German lane fishery

2nd June

Well after yesterdays debacle at Partridge lakes i wasn’t really looking forward to this match but at least i had a chance to get it out of my system before Wednesday fisho qualifier at Woodland view . When my alarm went off at 7 o’clock i dragged myself out of bed , who would imagine how tiring fishing could be especially in this sunny weather .

Arrived at German lane at 8 o’clock and was the first to get their , sorted the pegging out and found enough room for 21 anglers which was a tight squeeze and we had a full house today which made a change . All the talk at the draw was of which pegs are the flyers on here because majority hadn’t fished here before , although a few had been up practicing for today’s match , most agreed that the ones near the wooden pier were the best , but i was hopping for the field side were i have had some really good days fishing .

Fortunately for me the today the last number in the bag was one of the flyer pegs and along came the usual banter of a fix and such forth , it was nice to get a good draw for a change but you have extra pressure on your shoulders and nobody wants to blow out on such a fancied peg , but the way i have been fishing recently it had every chance of happening today .

Got to my peg and was determined to just choose just the two lines and make them work , not confuse myself with lots of rigs and baits ;


far bank 0.2 scone float , 0.12 line to a size 20 f1 hook attached to a micro band

margin , 0.3 scone float , 0.12 line to a size 20 f1 hook .

Bait ; hard 4mm and 6mm pellets , caster and worm

All in sounded at ten and the first thing i did was feed my margin line with a small cupping kit of worm and caster , before shipping out to what i hopped would be my main f1 and carp line which was 16m to the island reeds not a pleasant way of fishing i know but we were all in the same boat today and that’s what was required to catch a weight of fish .

My rig was 2ft off the deck and by flicking 4mm pellets and lifting my rig out of the water created my first bite which i hooked and a nice carp proceeded to take me through 2 reed beds and smashed me up not the best of starts , i was reluctant to change my elastic to a heaver grade after yesterdays trouble with hook pulls .

Went back out with a banded 6mm pellet on the hook and i began getting small chub around 6oz a piece not really what i was looking for , started missing a lot of bites too which i put down to silvers and i then hooked and lost another big carp in the reeds . Enough was enough and i changed to 13h , this worked to some extent as when i went straight back out i managed to land a 4lb mirror not as big as the ones i lost though , i could here the carp slurping at the far bank reeds but i needed another pole section to get that close .

2 hours in to the match and things wasn’t going exactly to plan and i was surprised just how few f1s had come my way because the last time i fished here that’s all i could catch but that was around the other side , it was also noticeable how hard it was fishing but only to be expected when every peg was put in , the lad to my right was catching big carp shallow 6 inch deep right near the platform coming off the far bank near the mud line .

I was picking up the odd nice chub on pellet but they was slow in coming and i also had to be extra careful not to bump them off on the long way in with the medium grade elastic , it also looked like that’s all that was present in my swim so i made the decision to totally change how i was fishing .

Nothing ventured nothing gained so went out with a lighter elastic and a new rig for chopped worm shallow at 2ft deep , put a piece of worm on the hook and kinder potted some mush and dropped the worm hook bait down the hole , 20 seconds later and big chub on and in the net Thats more like it another twenty followed in the next thirty minutes all over 10oz and it was all so easy , pot in some slop drop in the rig and chub on .

The 4th hour was a bit harder and i needed to alter the depth a lot more to keep them coming , but i sussed out that if i went to shallow then all the chub were 4oz or less , this i think was caused by the smaller fish attacking the cloud and the bigger ones picking up the feed particles further down the water column . Their was rumors coming down the pond that a few people had over 20lb and the lad near the pipe was on for a 40lb net of fish , they wasn’t in my section so the only person i really needed to keep an eye on was the guy to my right who was fishing floating pole 6 inch deep with no float on and just waited for his elastic to shoot out .

In my final hour it slowed considerably and it looked like i had caught all the chub in my swim , or more likely it was because the two guys to my left packed up early and gave the chub some were to back off to , Branny was one of those anglers and after Saturdays heroics he came back down to earth with a bump .

When the all in sounded at 3 o’clock i was admitting to 20lb and am usually not that far off getting it right , my only challenger for the section was the lad on the next peg to my right who had some nice carp and he also thought he would have around 20lb so it could be close .Started the weigh in on peg 1 at the side of the pipe near the horse field and the first few pegs produced some low weights of silver fish , we then had a couple of twenty’s from the fancied pegs and all along the bay everyone had over 10lb.

My main challenger had 18lb and it was my turn next and i put my 57 fish mainly chub apart from a couple of rouge f1s and a mirror carp about 4lb , to my amazement the scales went round to 32lb and my estimate was way off , i put this down to the chub being ready for spawning so would weigh a bit more . First bit done and my section won , their was a few low weights on the narrower side but a big 10lb carp was part off another 20lb net and the last to weigh was the lad near the bridge who had supposedly got near 40lb , but when he only tipped 22lb on the scales that was that my first ever club win from 22 matches , previous to that i had six 3rd places and i always felt that i just needed that little bit extra to gain me the win .

1st 32lb

2nd 27lb

3rd 22lb

Overall i think the match fished well with 14 weights over 10lb including 6 20lb nets , but that was peppered with five dnws , so in my opinion you really should only have a maximum of 15 fishing this lake , were you can then give a bit of room to the areas that need it and tighten up the good pegs or another option could be to leave them out all together .

My match went like this ;

2 hour bad patch when fishing for none excistant f1s

2 hour purple patch when fish a chuck mainly big chub

1 hour fishing for bites when the fish disappeared on me

Off to Partridge to fish the open match on Sunday and see if i can right the wrongs from my previous match on their , but before that their is the little matter off my final fisho qualifier at Woodland view on Wednesday .


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