Partridge lakes

7th July , open match peg 99 , covey 4

my home for the day

my home for the day

With the Maver match this qualifier fast approaching a return to Partridge lakes was in order to see how it was fishing so that’s where i was today , with all the hot sunny weather i hoped that shallow fishing would be the method today although on the previous days results fishing tight to the far bank mud line had been doing the damage . As we was waiting in the draw queue i heard a few people moaning that because so many anglers had turned up they would have to put covey four in even though it wasn’t fishing right for the last month and they had usually been leaving it out for the Saturday matches .

Looking on the boards while i was waiting for my turn to draw and covey five seemed the place to be not really my cup of tea bit bashing but if that’s were you needed to be i would have to make the most of it , i pulled peg 99 on covey four from the draw bag and i had been trying to get on this lake for ages and it was just my luck to draw it when it was out of form but at least it was one of the better pegs on the water so my target as always on here would be the section .

On getting to my peg i was quite happy because it was next to the end of the split , i had a nice mud line surrounded by reeds and a bush to my right margin swim . Their was only one other angler on the split and he was at the opposite end near the bridge so i had plenty of room to draw fish from . I could hear fish slurping all along the far bank and saw fish shallow in the channel swimming about 1ft deep with my polarized sun glasses , so it looked like my tactics i had originally thought would work for me today .


Matrix 0.2 float set 1.5ft deep attached to 0.12 line straight through to a size 18 hook with a micro bait band .11 hollo elastic

Scone 0.2 float set 1.5ft deep attached to 0.10 line straight through to a size 18 hook .11 hollo elastic

Scone 0.1 float set 6 inch deep attached to a 0.10 line straight through to a size 18 hook .13 hollo elastic

Scone 0.3 float set 3ft deep attached to a 0.10 line straight through to a size 18 hook .11 hollo elastic

My bait for today would be kept simple today with just ;

2 pints of casters

2 pints hard 4mm pellets

tub expanders

tub hard 6mm pellets

As the all in sounded i went out to the far bank at the side of the rushes where it was 1.5 ft deep , i had a hard 6mm on the hook and medium kinder potted in some hard 4mm deciding to take it easy with the feed because it was fishing hard on this lake , other anglers i could see and smell was putting in big cupping kits full of sweet feed so i could keep an eye on their catch rate before deciding if i needed to follow suit .

Every five minutes i would ship back in and re fill my kinder pot and also loose feed my channel line with casters , it took twenty minutes before i had my first bite and it was very slow for every one apart from the guy to my right on the other bank near the road who was catching well and i think that was because the wind had been blowing in to that bank all week and lots of scum was on the water in the margin .

It took forty minutes before i was into my first fish which turned out to be a 5lb mirror which put up a spirited fight on 11 hollo elastic , another couple of f1s followed before i lost the first of many carp using banded pellet which didn’t do much for my far bank line , so with ninety minutes gone and only four fish in the net i decided to try shallow .

I had been feeding this line all the time i had been fishing the far bank and just before i went on it i increased the amount and frequency of casters i had been putting in , their had been the odd fish swirling so i was pretty confident of getting a good response and i started on my 1.5ft rig at 4m within thirty seconds my elastic shot off and by the time i could lift my pole it was gone obviously it was foul hooked so went on to my 6 inch rig but upon having no further indications and thinking that they mustn’t be shallow so i changed back to my original rig and this produced a small roach , decided to put on another pole section on going out to 6m in case they wouldnt settle so close but no further indications were had .

Went back out to my far bank line but this time with an expander on the hook i continued to feed the shallow line at 6m for another try later in the match , i was still kinder potting in hard 4mm pellets and this produced a run of f1s over a thirty minute spell but it was very hard going . It wasn’t long before i hooked another carp which went straight through the reed bed and trashed my rig and killed the swim , i hurriedly made up a fresh rig with stronger line and 13 hollo elastic .

I went back on my shallow 6m line while that line settled but i started on my 3ft deep rig which was mid depth to see if i could get any indications , their was fish present as my float wouldnt keep still with line bites and i kept going shallower up till i found them . When i went back on to my 1ft deep rig i finally hooked and landed a mirror carp of around 3lb but not the hopped for f1 , no more fish followed on this line and with it fast approaching the last hour i decided to leave this line alone and concentrate on the far bank mud line where i had been catching before .

The fish was still slurping in the rushes and i had noticed that some of my casters were floating so i decided to go tight across with a single caster on the hook and no feed in the pot to just see what would happen , to my surprise i had two carp in ten minutes before it went quiet and i had a big decision to make should i feed or not ?

Went back in with half a kinder pot of casters but as i thought might happen this killed that part of my peg and the fish are backing off the feed well at least the carp seemed to be , but by working all along the reed bed i picked up the odd big f1 and it was just like dobbing in winter but in summer and with a single caster on the hook strange !!!

At the all out i had only 14 fish for 25lb but as per usual for me lost fish had cost me yet again using banded pellet because i lost enough fish to at least win my section today , the guy to my left who was big potting had 30lb of f1s and ide with the odd big carp from the side . Their was a few rumors of 90lb nets from covey three and five but will put up the official results when they get put up on the net , sycamore match was won with 70lb and 50lb back up weights thats a lot of fish .

What did i learn today

Hard pellets picked up the bigger carp .

Have found it hard to get into the f1s on my last few visits .

Fishing really tight across in 6 inch of water worked better than at the side of the rushes were it was 1.5ft deep and foul hooked less fish their .

Fishing shallow didn’t work for me today .

Single caster picked up the odd carp and big f1 along the reed bed .

Those that big potted bait in caught mostly small f1s .

Still struggling with choosing the right elastic on here .

Not sure if hard pellets is the way to go on here especially when i keep losing them .

Two matches next weekend the first a charity match for Wigan and Leigh hospice at Wrightington fisheries which i won canal two last year and then my club match on Cunneries snake lake on Sunday ,so keep reading to see if my fishing improves .


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