Fishing the bungee method

Bungee MethodIntroduction

This is a method i stumbled across when reading an article by Vinnie Smith in the November issue of pole fishing magazine and since first using it , it has really taken off on my local water called Hewlitt fishery but that’s the only place i have seen other people using it which is strange because it is an extremely good way of fishing shallow although in match conditions i don’t think it would meet the fishery rules as you don’t use a float , but on some venues they aren’t that fussy .

How to make it 

To make the rig you need to use 12 or 18 inches of light elastic with a loop at one end and a small stonfo connector at the other end ,no float is used on this rig and  elastic size depends on the species you are targeting .I haven’t used this method for carp but in principle it should work as long as your bungee and elastic is correctly balanced .

Roach , number 3 elastic for the bungee , 6 elastic in the pole , 0.10 garbo line to a size 20 hook.

F1s , number 6 elastic for the bungee , 10 elastic in the pole , 0.12 garbo line to a size 18 hook.

You connect the loop of the bungee to your pole and attach a 12 inch hook length to the other end with 2 number 8 stotz equally spaced down the line , it works best in hot calm conditions but if their is a breeze you can put a shot underneath the stonfo to help stabilize it , the size of shot depends on the strength of the wind .

How it works

This method works best when the fish are really having it shallow , i feed with the catty and slowly lower the hook bait down following the loose feed , you can pause at certain depths for 30 seconds but when you reach the connector you start all over again . I find it best to use a bump bar when fishing this method because it gives you more control over the bungee when lowering down and feeding ,you can also use the bungee for slapping with the hook bait , shot and stonfo replicating the splash of feeding pellets .

The bite is indicated by the elastic streaming out of your pole and no striking is needed to set the hook , which gives you more time to concentrate on getting your feeding correct , some times you will get twitches on the bungee and these are caused by small fish which aren’t hooking them selves against the elastic . This method usually picks out the better fish in the swim but im not sure why but it has a habit of increasing your average fish size .

Just a quick mention regarding baits , you will need a resilient bait to with stand the twitches on the bungee and so a banded pellet , worm head , caster and maggot i have found to work best .A little tip i have found that works is to use a dry expander on the hook either 6mm or 8mm because it sinks very slowly using the weight of the hook to sink it and it fluffs up nicely around the bait band when it has taken on a bit of water , but if you have trouble with it floating the put a size 13 stotz directly at the knot of the hook to help prevent it happening .

When to use it 

As mentioned before this method works best on warm sunny days when you can get the fish boiling on the surface , i tend to start off on a normal shallow float rig set three foot deep and continually let the hook bait fall through the loose feed , but as soon as i see a sign of a fish on the surface i change to the bungee because you have all had them days when you struggle to hit the little dinks you get on the float and using this method they hook themselves against the elastic .

You can get some massive weights when using this method in the right conditions , in fact i took my 8 year old daughter to Hewlitt fishery last year and she managed to catch 60 fish all over 8oz in 90 minutes , which included some really nice rudd which don’t get caught that often and lots of f1s mixed in with the chub and roach . I recently saw Vinnie Smith at a match on Sycamore fishery and wished i had gone over to thank him about bringing this method to my attention because it has won me a few matches over the last two years .

Hopefully when the weather finally improves enough for me to use this method successfully i will add another section showing how i use it in a fishing session .

3 thoughts on “Fishing the bungee method

  1. Been living in SCOTLAND for 10 years and now back in Wigan for three months. Your site is absolutely brilliant ! Your detail and information is great ! Well done and Thank you !!!!! Brom

    • Im glad you like them , my main reason for doing them was because i couldn’t find any up to date info on my local wigan waters , if theirs ever anything you need to know i would be glad to answer any questions .
      cheers Gary

    • Neil,
      Glad to hear your still fishin, I am back at it and am bailiff on a Chorley Lodge, if you fancy a crack when your back around Wigan give me a bell. We have carp to 30lb Roach to 2lb Plenty Bream etc.
      Regards John Hilton.

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