Partridge lakes


With the weather improving slightly i was hopeful of the f1s having a feed after two weeks of shutting up shop . I arrived at Partridge at around 815 and was surprised at how many anglers where present today and on inquiring when putting my name down at the open match their was sixty fishing plus another forty doing the Leigh tackle winter league .

While i was waiting for the nine o’clock draw i had a bacon buttie from the cabin and went to join the queue for an early and hopefully good peg although not quite sure where that is just yet .My home for the day was peg 64 and when i arrived their it looked nice , with an empty peg to my right because they were doing fish two miss one regarding pegging and had a nice reed lined far bank were i saw a fish roll as i was setting up .

Upon plumbing up to find the required depths i was a bit disappointed on what i found because my 3ft line was to far away from the far bank , which in turn made all my other lines closer together than i would have liked , so after deciding to alter the depths of my rigs to give me more scope to find the fish .

Rigs ;
2.5ft rig , .010 main line to a size 20 kamasan f1 hook , spread bulk
3.5ft rig , 0.10 main line to a size 20 kamasan f1 hook , spread bulk
5ft rig , 0.10 main line to a size 20 kamasn f1 hook , spread bulk

Hook bait ;
4mm expander normal and white
maggots red and white

Feed bait
micro pellets
crushed expanders

At the all in i went out to my 2.5ft swim were i saw the fish top earlier and hoped their might be a few fish present , started off with a white expander because the water was a bit cloudy and it would hopefully stand out i also fed a few micros with a touch of crushed expander . After a few lift and drops i started getting a few indications but didn’t manage to hit any i kept feeding ever five minutes and after thirty minutes i did hook and land a 1.5lb f1 and i was looking to catch at least twenty pound today to get in the money so it was a good start .

But after one hour i still hadn’t added to my catch and had maybe spent to long on that swim , i set up another three lines at 2.5ft deep and caught one f1 from each but couldn’t get another indication after the fish . The guy to my right was catching tight across one foot deep and had a few small f1s , some nice ide and a foul hooked four pound carp . The guy to my left was catching small ide and the odd f1 from under the aerator at five foot deep and couldn’t get a bite from any were else in his swim .

With the anglers around me catching at different depths i was a bit unsure were to target next because i thought f1s feed at the same depth . Decided to try my five foot channel rig towards the aerator this produced a solitary f1 and it seemed a pattern was emerging and i was unsure how to solve it or why it was happening because other people could keep the fish feeding in one place all day .

Into the fourth hour and i went tight across with maggots as ide were coming out on this line, but yet again i only managed two f1s from two different swims along the far bank . i had seen a few ide top in the channel so began loose feeding maggots by hand but this didn’t produce for me and the last hour was a waste of time and no bites came to me or anyone else in my area .

At the all out i had been beaten by both sides but managed six f1s and also bumped off another two for around ten pound and it seemed the biggest weights came off covey four yet again .

Had more questions than answers yet again this week ;

Think my rigs are working just right but i did notice that i was the only one lifting and dropping coincidence or do they like a static bait ?

My feeding needs looking at and not sure if im over feeding or maybe they just don’t like food going on top of there heads . Going to try setting up three swims and rotate them by fishing one swim and feeding another , hopefully this will sort it but only time will tell .


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