Partridge lakes

Fisho qualifier , covey 3 peg 73

Well to be honest i don’t really know how best to describe what i did today apart from its the way not to fish a fisho qualifier anyway here is how my day unfolded . Arrived at Partridge lakes around 8 clock  giving me and my new travelling companion for the day branny time to have a bacon barm and find a decent parking spot because the plan was to leave the car where it was and walk with the tackle unless we drew Holbar or Covey 4.

When we joined the queue for the draw it was like a whose who of top name anglers and venue regulars , so we would be up against it to qualifier but to be honest i think its all come a year to early but the experience of fishing one is well worth doing though and would recommend it to any one . Luckily both me and branny drew near each other  , i was on Covey 3 and he was on Covey 4 we decided to drive round to our pegs as it was at the far side of the complex . Before we went to unload the car we had a look at the pegs we would be fishing today and brannys on peg 86 looked very inviting with the wind blowing into it and the f1s follow that on this venue , it was a lot better than mine but the way i fished today it would have been wasted on me .

My home for the day was peg 73 the 2nd peg over the bridge on Covey 3 not far away from were i fished on the open match last week , my fishing at the moment had been going very well and after receiving lots of good luck messages all morning i was well up for it , didn’t think i could win from here so the section was my first priority then see how it goes from their .

The first mistake i made today was to stupidly change from pellet which im good at fishing and has been working well on here for me , too worm and caster which im not confident in using but has seen lots of people catching on it recently on here . My rigs and fishing lines are as follows ;

4m ,this is were i planned to fish on the deck at 5 ft deep when i was loose feeding casters , my rig was a 0.3 scone float with a bulk and 2 droppers , 0.12 garbo main line to a 0.10 hook length attached to a size 20 f1 hook , my elastic was 11 hollo .

3ft caster shallow , this rig was used to search the water layers mid depth on the same 4m line , my rig was a 0.2 scone float with 0.12 garbo line with a spread shotting pattern to allow for a slow fall , 0.10 hook length attached to a size 20 f1 hook, elastic was 11 hollo .

shallow rig , this was used at 4m and across to the far bank , 0.2 scone dibber type float with a bulk shotting pattern just above the hook length , set 2ft deep with 0.12 garbo line to a 0.10 hook length and size 20 f1 hook , elastic was 13 hollo set soft .

3ft deep line , this was found 2ft away from the far bank and was a 0.2 scone float with a bulk shotting pattern 1ft away from the hook , line was 0.12 garbo line attached to a size 18 f1 hook , elastic was 13 hollo set soft .

2ft deep worm rig , for fishing against the far bank , 0.2 scone float with 0.12 garbo main line straight through to a size 16 f1 hook , with 13 hollo elastic .

In total i had five rigs set up and to be honest i just confused myself and its not something i usually do and im more single minded in my approach to a match and when i decide on a method i stick by it and try to make it work , but today the pressure got to me big time im afraid and it wont be happening to me again in a hurry .

Any way lets see how my match un folded , the all in sounded at 11 and i went straight across on my 3ft line kinder potted in some sloppy chopped worm and caster which created a nice cloud and dropped my rig down the same hole , i didn’t get off to the best of starts and missed a lot of bites by striking too soon but by taking a shot off my rig solved this because it aloud me to show more bristle on the float which gave the fish more time to take the bait before striking . I  began catching small ide not what i needed to compete today so decided to change lines but at this point the wind got considerable stronger and i needed to go straight across to the far bank to catch f1s and carp so would have to grin and bear it like everyone else.

I just couldn’t get through the small ide and it wasn’t a problem i had come across before on here and i could only put it down to the bait i was using , i also began bumping fish off with 13 hollo but was reluctant to change in case the f1s finally arrived , all the time i had been loose feeding casters at 4m to my right near the empty peg and with 90 minutes in to the match and only 3lb in the net i needed this to work for me big time .

Started fishing on this line on the deck and began getting indications from the off , my first fish was a big f1 but i then started suffering line bites so kept going shallower to try and find them but all i could find was more ide i even tried feeding sloppy worm mush to create a cloud but that didn’t work either . Two hours in and a total re think was in order , out came my banded pellet rigs that i usually use on here to good effect and re plumbed up a new far bank swim . 6mm hard pellet on the hook and 4mm in the cad pot kept lifting and dropping , trickling in the pellets and i soon began getting indications , my first fish was a 3lb carp not a bad start , but then disaster struck and after playing a big fish for 5 minutes it ran under my platform and smashed my rig Just my luck .

Out went a new rig and kept re feeding every five minutes by shipping back and re filling my cad pot , this finally got me a run of fish but majority were coming off when i got them to the top kit because the elastic was too strong and i was just on the verge of changing it to a lighter grade when i hooked and landed a 10lb carp which as per usual tried to take me under the platform , but it was all to little to late im afraid .

Began missing bites again along the far bank and i put these down to liners because it was 2ft deep their so i kept altering the depth to try and keep in touch with them , we was now into the last 40 minutes of the match and i was going no were fast so i began feeding sloppy worm and caster again but this time with banded pellet on the hook , i managed a few f1s and ide doing this but i was just killing time to the all out .

At the end of the match i felt really deflated after all the positive build up ,the guy to my left tipped his fish back and the guy to my right on the point of the split won the lake with 77lb and i put 34lb on the scales which was more than i thought but still came away thinking i had not made the most from my peg . When i got round to branny i was glad to here his day had gone more to plan and he had put lots of fish in the net , all 66lb of them and it looked like he had won his lake too , so that raised my spirits a little .He had caught most of them fishing shallow at 6m and at one point went 12 inch deep to keep in touch with the fish , you probably know my know i love fishing shallow and i should have spent more time today trying to make it work because that’s how most people were catching the f1s today .

When we got back to the cabin were they gave out the results we found out that some big weights had come out all around the complex including 4 100lb plus catches from 4 different lakes , but it came as no surprise to me that the winner and the 5th had come from pine canal after what i caught on their on Thursday , un fortunately for branny he missed out on the lake win by just 1lb but still fished a very good match .

1st Jamie Hughes 160lb pine peg 2

2nd Brian Shepard 130lb covey 5

3rd Neil Machin 120lb holbar peg 12

Well done to Jamie Hughes for winning today’s match an excellent f1 angler .

What did i learn today

Stick with what your good at in your fishing

Preparation is no good unless you use it in the match

Didn’t spend enough time fishing shallow when it became obvious that’s how everyone was catching doing

Better of using lighter elastic and take your time rather than keep bumping off fish

Had to many options today and just confused my self

So in conclusion i fished a very bad match at just the wrong time but at least i have got a chance to get it out of my system in tomorrows club match at German lane and then im off to fish Woodland View for my final fisho qualifier of the year .


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