Peg 23 Rowan , May 12th

Decided on a return to sycamore fishery today after a 6 month break to see if it had been fishing any better because i was considering doing the weds night open matches that started in May , after looking at the results on the net it looked like it was getting back to some sort of form even if it was still heavily biased towards the corners , but you can never be certain until you take the plunge and fish it your self .

Arrived at 8.20 for the 9 o’clock draw and was the first here as per usual for me , so went for a walk round to check if any improvements had been made since my last visit , which as you can probably guess there hadn’t but at least the wind didn’t seem so bad for a change blowing towards Davids pool and the forecast rain hadn’t materialized just yet .

When i got back to the hut were the draw takes place their was a few knocking about 6 from my Balmoral fishing club and all the usual faces from last time , it turned out that 24 were contesting the match today a lot less than the hustle and bustle i was used to at Partridge lakes were they are getting nearly 100 anglers on Sundays open matches on covey.

My home for the day was peg 23 on Rowan not a bad area but really wanted a corner to have a chance of winning today ,as you probably know when f1 fishing you need to find the depth that the f1s feel confident in feeding at and i always start with 3 different depth rigs of ;

3ft rig was a 4×12 chianti float on 0.10 Garbo line straight through to a size 20 gamma pellet hook , with a spread bulk 1 cm apart starting 6 inch from the hook .

4ft rig was a 4×14 chianti float on 0.10 Garbo line straight through to a size 20 gamma pellet hook , with a spread bulk 1 cm apart starting 6 inch from the hook .

6ft rig was a 0.4 scone float on 0.10 Garbo line straight through to a size 20 gamma pellet hook , with a spread bulk 1cm apart starting 8 inch from the hook

Plumbed up and found my 3ft depth which was about 2ft from the far bank near the top of the slope which i thought would be ideal as i didn’t think the f1s would venture in any shallower water due to the recent cold weather conditions .My 4ft rig was found on my top 4 line just at the bottom of the near slope and i put my 6ft rig in the middle of the channel at 6m were their was a reflection of a tree so i could use it to remind me were i had positioned it , but as per usual when f1 fishing i would be prepared to constantly chase the fish  along these lines when they back off and my plumet will be used a lot during today’s match.

Bait was my usual all pellet attack on here and decided to stay away from maggots because at this time of year on here you can get plagued by silvers .

Hook bait , white and normal 4mm expanders

Feed , soaked 4mm and micros , crushed expander ground bait

At the all in i put on a 4mm expander and filled my medium cad pot with micros and a nugget of crushed expander ground bait , shipped out to 11m but before i could empty my pot i was into an 8oz f1  nice start , i began catching a few on this line before it died on me which is the usual case on here , so i re plumbed on this line 2ft to my right and after re feeding again every 5 minutes and lifting and dropping i was into fish again but this time they were 12oz stockies more like what i needed to build up a good weight .

90 minutes in and i had 10 carp in the net which wasn’t bad for here , but peg 40 was flying catching a fish every put in although they were only small f1s , i began getting bothered by small tench and crucians which usually means that the carp have vanished so i decided to rest this line and try my 6m channel swim because i noticed a few people were catching here but after 40 bite less minutes and multiple new swims i gave up on this area and had probably wasted to long trying to make it work when there was obviously no fish present , the last time i fished here that was the most productive area but it was a lot colder then .

Nearly 3 hours into the match and still only 10 carp to show for it plus a few silvers , not great but at least it wasn’t fishing as bad as on Silver birch where when i turned round to look behind half the lake was empty and The big dipper said he had only 2 fish and didn’t want to sit in the rain struggling with no chance of getting in the money , it does seem a bit harsh that when you draw on that lake you might as well pack up and go home because no matter what you do you cant compete with Rowan at this moment in time , it really needs to be sorted before even more people start voting with there feet and stop attending matches on here.

Anyway back to the fishing and my next line of attack was to try my 4m rig at the bottom of the near slope , i had been flicking a few 4mm every 5 minutes in this area so was expecting an instant response , by flicking my rig out and dragging it up the shelf a bit i was into the stockies again and i was beginning to pull back on those around me , but i did notice that when i loose fed the pellets i began getting a few liners and it was only after the match that i thought i should have gone shallow or altered my shotting for a slower fall .

Well it soon came round to the last hour and it seemed i was well off the pace to frame , so decided to re try my 3ft rig and to my amazement i was into fish after fish and managed to put another 15 f1s in the net before the all out sounded at 3 , i had to really dimple the float tip down to see the bites and after getting into a mini tangle which reduced the length of my lash meant i hit a lot more bites but this came a bit problematic when the wind got up and i only wished i had gone on this line sooner because it was obviously were the f1s were feeding the best.

Didn’t really know how well today had gone but thought my 28 carp and a dozen silvers had weighed around 20lb , when i was packing up the talk was that other than the 2 corner pegs it had fished hard and Silver birch had been a complete disaster  so maybe i might scrape third if i was lucky, when the scales arrived at my peg i had 17lb 8oz to beat for 3rd and i was pretty confident of having that but to my amazement only 17lb 2oz registered on the scales so for the third match running i had missed out on a better position by less than 8oz Gutted 

Missed bites and bumped fish were indefinably taking there toll at this moment in time , something i hadn’t really encountered before and some thing i really need to work on because when fishing the bigger matches small things like this get magnified a lot more . I was surprised to find out they had now started paying 4 places which is were i finished but only got my money back but better than nothing i suppose , im still unsure whether to fish it again with how bad Silver birch is fishing but at least the weds night open is a rover so you can choose your own peg .

Disappointed on how i fished today and my usual mid match purple patch never materialized this week and i struggled to put a run of fish together apart from the last and first hour but im sure there wasn’t enough fish in my peg to win but still could have done better Always the pesamist .

1st peg 31 – 39lb

2nd peg 40-30lb

3rd peg 36-17lb 8oz

4th peg 23 -17lb 2oz

What did i learn today

Silver birch is fishing rock hard

Channel swim didn’t work today

Dont always need to fish on the deck

Didn’t get my feeding right to keep the fish in my swim

Keep starting up new swims when the silvers move in

Time management and lost fish is costing me

Dimpling float tip meant seeing more bites

Might be fishing the mid week open match on sycamore fisheries on weds , but will definitely be going on catteries before Sundays club match and will be hopefully using my new maver tip rod , so keep reading my blogs to find out where and how i get on .Thanks for reading.

One thought on “SYCAMORE FISHERY

  1. Thanks for the update Mathew good luck with your next club match and let us all know how the practice session goes

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