Well after a few months thinking about it I finally decided to go for a coaching session, I wanted to improve my f1 fishing and after reading his articles in pole fishing magazine I decided that jamie was the man to do just that, after emailing him and finding a date and venue suitable I booked it for Thursday. We arranged to meet at trio carpark at 9am and on my arrival Jamie was already there assessing which pegs we should be most comfortable in, we didn’t want to be sat in a head wind so choose peg 7 not one of the better pegs on the lake but I didn’t mind because I didn’t want to be constantly catching as this wouldn’t improve my fishing a great deal, I wanted to find out how you work your peg when pellet and maggot fishing for f1s

. On getting to my peg we went through how to prepare your micro pellets expanders and 4mls, he also showed me a neat trick for using soaked 4ml pellets and gelatine for hookers which Jamie used most of the time. After deciding on which lines to fish and after careful plumbing up we found the channel at 6m and the bar at 11m, Jamie showed me where I had been going wrong with my plumbing up basically I wasn’t letting the line beneath my float straighten up before lowering the plumet pretty basic stuff but the way I did it meant I was fishing an inch over depth without even knowing.

We then went through the best rigs to use in the conditions, main line was to be no less than .12 and hook length .10 We used a 4×14 float with a staggered bulk 1 inch apart for our maggot rig which was 8ft deep on our 6m line.

We used a 4×12 float with a staggered bulk 1 cm apart for the pellet rig which was 6ft deep on our 11m line

We had a shallow 2 foot rig with a 2×10 float with a spread shotting for 11m line.

Started fishing pellet on the deck at 11m by feeding a small kinder pot of a dozen micros and a couple of 4mls, we feed every 3mins or after every fish and it was very important to carefully let your hook pellet fall at the same rate as your feed, another thing I was getting wrong was when lowering my pellet I wasn’t waiting for my line under the float to be straight before dropping the pellet but, when I did get it right the float just kept on going with a stockie on the end.

Jamie was keen to state the importance of keeping a constant stream of feed going in and explained, how f1s feed by following the pellets down and pick off a couple before resting 1ft of bottom to digest them and then totally ignore the bed of feed on the bottom before waiting for another stream of pellets to fall down.

This explains why you get tiny indications on your float and the importance of your last dropper registering a bite by using a shot big enough to show it. It took 3 or 4 feeds before we got our first bite which I missed and Jamie told me how to lift into the float rather than strike because we would be back fishing quicker and this in turn would give us more time at the end of the match, this is something I really need to concentrate on doing.

We were soon into a constant stream of small stockie carp which I was happy catching because it was giving me practise in lowering my pellet with the feed but, Jamie wanted us to catch the bigger f1s so we prepared a maggot line at 6m by feeding a dozen mags by hand, getting them to fall in a tight group at the right distance was harder than it looked but Jamie had it down to a fine art.

After 30 mins of feeding this line we went on it to see if any carp had settled on it we were into the stockie carp almost instantly and they were coming a lot faster than the pellet line, Jamie explained the importance of not feeding while your float was in the water to reduce line bites and also how to follow your loose feed down with you hookbait, we tried a bulk and 1 dropper but the fish weren’t having it this way and were watching the maggots fall before picking them off as they fell.

The carp weren’t lining up to be caught today and still no big f1s had made an appearance which had jamie a bit puzzled so we set another line up at 11m, fishing maggot 2ft deep and feeding with a catty, there was no fish activity up in the water and it was a cold blustery day but thats were the f1s wanted to be and we had them lined up catching 2lb f1s nearly every drop for over 30 mins before the bites started to become harder to hit, so we played around with the shoting changing to a bulk above the hook length this helped us get a few more fish including a 2lb ide.

When I started to struggle to hit the bites Jamie had a go and showed his class by catching one a chuck and I was amazed how quickly he had them in the net and was back out fishing, he was catching 2 fish to my one and thats how you win the big matches, I just wasn’t confident in getting them in that quickly but its something I will need to practice at before tackling the f1 races in summer.

We decided to try back on the deck at 11m to see if any f1s were there but all we had was the odd stockie, just goes to show what depth the f1s were happy feeding today and no doubt if we went out to the far shelf at the same depth we would have caught a lot more of them but, as the island was a good 18m away it was something we couldn’t try.

It started to go a bit cold and looked like rain so we decided to call it a day Jamie went through his rigs again and explained what had gone on today and why little shotting changes can improve your catch rate, in the end we ended up with over 70lb of stockies and f1s not bad of an un fancied peg. Overall I was impressed with the days fishing and would recommend Jamie as a coach to help improve your fishing, it’s obvious he knows what he is doing.



      • Hi there,
        really liking your Blogs as fish Partridge a lot, having got back into Comp fishing last year after a long break. Won my section on Covey 3 yesterday off 72. Partridge can be one heck of a frustrating water !! Blank spells….know exactly what you mean !! Maybe we can catch a brew before the draw one day !

      • Should do m8 , will be back on their on Sunday for some more punishment lol , but i have a couple of things to try and get me them extra few fish needed for the section .

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