Partridge lakes

Covey open match , 9th June peg 106 covey 5

my home for the day

my home for the day

Was looking forward to this match all week and really wanted to break the 50lb barrier for the first time or even beat my mate brannys record of 66lb from covey 4 last weekend . Arrived at the venue at 815 and their was a few anglers milling about already , when i had booked on for the match they told me it was going to be limited to 85 people because covey 6 had been left out and it looked like it was a full house again today .

A few of my mates had decided to fish the open match for the first time today , we was busy chatting and as a consequence we ended up at the back of the queue but it didn’t turn out to bad though because i picked out peg 106 on covey 5 which was an end peg on a lake i hadn’t fished before , it was a small fish bagging lake where 110lb had been caught during the fisho match last week and i was a bit under prepared because i had set my stall around catching the bigger f1s on covey 1 – 4 but i did have 2 pints of maggots so hopefully i could catch them shallow on here today .

On getting to my peg i liked the look of it , i had a point of the island , an aerator to my right and a long margin swim to attack ,not really knowing the lake to well i set up four rigs all shallow because that’s how i needed to catch to do a good weight of fish .

Shallow 2ft maggot , 0.2 scone float to 0.12 garbo line with a 0.10 garbo hook length attached to a size 20 gamma pellet hook

Shallow 1ft maggot ,0.1 scone float to 0.12 garbo line with a 0.10 garbo hook length attached to a size 20 gamma pellet hook

Shallow 2ft banded pellet , 0.2 matrix float to 0.12 garbo line attached to a size 20 f1 hook with a micro bait band

Shallow 1ft banded pellet , 0.1 matrix float to 0.12 garbo line attached to a size 20 f1 hook with a micro bait band

As the all in sounded my first line of attack was on my top kit to the right hand margin , while i began loose feeding maggots at 6m towards the aerator ,the first hour was a bit of a none event because i was picking just the odd small chub up from the side but all the time i was hopefully building up my shallow swim . The guy to my right was catching very well by feeding sloppy ground bait and fishing hard pellet in the cloud , i decided that after an hour of feeding it was time to give it ago with my 2ft maggot rig but i didn’t get the response i wanted and it seemed totally devoid of fish with no liners or swirls on the top , i also tried the 1ft rig but as expected still nothing so a rethink was in order .

I had noticed when setting up that most people around me had put out all their pole intending to fish tight towards the island , which i thought strange at the time because everything i had read about covey 5 was to fish the top kit and speed fishing . But as i was going no were fast on this line i decided to follow suit so i changed to banded pellet and went  out at 13m which was 2ft from the far bank . Started kinder potting 4mm hard pellets with a 6mm on the hook and it wasn’t long before i started getting bites , slowly but surely i began putting a run of fish into the net but the trouble was i had already given everyone a two hour head start not what you want in a small fish race.

With the guy to my left well in front of me for the section so i decided to try a few different things out which would give me a better idea how to attack this lake if i ever draw on it in the future . I went to go even closer to the island and out came the 14m section so i could fish towards the point of the island , plumbed up to find 6 inch depth and i was still fishing banded pellet but began catapulting in pellets rather than kinder potting them in , this seemed to produce more bites but turned out to be from smaller f1s and i also began missing fish because of the length of the hair towards the size of the fish .

As the all out sounded i had fished a match which had give me more questions than answers today , i ended up with fifty fish for 24lb but had got comprehensively beaten by both sides , the guy on my left had over 100 fish for 44lb and the guy to my right had trounced the lake with over 200 fish for 80lb and never stopped catching from start to finish .

Lots learned today

Sloppy groundbait fished shallow at 6m was the method that won the lake he had lots of fish but a small stamp .

Expander rather than banded pellets would have worked best today , missed to many bites using it today because fish to small .

Maggots shallow didn’t work for me today but other people around my side where their was no wind struggled to catch shallow also .

Didn’t seem to be many fish in my area due to the lack of wind my side of the lake .

Bigger fish seemed to be on the deck at 12m at 2ft deep .

Best depth along the far bank was 1ft produced lots of fish but smaller stamp .

Disappointed at how today’s match went and would rather have fished covey 1 – 4 because that’s what i had set up for regarding bait , but in match fishing you have no guarantee on where you fish . Off to Lathom on Sunday for the 4th club match of 2013 .


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