Gone fishing Springview

Sept 25th

Day three of my week off work and also my last fishing day for a fortnight , after having had a couple of good days fishing the pole i wanted some were to fish on the tip for a change and to be honest i am not really that good when using one so the practice will do me some good . After speaking to my mate from Balmoral fishing club he suggested going to Gone fishing in Spring view because he had fished it for the last two week ends and had caught a lot of carp both times , the venue isn’t that far from where i live but i haven’t visited it for over two years and i don’t know why but i tend to neglect my local venues for those further a field , its some thing that i will need to think about rectifying next season .

Gone fishing is a thirty peg natural ish water in an oblong shape with three floating islands , the main species seem to be carp which go up to 20lb and this of course makes it a prime target for the bivvy boys with their annoying bite alarms !!! Their is also a good head of f1s , bream and silvers , at the back of the complex is a round 12 peg water which was used as a training pond by the previous owners .

When i arrived at the lake i proceeded to have a walk round to see what pegs were free because their was quite a few cars parked up , ten anglers were already scattered all over the place but their was one island in the middle that no body was targeting so this is where i set up my stall and i didn’t really fancy sitting with the train tracks behind me so i choose the other bank although this meant a 30 meter chuck to it .

Because i was concentrating on just fishing the feeder today that’s all i brought with me , leaving the temptation of going on to the pole at home and my tackle for the day was ;

Maver reactorlite 9 ft feeder rod , maver genisis 6lb main line , 8lb hook length with a size 18 qm1 hook and a micro bait band attached , i was using a 25 gram pellet feeder to help get me the required distance .

Bait for the day was to be ;

2 pints soaked micros flavored with tiger nut

1 pint hard 6mm tiger nut pellets

small tub of tiger nut 6mm buoyant band ums

At 9 am i was ready to go and after a couple of exploratory casts to set the line clip and we was on our way , i had decided to start a couple of meters away from the island because i didn’t want to go in to the shallower water straight away and where i was casting it was only 3 ft deep.

I began re casting every five minutes and for a change my feeder was landing in the same 1 meter square every chuck , i was also pinging four 6 mm pellets every couple of minutes but after forty minutes i was still bite less and more worryingly i had only a few line bites too . But no body else was catching much either and i was just on the verge of wishing i had brought my pole , when my rod was nearly pulled in because it took me completely by surprise and the result was a pristine looking 2 lb f1 . Not long after another of similar size followed but as soon as they had arrived they were gone , i continued with the same feeding regime and after forty minutes i got another two quick f1s .

At this point a carp angler arrived and decided to fish to the same point of the island as i was fishing , he also began to fill it in with bait going every were and this of course killed my peg as well as his , the best thing was he only stayed forty minutes before he want on to the more easier beginners pond .

Nothing much was happening all over the lake so i decided to change from a pellet feeder to a lighter 15 gram method feeder , this reached the same distance but didn’t make as much disturbance on entering the water . I don’t know whether it was the change of feeder or the fact that the carp angler had stopped filling it in but after twenty minutes the rod was nearly dragged in again and this time a carp of 6 lb graced the landing net .

Since i had changed the feeder i had managed to catch 3 f1s and 2 carp including a 5 lb pristine looking ghostie which put up a nice fight , in an hour but some how it must have damaged the feeder on the way in because the method feeder was now missing its weight ! !

Un fortunately i didn’t have another one of the same weight so i had to go back on to a 25 gram method feeder this coincided with another slow final hour with only a couple of skimmers and a solitary f1 coming my way .

I had to call an end to my fishing at 2 pm and it was an enjoyable if rather confusing day with 10 f1s over 2 lb and 2 carp over 5 lb , plus half a dozen skimmers for about 40 lb which on a new venue and with other anglers struggling i was pleased with how it had gone , i also learned a lot which is beneficial to me for later days fishing on the method or pellet feeder .

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