Partridge lakes

Partridge Lakes Covey 3

With the fisho qualifier looming large on the horizon a trip to partridge lakes was in order , mainly to see how things have changed since my last visit four weeks ago when soft pellet over micros at 4ft deep was working well , but in today’s sunny and calm conditions and i was sure that up in the water would be the way to go today especially with Andy Bennett winning and framing regularly in the last few weeks because he is a master at fishing that way .

As per usual i was one of the first to arrive at the venue so had a walk round looking at the other canals which will be in the draw bag on Saturdays match and i also managed to have a chat with the balife who was quite bullish about the fact it could be won from any lake and would also be disappointed if 100 lb wasn’t caught on each as well , but he agreed with me that Holbar is were the winner would come from .

Draw was made at nine and all the usual faces were present but i was a bit disappointed that only 70 had turned up to fish today’s match , my home for the day was peg 52 on covey 3 i hadn’t fished this part of the lake before but was on covey 3 for the fourth consecutive visit . My aim for the day apart from catching a lot of fish was to try out a few things , so i could put a plan in place before the fisho match on Saturday because some times doing things a bit different from the crowd can give you an edge over your rivals.


3 ft rig , 0.3 scone float with spread bulk above 0.10 hook length attached to a size 20 f1 hook with a micro band

1 ft rig , 0.2 scone float with bulk above 0.10 hook length attached to a size 20 f1 hook with micro band

1 ft rig , 0.2 scone float with bulk above 0.10 hook length attached to a size 20 hook

BAIT , 1 pint casters , 1 pint 4 mm pellets , small tub of 6 mm hook pellets .

My first line of attack when the all in sounded was my 3 ft deep swim which was at the top of the slope 2 ft from the far bank , my reason for starting at this depth was that every one else would start by fishing tight across , so this line would be less pressured and i could also follow the fish when they back off , this rig would also be used for fishing shallow in the channel after altering the shooting pattern for an on the drop pattern.

Decided to stay away from the micro feed today and concentrate on hard 4 mm , i started by kinder potting a dozen pellets in on this line with a hard 6 mm on the hook and it wasn’t long before i was into fish all f1s around the 10 oz mark , but i wasn’t catching as fast as those fishing tight across so maybe this line is a no no for the weekend . In the first 90 minutes i only had 7 fish and lost a couple at the net too including one which i hit with the landing net and trashed my rig and these sort of mistakes i need to stop in order for me to compete at the highest level.

All the time i had been loose feeding casters to my right in the middle of the channel and when i saw a fish swirl that was all the incentive i needed to pick up my shallow rig , i started at 3 ft with a view to going shallower when needed to keep in touch with the fish and i altered the shotting pattern to allow for a slower drop of the banded pellet , first drop and i was into a big ide , the an f1 and then another ide  but i bumped an ide of which i think unsettled the shoal because as soon as they had arrived they had gone !!!!

A change to caster at 1 ft deep produced a few small ide and f1s , i tried tapping the pole tip because i had read that this works well on here but i think a mixture of doing that and a duck disturbing the swim killed that area , so another lesson learned . So three hours into the match and only 18 lb in the net Things weren’t going well so a drastic change of tactics was needed and if you cant beat them you might as well join them , so out i went tight across to the far bank rushes were it was 1 ft deep , i tapped in a few 4 mm pellets and dropped my hard 6 mm pellet over the top and first put in and an f1 was in the net , straight back out and into another and then another , decided to give this line a rest and set up a new one to the left in a hole in the rushes which was at the same depth and i was going to try and make both swims work for me by taken a couple of fish from each and alternate them .

First drop on my new swim and some thing shot off like a missile , after a 5 minute tussle a 4 lb mirror carp was in the net Bonus and to my amazement another 3 bigger carp followed and i even lost one that was trying to get round the island and into covey 4 , i kept picking up the odd f1 from both lines and when it went quiet or i began getting liners i would hit into another carp , that’s the way it stayed until the end and i even got a big f1 on the whistle and i was unsure if i had done enough to get the section because from were i was you could only see 4 anglers.

While i was packing up i was surprised to see and hear how well it has fished and my 33 fish weighed 48 lb a bit under what i expected and i also lost about 10 lb of fish today as well , if i had fished tight across all match and im sure i could have had 70 lb maybe more but like i said at the start i was using today’s session to make plans for Saturdays fisho qualifier and i have come along way to sorting that out hopefully .

What did i learn today

Fishing tight across was the best line

Feeding 4 mm seemed to attract the bigger carp

Tapping didn’t work today , neither did feeding pellets and it was casters all the way

Dont think the fish were shallow today because their was bubbles coming from the bottom were i had been loose feeding

Began missing bites when my hair which was attached to a bait band had got longer

Hard pellets were the best hook bait

People were catching in the margins at 3 ft deep where i didn’t try

Undecided over the best elastic , 11h OK for f1s but not for carp , maybe soft 13h

Lots of things to think about before Saturday and a few more fishing trips planned in the next few weeks , starting with a match on Hewlitt Tuesday which im looking forward to but got some more hooks with bait bands to tie up first , hope you enjoy reading my blogs and don’t forget to come back .


5 thoughts on “Partridge lakes

  1. Nice read pal. Maybe you should of took a few more different baits… give you a wider selection. I have been doing.well on worm tipped with corn for the bigger fish.. maybe try that.. if yohr at sycamire tomoz ill see you there

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