Partridge lakes

Covey open match , 28th April

Decided on a trip fishing against the big boys before my club season starts in May nothing ventured nothing gained, arrived at 815 to find that nearly 100 were attending today so had a bacon buttie while waiting for the draw and tried an early dip in the draw bag today and ended up on covey 3 peg 62 only 2 away from were i struggled the last time i fished here , i wasn’t sure what to expect after not fishing the venue for over a month off , i set up the usual f1 rigs .

Farbank , 1ft deep , 0.10 garbo line direct to a size 20 gamma pellet hook , float was 0.2 scone float with a small bulk 6 inch from the hook .

4ft deep, 0.10 garbo line direct to size 20 gamma pellet hook , float was 0.3 chianti with a spread bulk starting 6 inch from hook with 1 inch spacings

3ft deep , 0.10 garbo line direct to size 20 gamma pellet hook , float was 0.2 chianti with a shirt button shotting pattern .

When i got to my peg their was a surprisingly large amount of f1s topping and i hadn’t noticed that any other anglers had set up a shallow rig so maybe i had gained an advantage we will find out later , maggots were doing the business the last time i was on here but i brought pellets as a back up plan because f1s can be very finicky on what they want to eat .

Bait , red maggots , 4mm pellets white and normal

Feed , red maggots , soaked micros and crushed expander ground bait .

All in sounded at 1015 and my first line of attack was against the far bank rushes , i feed a kinder pot of micros and put an expander on the hook , kept lifting and dropping and it wasn’t long before i began getting indications on the float but the wind kept getting stronger and holding the pole still was very difficult , i did manage a 3lb carp but began missing bites because of the conditions and was going know were fast so decided to leave this line for the time being until things improved .

With the f1s still topping i decided to try fishing shallow i began on a 3ft on the drop rig and began loose feeding maggots every 60 seconds but to my amazement nothing was  happening i kept changing depths and feeding patterns but it stayed the same way for 30 minutes , so 90 minutes in and only 1 fish to show for it not a great start to the day my chance of framing had surely gone unless things improved dramatically .

So time for plan c and that was fishing at 4m towards the empty peg to my right , were the wind wasn’t as bad and i could present a good bait i ended up sitting on the side of my box because the wind was whipping my pole round if i sat the normal way .I plumbed up to find the required 4ft depth which was just on the near side slope and i was able to drag the pellet up the slope a touch  this worked a treat .

2 hours in and i had finally found some f1s and fish after fish came to the net , averaging over 1lb they put a good fight on light elastic which was required to minimize hook pulls and i couldn’t afford to make any mistakes after wasting the first 2 hours of the match if i wanted to catch up to those around me . I  began getting into a nice rhythm of feeding

1 dropping in my rig

2 dragging it up the slope a touch ,

3 waiting for a bite ,

4 striking and playing the fish away from my feed area ,

5 then netting it directly in front of me .

This rhythm was punctuated by the odd hook pull and lost fish , i even lost 2 big wise f1s which went under my platform and resulted in trashed rigs , it was a delicate balancing act of using the pulla kit enough for control but not to much to prevent hook pulls and i just new that those fish would cost me at the end .

It was coming up to the last 30 minutes and i began to run out of micros which resulted in my swim dying on me but by feeding crushed expander i picked up a couple more vital fish before the all out at 315 .

I was confident of beating those around me but the guy fishing near the aerator were it had been calmer and so  was able to fish tight across  had 50lb and finished 3rd overall but he wasn’t in my section though . When they came to weigh me i had caught 25 f1s so was guessing at 40lb and when it went round to 39lb i was happy with that and nearly all were caught in a 3 hour spell , but i had been beaten for my section from the other aerator peg he had 43lb all caught on worm fishing at 9m which was at the bottom of the far slope

. So lost fish and missed bites cost me yet again but it must have happened to the other anglers too so im not going to be to dis heartened , i think their was enough fish in my peg today to frame and should have gone on my near line earlier in stead of struggling with the wind against the far bank , but hind sight is a lovely thing .


White expanders picked up the better f1s

Crushed expanders brought the swim back to life

4ft line was the most prolific and i should really have set up 2 swims to keep the fish feeding

Dont let f1s go to close to your platform , this was a new occurrence for me and i wont be letting them do that again

Missed lots of proper sail away bites just after i had fed , which was most certainly liners and should have tried off the deck .

Missed a few bites because the float wasn’t shotted right down to the tip because of the windy conditions , should maybe have tried a heavier float .

1st 56lb

2nd 53lb

3rd 50lb

4th 49lb

all caught from different coveys , so wasn’t that far away from framing again !!

Really enjoyed my fishing today and cant wait to get back on their and with a bit of luck i could have framed or at least got my section today , but it was used as a sharpener for my club matches which start the first Sunday in May and with a bit of luck i should finish in the top 3 this year fingers crossed .


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