Coppul lodge

IMG00069-20110419-1551COPPUL LODGE 26TH FEB 2013

With there not being much work in i decided to take advantage of a half day and went fishing on coppul lodge a 30 peg natural water , my mate whose just got back in to angling had been middering me to take him for a few weeks and it being a silver fish water we were always going to get a few bites .

When we arrived at one we chose the closest pegs to the car park to fish from even though we had a slight breeze blowing towards us i didn’t think it would hinder us even though we were fishing shallow and cattying maggots out .

Coppul lodge is quite deep close in and the best way to fish it is up in the water so with it still being cold i decided on a 4ft on the drop rig with a 0.07 hooklength to a size 20 gamma black hook . Started off at 11m so i could chase the fish out later in the session .

It made a change not having to set up loads of rigs and plumb up lots of areas and it took us no time at all before we were fishing , there was an older guy fishing on the right hand bank and when the balife came round he told us he was also fishing shallow but on bread punch and was doing well .

It took me a good twenty minutes of feeding and constantly laying my rig in before i got my first fish which was a dumby 4oz roach , i pretty much got a fish every put in for an hour before they backed off a bit and i had to follow them out to 13m but strangely i never had a fish on the drop and the bites became very iffy too and i put this down to the water being so clear , i decided to put a bulk of shot just above the hooklength and this increased how many bites i hit and turned the little dinks into proper bites .

Nearly every fish was a roach apart from two perch and a bonus 1lb skimmer , they were all between 4oz and 10oz , we called it a day at four because my hands were cold with handling all the fish which i had over 60 for nearly 15lb not bad in the conditions and only used half pint of maggots which i had left over from the weekends match on partridge, it made an enjoyable change fishing for silvers and getting lots of bites instead of f1 chasing .

My mate had a good day too , he struggled at first before i altered his rig by adding more shot to dimple the float tip down , reduced the length of line to his float and put him a smaller hook on , he ended up with 20 roach his best total yet and was amazed how many fish i was catching , cant wait to take him fishing in the summer when the fishing and weather will hopefully be a lot better .

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