Partridge lakes FISHERY


After being lucky enough to get the two fisho tickets I applied for and one being at partridge lakes I decided to up my game and try the open matches on covey against the big names .

Went down on the Friday to see how it had been fishing and to put my name down on the match list , when I got there I had a word with the balife who was very helpful and he let me know the best bait to use (maggots )and best area to fish (3-4 ft deep ) their wasn’t a match on so I went for a stroll around it to give me an idea were the best pegs are and best place to park .

When I woke on the day of the match I was glad that the forecast snow hadn’t turned up but it looked like it would be a cold and wet day although not to windy and after packing the car it was a mighty two degrees .

On arrival at the venue I was a bit apprehensive on what on what to expect because I was on my own and a few big name anglers from the north west were already in attendance but anyway I paid my money and went for a bacon buttie .
Hadn’t really had that much luck fishing the opens at Sycamore but I always put that down to it being extremely peggy and I was confident in my approach to my f1 fishing but needed the fish in front off me to prove it.

My peg for the day was number six not sure if it is a good peg or not but did know it was on the worst off the four lakes , at least it wasn’t a long walk from the car park and they were paying six peg sections so that was my aim for the day .

Was a bit unsure whether to fish how i would normally do at Sycamore but decided to concentrate in the areas i had been told were working on here by the balife .

my three lines off attack are ;
mid channel – five foot deep , .10 garbo line to a size 20 gamma pellet hook , preston chianti 4×14 float , spread inch bulk starting above the hook length .

bottom slope – four foot deep ,.10 garbo line to a size 20 gamma pellet hook , preston chianti 4×12 float , spread inch bulk starting above the hook length .

mid slope -three foot deep , .10 garbo line to a size 20 gamma pellet hook , preston chianti 4×12 float , spread inch bulk starting above the hook length .

Decided on a 0.10 hook length and stronger gamma pellet hook because I was unsure on the size of f1 I was targeting and with a few proper carp up to ten pound in here as well .

After not being happy with my float I decided to change to a preston chianti to see if that gave me a better bite registration , I made my rigs the day before and was very deliberate in getting the exact depth and even marked it on my top kit .

On my bait tray was ;
half pint of red and white maggots
quarter pint of crushed expanders
quarter pint of micro pellets
small tub of expanders

My three top kits were with solid eight elastic and small cad pot was used to introduce the feed .

At the all in I started straight in front of me at eleven meter were it was four foot deep , I feed a small cad pot of micros and crushed expanders with a pellet on the hook , began lift and dropping every thirty seconds and re fed every five minutes but didn’t have a sign of a bite and no one in my section had caught either it wasn’t looking good , just started thinking about were to target next when my float twitched and a slow lift resulted in a five minute fight with a three pound carp in the net .

But another bite less ten minutes saw me move just two foot to my left using the same rig because it was the same depth but on this line I started feeding maggot and a little crushed expander I was still lifting and dropping every thirty seconds and re feeding every five minutes .

On this line I started picking up the odd f1 up to two pound but it was slow going , the two anglers to my right hadn’t caught and were soon off to the burger van and the others in my eye line were also struggling apart from the guy directly opposite who wasn’t in my section but was picking up the odd f1 he had caught more than me but were of a smaller stamp and the big carp I had meant I was still in front .

After three hours I had five f1s and a carp for about ten pound but in the fourth hour I went on a good run and put another ten f1s in the net for another ten pound, but maybe I began to over feed and noticed that the fish were not being lip hooked any more and had to use my disgorger on most so my rig wasn’t working how I wanted it to either .

In the last hour the f1s vanished and after trying all along the far bank at four foot and even three foot to see if they had backed off a bit but I couldn’t find any feeding fish , I did hook and land a bonus five pound mirror which took my maggots on the drop , it fought really hard on my light elastic and it was lucky I hadn’t gone for the 0.07 hook length or I wouldnt have landed the bigger carp .

The all out soon came and from what I could see lots of people in my section had struggled apart from me but I wasn’t counting my chickens just yet , for some reason they started the weigh in on the high numbers but with only me to weigh in I had nineteen pound to beat and I put twenty five pound on the scales ,for a section and lake win which was my best open match result so far from my first attempt on covey but there is still a few things to sort out before the next match and with a good last hour I could have been on for a forty pound net .

Before I went to the cabin to pick up my money I started talking to the guy who was catching opposite and he had all his on sweetcorn not my favourite bait but I will take it next week and apparently the two guys to my right both fished in the UK champs last year .

1st 72lb peg 92
2nd 42lb peg 64
3rd 30lb peg 97
4th 25lb peg 88

and to my surprise I got 5th with 25lb from peg 6 even though they got my name wrong im well happy with that result and was the best weight from 2 lakes .


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