Wrightington fishery Rivington view

Wrightington Fisheries IMG00359-20130319-1300 IMG00361-20130319-1525


Decided on an afternoon session on here with a view to practicing for an up and coming 60 peg charity match on Sunday which i came 2nd in overall but won my lake last year, arrived at one and had all of the lake to choose from the cold wind was blowing towards the farm and i wanted to fish a peg that would give me open water for the feeder and an island swim for the pole i settled on peg 24 which offered both of these.

After settling in my peg i choose two pole lines both at 13m one straight in front for kinder potting and one 4m to the left for dumping bait in every 20 minutes , my idea behind this was to see which would work best for the lakes plentiful skimmers and carp.

Decided to start on the tip for the first hour because the carp were not in a feeding mood and with the water being cold i started on the straight lead with banded 4ml pellet , i had two areas which looked promising edge of the island and near the aerator , before i chucked out the tip to the aerator were it was 7ft deep i put a small pot of 4ml pellets and a dozen maggots on my left hand pole line i continued to re feed this line every 20 minutes .

When fishing the tip i fired in 4 pellets every five minutes but after 15 minutes without any indications i changed to a pop up boillie with a 2ft hook length in case they were off the bottom and continued with the feeding pattern , after thirty minutes without even a liner , i changed to the edge of the island were it was 2ft deep put a pellet back on the hook and within five minutes the tip flew round and i was into my first fish a pretty 1lb tench but after another 15 minutes with out an indication i went onto the pole .

So one hour in and just a solitary tench to show for it not the best of starts , i went on my negative pole line and kinder potted in some micros every 5 minutes with a 4ml expander on the hook , twenty minutes in and still not a touch then my float dipped and a slight lift resulted in a gudgeon great i hopped it wasn’t going to be one of them days . i had noticed a few roach swirling so i changed my shotting pattern to allow for a slower drop and with a maggot on the hook this worked a treat and roach after roach came to the net all in pristine condition and all an identical 4oz , i had thought the activity in my peg with the feeding roach might drag a couple of curious carp into my peg but they never turned up .

After two hours of potting 4mls in every twenty minutes i went on my left hand line thinking that the skimmers or carp had settled upon it , so out i went with a pellet on and not a touch after 10 minutes i went back on to a maggot and a sail away bite resulted in roach after roach , i couldn’t get in quick enough and as soon as the fish were off a smaller stamp i re fed and the size increased this continued to the end of my session , i did land a 1lb skimmer to give me hope that they had moved in but it was all on its own .

I ended up with 60 4oz roach i didn’t count any fish smaller than this , a 1lb tench and the same sized skimmer for about 18lb in 4hrs but only 3hrs catching on the pole , it was a nice busy days fishing but need a total re think before match day because that method wont work and need to find the carp to win and i predict over 60lb will win the match on Sunday just hope its me .

RIGS , 6ft deep , 0.3 scone float with 0.12 main line and 0.10 hook length to a size 20 hook , 11h elastic which i could change to 13h if needed

BAIT 4ml expanders , red krill jpzs , red maggots

FEED , micro with krill , 4ml krill pellets and loose feed maggots.


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