Lathom fishery

3rd November

I had planned on practicing for my next up and coming Autumn-winter league match because i hadn’t fished Lathom 4 since last November, the lake its self is a square water with twenty pegs but with them being extremely close together only 18 anglers can comfortable fish and it is heavily stocked with a mix of f1s , carp and silvers , which would make it an ideal winter venue . The weather leading up to my trip could only be described as awful with the North West getting hit by the back-end of a storm and when i woke up in the morning the trees where bent double , with the rain also lashing it down . So i decided on an extra few hours in bed and at 9am it had all calmed down a bit , so making the most of it i set off for a shorter session than i originally planned , as i was unable to stay too long because i had to organize the club presentation for later that day .

When i arrived at the complex i didn’t expect their to be many people fishing and in fact their was only two other brave souls attending , both on pond four sat with the wind blowing into their faces . The wind was quite gusty blowing towards the car-park and the rain was intermittent all day , i had expected the fishing to be extremely difficult so decided on a softly softly approach using pellets at first and i did have a few maggots to try if it turned out to be really hard .

I decided to choose a peg with the wind off my back and after careful consideration i settled on peg 17 , i first plumbed up at 11m then worked my way back to try to find the bottom of the near shelf but because their was only a two-inch change of depth i decided on fishing a comfortable 6m in case the weather deteriorated during the day . The depth i found was a touch over 4ft so i decided on a 4×16 malmams speedy float , maybe a tad heavy for the depth but needed in today’s blustery conditions .

I began by kinder potting in some micros and a touch of crushed expander every five minutes , it took a while before i had an indication and by lifting-dropping my rig i managed a couple of nice sized f1s , but it was slow going and i was keeping a close eye on the anglers on the opposite bank to see if they were doing any better , it looked like we was all doing about the same with just four fish coming my way in the first hour .


I noticed that every time i fed my float was moving all over the place , a sure sign that surprisingly in the conditions the f1s where settled up in the water . I hastily set up a new rig which was a 4×12 malmam diamond pattern , i began at 3ft which was a foot off the bottom and i changed to loose feeding maggots every five minutes , like before my float was being knocked all over the place by the competing fish but no positive indications . So i shallowed up by another foot and this did the trick , i had a run of f1s all over 1 lb going up to 3 lb they was mainly the silver type but i had the odd smaller golden one mixed in with them .

I then had a frustrating run of foul hooked fish , so i changed to a size 18 gamma pellet hook and went even shallower tp just 1 ft and this solved the problem for a while any way , with 12 fish in twenty minutes making their way to the bank . Surprisingly the f1s where know even boiling on the surface and because their was only me fishing that bank , i just had too many fish in my swim and frustratingly i suffered another run of foul hooked fish .


I began to run out of maggots so a change to feeding crushed expander with a 4 mm expander on the hook this produced the bigger fish but it was noticeably slower than fishing with maggot and when i had a run off chub i thought the f1s had backed off . I had noticed a few bubbles coming up off the deck so a change to my deeper rig was in order , but frustratingly i couldn’t get a proper bite from their and only suffered more foul hooked fish . Even by changing my shotting and feeding just to micros , i couldn’t get a run off fish together but i did hook a big bream of about 5 lb which came off agonizingly just out of range of my landing net .

For the final thirty minutes i went back shallow with maggot on the hook and fed just micros this resulted in another ten more f1s but it began to get colder and looked like rain so at 230 i called an end to the proceedings . My final tally for the day was 46 f1s and 5 chub for nearly 60 lb in 4 hrs , i also lost about 30 foul hooked fish and no doubt would have had a lot more if i had taken more maggots .

But as you know it’s all different come match day when the nets go in , i had intended to try my tip rod today but never had chance with the fishing on the pole being so good . I hope this gives you all a heads up for Sundays match and apprentley there is no ground-bait allowed or method feeders .

See you all their .