg 22
me 2lb 8oz peg 21 not my best match but came 3rd in my division so not to much damage done  roll on blundells ash did OK on there last time and big weights expected!!!
Wont be booking sycamore for next year needs a restocking, there has been word of ide being put in but we will see.


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