Partridge lakes


well not much to report fishing wise on today’s match because i blanked like majority of the people on here today !!! had been looking forward to this match since Thursday when i thought i had sorted out a good shotting pattern for f1s but the weather had not been kind .

Picked up Branny who finally decided to take the plunge and fish against the big boys , we got there around eight and were greeted to some long faces after seeing the low weights from Saturdays match with only six pound getting third anyway we put our name down and went for a walk round covey because Branny hadn’t been there before and what we found was a half frozen lake it was only cat ice but still not good to see .

To be honest we wasn’t expecting a big turn out or the fishing to be great but these conditions usually bring out the best from me so i was hopeful of getting a few and all i needed was a good peg .

Draw was at nine and i finally got off covey one but only on to peg 31 on covey two and right in the middle of were the cat ice had been not good , mean while Branny was on covey four peg 88 only two away from Saturdays winning peg so he should be on some fish just a shame i hadn’t drawn it.

As i was setting up the guy to my left wasn’t happy after fishing the same lake the day before and blanked from my peg , he also informed us that the lake was won with only 1lb 8oz so we were set for a struggle . After setting my usual four rigs ; 3ft and 4ft for slope , 5ft for channel. Bait was maggots and a few expanders .

All in was sounded at ten and i was straight out with my 4ft rig and was ultra cautious with my feed just four maggots and a touch of expander was put in and my rig slowly lowered on top of it , no indications after ten minutes so decided to re feed with the same amount and after thirty minutes still no sign so set up a new swim 2ft away .

Two hours later and after working all along my 4ft line and still had nothing and no one else had caught either not looking good , out of the blue the guy to my left finally caught one on his 3ft line so i followed suit and another hour passed with not even a sign of a fish , tried my 5ft line for the last hour and the all out soon sounded with still nothing in my net and from what i could see nearly three quarters had also blanked and my lake was won with only four fish .

Met up with Branny and he was full off excuses of lost fish , one at the net and the other broke him but at least he had seen some action because the guy on the next peg to him had won the match with i think 20lb . To be honest i wasn’t to dis heartened with blanking from my peg because it was obvious there wasn’t any fish in my area and you cant catch were there is none im very confident in my set up at present but just need to draw on some fish to prove it , i would have been really unhappy if i was Branny after getting battered on both sides it was his first try at the venue so will let him off this time .

Hopefully off to copull lodge in the week to bag up on the silvers weather permitting of course .


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