Hay and barley.

These pools are quite similar in appearance, both have around 20 pegs on them and both are canal shaped. Anywhere from 17m to 25m wide and are around 5ft deep with margins at around 1ft.
End pegs and middle pegs again are the places to draw and shallow long will probably be one of the better methods on here with worm,caster or pellet.

A waggler and feeder to the far bank will work for the carp and accurate casting will bring rewards, however I feel these pools will only be worth a section and not the overall win if there are too many anglers on them.

The carp in here are of around a 2-3lb average with a few 5-6lb fish for flavour. a 6m line and 13m line will work on the deck as will constant feeding of the margins.
Softer elastics on here with a pulla bung will be more than adequate as it will be a numbers game on here.

Very light floats are the order of the day on here so the lighter the better.

I would use 0.14mm line and 16 hooks on here matched to either yellow bungee, 13h or grey hydro.


this pool could be the potential winner again if there isnt too much pressure on it, and the fish could turn up anywhere.
The pool is around 6-7ft deep with margins around 2ft. The carp in here average 3-4lb and there are plenty of them. Most pole methods work on here and this pole you need to stick with what your goo at, if you can fish long and up in the water then stick to it with a line at 6m and throw bait in by hand, these fish love noise. Slow falling presentations will score well on here and there is potential to mug the better 8lb+ samples in here with a mugging rig.
A rig set up for the deck where you have been fishing up will also bring some rewards as the fish do grub around and this will be given away by the fizzing.

A waggler up in the water and on the deck will catch aswell….this could be a get out of jail or a few extra fish method on here. Banded 6-8mm pellets will see a few fish in your net.

Line I would be looking at 0.16mm to 0.18mm for the edges as you may foul hook a few in here. Elastics black hydro, 14 latex or red vespe bi core will be fine and hook size around the 14 mark will be good. No need to have anything other than simple rigs, but I suggest careful plumbing up in here.

Right I think thats all the pools that will be used, so I hope this was helpful!

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