Beacon view fishery

9lb CarpAPRIL 26TH

After managing to get a much deserved day off work , i was off fishing but a bit undecided on were to go should i take the easy option and go somewhere inform or try the out of form Beacon view were my first club match was this year .

Decided on the hard option and try to get my head round the fishery in time for my first club match , i had a few new methods to try today which didn’t really go to plan as you will find out later , the weather  in the week had been quite warm but a shift in wind direction over night meant when i woke up it was cold, wet and breezy .

Arrived at ten and after an up hill struggle with the trolley i finally reached the lake a bit hot and bothered , i was happy to see only a couple of carp anglers but they were on the fancied pegs , so decided to fish peg 8 which was towards the center but had a nice chuck to the 2nd aerator .

BAIT, sweetcorn , expander and dead maggots

FEED ,method mix , dead maggots and soaked micros


open ended feeder , 0.12 hook length 1ft long

pellet wag , 3 ssg float set 3ft deep , 0.12 hook length with size 16 banded hook


11m pole rig 9ft deep, 1 gram float with bulk and 2 droppers , 0.12 main line to a 0.10 hook length with size 16 hook

5m pole rig 6ft deep, 0.5 gram float with bulk and 2 droppers , 0.12 main line to a 0.10 hook length with size 18 hook

margin line , 2ft deep , 0.2 gram float with a mid buld , 0.14 main line to a size 16 hook

First line of attack was an open ended feeder because method was banned on here , so i cast towards the aerator with method mix in it and dead maggots on the hook , re casted every ten minutes with a big feeder to put some bait in before changing to a smaller feeder but with the same weight so i could still reach my feed area comfortably , 30 minutes with out even a liner before my tip flew round and a 5lb tench in the net but another 20 minutes with no further action followed , so made the decision to feed my 11m pole line with 4 big balls of method mix , micros and dead maggots .

Left this line to settle and went back on the tip and for some reason i started getting the odd liner , this resulted in 2 carp and another tench in 30 minutes before it went quiet again  so made the decision to go on my pole line hopping that the skimmers had settled their , but the response was not what i expected with long waits between bites although they were a bigger stamp on dead maggot averaging around 2lb .

I was struggling for presentation with my float even though i was using a 1 gram float in 9 foot of water , for some reason the dropper shot wouldnt settle all the time and my float kept towing through against the wind even though i was 4 inch over depth , something i tend to struggle with on deep water venues more than others but not sure why.

My mate was fishing on pellet and feeding the same ground bait but was kinder potting it in and he was catching a lot faster than me but were not even a quarter of the size i had , after a while i decided to try the pellet waggler because i could see lots of carp topping even in the cold weather , i was casting 3/4 across but the wind was making things awkward but after a while i started getting bites but couldn’t hit a single one and after tearing my hair out for 40 minutes i gave it up as a bad job .

Set up a new swim at 5m because the wind had got up and decided to take it softly softly on this line , cupped in an egg sized ball of method mix and went over this with a 6mm expander pellet this resulted in six 8 oz skimmers before i had to re feed , kept trying dead maggots and they still were picking out the bigger skimmers but i was waiting longer for a bite .

For the final thirty minutes i tried the margins and i put a big cup of dead maggots and went over the top with 4 on the hook , a 15 minute wait resulted in a common carp of nearly 9lb which put up a good fight on lightish elastic , i was hopping for a big barbel or a sturgeon but the carp more than made up for it and after its capture i decided to call it a day .

So after a slow days fishing i ended up with ;

Tip – 2 tench and 2 carp for about 12lb

11m pole line fed heavy – 6 skimmers for about 10lb

5m pole line fed negatively – 14 skimers for about 10lb

margin line for last 30 minutes – 1 carp nearly 9lb

So in total i had 25 fish for 40lb not great but hopefully worked a few things out for the match and if i could off hit the pellet waggler bites i might have doubled my weight today.


Heavy feeding didn’t work today

Dead maggots got bigger skimmers but longer waits for bites

Pellets caught more fish but smaller stamp

Dont think feeder is a viable option in match unless windy

Up in water with pole or pellet waggler will have a big say in the match , just hope its not to windy .

Off to partridge on Sunday to fish the open against the big boys , its been fishing well with some nice weights coming out so i might have a chance of beating my best weight of 49lb , let you know how i get on .

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