PEG 7 , MAY 5th

Well after what seemed like a life time my club season starts again today with the match on Beacon view , just hope i can do better than my mid table position last year . After having to sort out some peoples lifts out to get here and just because i run the club it doesn’t mean that i have to baby sit everyone , but any way little rant over with so lets get on with today’s fishing match .

I was the first to arrive at the venue and had a quick look around because i had booked 18 pegs but was expecting 19 to turn up so needed to squeeze in an extra place , but the pond was absolutely chocker with carp anglers casting all over the place and in my opinion they should really keep the match and carp anglers separate to avoid arguments .

When i got back to the car park a few more had turned up and all the talk was about how bad it had been fishing recently , i started collecting the pools money and i was quite surprised on how many people had decided not to go in the big heads pool today , think they were probably scared off by Joeys pellet waggler skills and as it turned out they were right .

Found out we had a few no shows again today which meant only 17 fishing (don’t know why they cant ring to tell me before hand ) so i split the group into 3 sections and i had the last number in the bag which turned out to be peg 7 , in a very hard section containing the top 4 in the club from last year and also had a bad area to contend with , so had my work cut out for the section win today .On the plus side though it wasn’t far away from were i practiced last week , so i knew how to fish it and just hopped it would be a bit better than last time .

Had 3 rigs in mind today ;

13m , dibber float 1ft deep , 0.14 garbo line to a size 18 hook attached to a short hair and micro bait band .13h elastic

13m , 0.2 scone float 3ft deep , 0.14 garbo line to a size 18 hook attached to a short hair and micro bait band .13h elastic

7m , 1 gram maver float 8ft deep , 0.12 garbo line to a size 18 gamma pellet hook . 11h elastic .

2 rigs for up in the water at 13m hopping for carp and gave me a chance to go further out if needed and 1 for the skimmers at 7m just at the bottom of the near side ledge ,this was the area which worked well in practice .

Bait today was ;

For hook

half pint dead red maggots

6mm hard pellets

For feed

4m hard pellets

soaked micros and a touch of efg 130

The all in sounded at ten and my first job was to pot in a golf ball of micros and a handful of dead maggots at 7m being careful not over feed it because balling it in last time was a big no no , i then went over this with my skimmer rig with 3 three dead maggots on the hook and i wasn’t expecting an instant response so when i was still bite less after 15 minutes it was what i had expected but every one else was in the same boat too , un fortunately it was fishing hard today so a low weight of 20lb is my target for my section .

After 20 minutes i was into my first skimmer of 10oz but on my next bite disaster struck and when i lifted into the bite some how my connector had come apart and i had that sinking feeling as i saw my float glide out of my swim attached to a big skimmer , i hastily tried to wrap it around my pole tip but to no avail so i plumbed  up a new rig and tried to put it out of my mind .

Decided to re-feed because of the disruption in my peg and this seemed to work as i was into the big skimmers again , it was noticeable that dead reds picked out the better fish but i had to wait longer for bites because if i went on pellet i had an instant bite of a tiny bite blade .

After 2 hours i had ten nice skimmers in the net and was well in front for the section , so with rumor coming down the line that Joey was catching well up in the water i decided to follow suit , i had been pinging 4mm pellets for 30 minutes before trying it but hadn’t seen a single fish top , so tried my deep shallow rig first and began missing bites which i put down to the hair being to long so when i changed for a shorter one this worked a treat , to my surprise it was big skimmers that were coming my way but i had to be extremely careful not to bump them off on the heavyish 13h elastic , especially when the odd big fish decided to leap out like a dolphin and one nearly made it over the aerator rope .

Noticed that Dave to my right had landed a small 2lb carp on his shallow rig and this encouraged me to pick up mine but i was only getting small roach on this rig , went back on my 7m line and picked up a few more skimmers and by alternating both these lines i managed to keep the odd fish coming to the end , the guy to my left had a good run of fish in the last hour which got me a bit worried but they were only small and  when the all out sounded i was glad to call halt to the match .

Section a , me 17lb from peg 7

Section b , Joey 50lb from peg 10

Section c , Paul 27lb from peg 21

Well that’s the first club match out of the way and a well deserved section win against some of the better anglers in the club , it wasn’t a particually good one with lots of low weights probably due to the un settled weather but at least it was un eventful , so off to Catteries number 2 in a fortnight some were i haven’t fished before , carry on reading to find out how my remaining club matches go .


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