After having a busy day watching fish‘o was feeling really shattered this morning, didn’t want to get out of bed when the alarm went at 7:15 
packed my car and went for my mate at 7:45 the weather looked nice and dry for a change although it was a bit on the windy side. After our short ride to catteries we got there about 8:15 and a few off the lads were already there tucking into bacon butties 
After speaking to the new owner he let us have both lakes because it hadn’t been fishing to well recently and he wanted to give us a bit of room which was kind of him but meant I had a long trek round both ponds pegging out and my feet were killing me with my blisters bleeding again 
Before the draw I gave out our half season flyer and then had to tell everyone how our point system worked yet again for promotion and relegation its worse than dealing with kids at times 
9 am draw soon came and I was left with a good peg again so got my usual banter from the crowd about being on a flyer and must have fixed it, all a bit of fun though and it didn’t do me any good as you will find out later before I could set up had a bit off hassle to deal with because two anglers wanted to fish the same peg, they were both adamant they had drawn that peg and before I could try to sort it out one of them went home in a huff, like I said before dealing with kids 
Then I had another long trek round both ponds to pick up the numbers, took me longer than usual with my sore feet, so got to my peg later than usual and was in a rush to set up.
After reading the recent match reports and magazine articles, I decided on a worm and caster approach not my best decision because I don’t fish it well 
decided on three lines.
13m on the deck, double deez .6 float because of the wind and depth, 6lb line to a 4lb hook length size 14 hook
4m on the deck, double deez .4 float, 6lb to 4lb hook length
margin line maver float .2 float, 6lb to a 14 hook
13m and 4m lines were to be feed with chop worm and caster, both margin lines were feed with corn and hemp.
At the all in at ten I was just ready in time, I fed my 4m line with a small cup full of chop worm and caster and the same on my 13m line and i started on my 13m line with a piece of worm on the hook, the wind was blowing off my back which wasn’t to bad for now.
It started slow for most people  Mick was catching though with the wind in his face and the carp tend to follow the wind on here. The first hour soon passed and I had only managed two small skimmers in that time, missed bites were becoming a problem and the wind had swung round making 13m a bit difficult 
Decided to try my 4m line, but before I did I re fed my 13m line with a cup of worm and caster hopping the barbel and carp would turn up later. Went on my 4m line and had a quick skimmer but bites became iffy again and I began to miss lots of bites, managed to finally hit one after leaving my float to bury and counting to two but it was the tinniest perch ever, so I re fed again and tried my 13m line but this had died on me waited ages without a bite and presentation was hard in the wind. Now it was after one and things weren’t going well  the fish grow big in here so if my margin produced I could still be in with a shout of framing.
After constant feeding with hemp and corn I went on my margin line a bit sooner than I wanted but people on the far bank were catching on theirs so I thought why not give it ago, so out went my margin rig with a piece of corn 15 mins later I was still waiting for an indication of any sort, tried the other side and had a little dink which I missed and then nothing 
Back to my 4m line and had another 2 small skimmers things weren’t looking good , I decided to put a new swim at 6m and just feed casters, changed my 13m line hook length to a 3lb one and hopped I could put some fish together but this didn’t produce for me either 
last hour was on me and I decided to put 2 big cups of worm in both margins, I left it 10 mins then I went over it with a piece of worm my float buried straight away and was into a clonking big roach of nearly 2lb but that was to be my last fish of the match, all out was at 3 and I was struggling to find out what went wrong 
After packing my pole away I started the weigh in with Shaun and Stu
1st Mick Anderson 54lb of carp and barbel on worm
Section A – Bob 27lb of big ide on caster
Section B – Shaun 40lb of carp on paste and meat
Section C – Joey 25lb of carp and barbel on pellet
Section D – Terry Belshaw SNR 25lb of carp and big ide on caster
so were did I finish??
Next to last with 4lb of bits 
were did it go wrong I haven’t got a clue, maybe the bait which I have never had much success on but that’s what they all use on there, tried every line but nothing produced for me today 
Special mention goes to Tony Scopex who had over 100 bits on caster for 14lb 
Not my best days fishing but only 5 weights under 10 lb out of 22 fishing, so it must go down as a success for the club and do we book it again for next year??

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