Catteries fishery

Pond 2 , peg 25 , May 19th

Well today was the second club match of my 2013 season and to say i wasn’t looking forward to it was an under statement because it is far from being my favorite venue and on last years club match i finished last with just 2lb although that was on 3a and 3b .A arrived at the water at 820 and went for a walk around the lake we were fishing with another club member to sort the pegging out because although we had 21 fishing it was a 30 peg water so we needed to work out the best way to make it fair for everyone , but unfortunately all our hard work was over ruled when we got back to the car due to their superior knowledge of the venue and it would have been more beneficial if they had suggesting doing the pegging out and i could have been doing something else But that’s life i suppose .

But anyway back to the days fishing , it was a nice and sunny day with a slight breeze blowing towards the cattery and the car park was heaving due to their being a match on every lake , this meant the sandwich wagon was extremely busy and a couple of our club anglers were late for the draw as a result .My home for the day was peg 25 which on the face of it looked really promising with an island to chuck the feeder to and an over hanging tree to target the margin , plus some open water to get the fish competing on the top as you are mainly targeting the ide and carp on here , to be honest i was actually beginning to look forward to the match .


pellet feeder with 5lb hook length to a size 18 guru hook with a micro band attached

margin line , 0.3 middy float , 5lb main line attached to a size 16 b911 hook

shallow deep , 0.3 scone float , 0.12 line to a size 18 b911 hook attached to a micro band

shallow , 0.3 pea float , 0.12 line to a size 18 b911 hook attached to a micro band

deep , 0.4 scone float , 0.12 main line to 0.10 hook length , with a size 16 b911 hook .

BAIT soaked micros , 4mm and 6mm hard pellets , corn and hemp , dead red maggots 

After a bit of a confusing start with all three matches starting at the same time , my first plan of attack was to feed my margin swim under the tree and i aimed to keep this topped up every 30 minutes with half a medium pot of corn , hemp and dead maggots , my first chuck with the pellet feeder just clipped the island and landed in the perfect position were it was 2ft deep , if i could keep hitting the same spot i was guaranteeing to catch Fingers crossed regular casting every 5 minutes putting a bed of bait out hopping to entice any feeding fish to take the trap .

Began getting indications that fish were in the area but no positive bites , which was a bit puzzling , after thirty minutes my tip flew round and i was attached to a hard fighting 3lb barbel , my new maver tip rod performed admirably .Now you would think that barbel are a shoal fish so i obviously expected another quick bite , i was still getting indications but even changing hook baits to dead maggots to try and get a positive pull , but all of a sudden even my liners stopped too Strange .

I then started casting further down the slope of the island to see if they had backed off a bit and i started getting liners again which was a good sign , by regular casting my tip flew round again and a clonking 2lb ide was in the net . So after an hour i had just the two fish and on looking around it was noticeable the venue was fishing hard with only the odd big fish coming out , the guy to my right was catching the odd fish on worm by feeding a big cup and sitting it out for a bite every one else in my section was struggling so i just needed to keep in touch with him to be in with a chance .

All the time i had been regularly flicking half a dozen 4mm hard pellets on my 13m open water line and after 90 minutes of feeding it i hopped that their would be some fish competing for the pellets , but after seeing no signs of fish topping i went on my deep shallow rig first ,but surprisingly nothing at all happened and no matter what i tried i couldn’t get a bite from this swim .

Three hours in to the match and still only the two fish in the net Things were looking grim  , i tried my margin line and surely all the feed would have brought in some fish but still no indications not even a liner , i decided to change things up a bit because at the moment nothing was going right .

Chucked out the tip again but this time into some open water between the two islands but after 20 minutes with out even a liner i decided to  set up a new rig to fish on the deck at 13m and i feed two big pots of corn , hemp and dead maggots on this line plus all the pellets that had gone in and surely some fish would be feeding around here .I left this to settle for a further 20 minutes but after no more indications on the tip i went on my 13m pole line with four dead maggots on the hook More in hope than expectation out of the blue my float slide under which took me by surprise and i missed it !!!! back in again and i had another 20 minute wait before my next bite and this time i was attached to something big , although it only started to fight when i got it too mt top kit and i couldn’t get its head up which is a tell tale sign of a big barbel.

After what seemed like an age i finally had it in the net a big Bertie of nearly 6lb and if it had been a pleasure session i would have taken lots of pictures , but with all the hassle i have been getting lately regarding my blogs i didn’t want to rub peoples noses in it . The all out sounded at 3 and it was a relive to get my worst venue of my club season out of the way , but lots of people like this place so a bit unsure whether to book it for next year or not , think its probably best to have a vote on it.

Looking at today’s results it was noticeable how hard it has fished today but on the plus side their had been some big lumps landed today the biggest being a near 10lb mirror carp , all the best weights seemed to come from the wider part of the lake were their was more room . I managed 5th overall and 2nd in my section with nearly 10lb made up of just three fish so not a bad result , but their was 7 dnw and it just goes to show how temperamental this place is at times and i have yet to get to grips with it on here .

Section a Martin 13lb peg 3

Section b Paul 40lb peg 21

Section c Mick 16lb peg 24

Got a busy week coming up with work , birthdays and a funeral so will only be fishing on Sunday and hopefully it will be at Partridge lakes because it isn’t long before my fisho qualifier . T hanks for taking the time to read my blog and any comments good or bad will be gratefully received .


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