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The chance of an early finish from work meant i could go fishing and blow away the cobwebs after having a few weeks off , with the bad weather and going on holiday . My mate had been telling me how well Deep pit had been fishing recently and it had been over a year since i last ventured on it .

Its a big natural water with it being a rectangular shaped pool with around thirty pegs nothing in the way of features and it has a good head of silvers , skimmers , tench and crucians in summer you can catch 50lb nets easily.But unfortunately it belongs to Wigan aa and isn’t looked after with no proper pegs to sit on , the paths are none existent and extremely bumpy my trolley nearly went over twice and i just hoped all this effort would be worth it !!!

When i finally got to the pond after a long walk i was shattered and with the wind being very gusty and blowing towards the pegs i wanted to fish , i had only just got over the effects of a cold so didn’t want to sit in a face wind all afternoon and make it worse, i decided to go onto the golf course side near the tree it wasn’t the best of pegs but wasn’t the worst either and i was expecting a good day even though we were still getting frosts in the morning and water temp was cold .After settling in to my peg and with this being a water were your allowed to use nets so hopefully i could take some pictures of a nice catch .

decided on 2 lines today ;

5m line , 0.2 scone float depth was 4ft, o.12 main line to a 0.10 bottom with a size 20 f1 hook .

13m line , 0.3 scone float depth was 5ft , 0.12 main line to a 0.10 bottom with a size 20 f1 hook ,


red maggots and 4ml expanders for the hook and soaked 4ml red hard pellets for the feed .

With their being a big head of silvers present i decided not to use micros and go for soaked 4ml i put a medium pot of them in at 13m which i planned to top up every thirty mins with half a pot and start fishing it after 2 hours when hopefully the bream would have settled on it ,started flicking a few maggots at 5m were i hoped to catch the plentiful crucians and maybe an out of season tench ,

A poor start to the session was an under statement 60 mins with out a single resemblance of a bite , went out to my 13m line a lot earlier than expected but another 30 mins on this line with out a bite had me scratching my head i even tried fishing shallow on this line and began cattying in 4 mags every few mins but this didn’t work either .

2 hours in and after rotating my lines several times i finally managed a bite and a roach out at 13m at least i had avoided the dreaded blank which looked more than possible , a few more followed before i hooked something more substantial and a nice 2lb bream was in the net , in the following hour the fish came steady  mainly roach but the odd big bream in between .

When it went quiet i was in a quandary whether to big pot like at start or to kinder pot i decided to do the later and take it easy with the feed for the time being because the fish were very cold to the touch this worked to some extent but the bream had gone from my swim , with it approaching the last hour i decided to try and force the peg by putting in another big pot in just to see how it would react but this just killed my swim or maybe i didn’t give the bream enough time to find it like at the start .

Started up another new swim 4m to my right and began kinder potting in some 4ml pellets every 5 minutes just to see if this tactic would work i began catching fairly instantly again but not the bream just small 4oz roach , after 4 hours the sun went behind the clouds and it turned cold so i decided to call it a day .

Ended up with nearly 18lb in 5hrs but couldnt get a bite in the first 2 of them and the last hour was very slow to , i had 5 bream the biggest was 3lb and lots of silvers mainly around the 4oz mark .

Not sure what to make of today’s session but at least it got me back catching before my all important Maver match this match at Woodland view Droitwich .

Commercial tactics don’t work on natural venues ?

Maybe over feed at the start ?

6m line didn’t work today because crucians and tench still in hibernation ?

Only angler fishing so may be fish took there time to find my bed of bait ?

All the above are questions that i might be able to find the answers in time ,

Thanks for reading any comments would be nice .


2 thoughts on “DEEP PIT HINDLEY

  1. Gary, keepnets are banned on all wigan waters during the “closed season” unless on bonefide matches. As for the state of the place, wigan aa would love to do something with this venue, but our local council have refused to let them put in a car park, or do anything constructive around the place

    • I wasn’t having a go at the place because its were i learned to fish , but in the 20 years i have known it not a single penny had been spent on it by wigan aa , i know that they will never put a car park on it due to travelers and fly tippers , but are you telling me that the local council would object to proper concrete pegs that cant get burned down ( un like the previous ones that were put up by anglers and all been burned down )and a level walk way behind your peg were you can walk safely ?
      That would increase the amount of anglers on their and in turn create more revenue for wigan aa , as regards to bonefide matches on their i haven’t known of any that have gone through the correct channels.

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