Croft fishery

7th November , hylton 2

Hylton 2

Hylton 2

After having had a pretty hectic week at work , i took the opportunity of a quiet day to finish at dinner and make the most of what could be my last chance of fishing a short session because the nights are beginning to draw in . I decided to try croft fishery as it was only twenty minutes from my house and i had heard that it was fishing well especially up in the water , which would be good practice for the match on Lathom on Sunday .

On arrival at the complex i wasn’t surprised that there weren’t many cars on the car-park because it isn’t very well advertised on the internet and is quite hard to find unless you know were you are going , but at least this meant i could get my choice of peg . After the long walk to hylton 2 their was only one other angler fishing but he was the guy who runs the open matches called John , so at least i could get some up to date information on how it was fishing .

When i spoke to him the news wasn’t great because he said that he was struggling to catch and had only managed the odd fish on the deck , he had wasted two hours trying to catch up in the water when he first got their as that is what had won the match at the weekend , but today he had no success and though it was probably due to the recent rain coming down in the last few days making the lake really clear-cold because the lake is stream fed .

I settled on peg 16 which is in an area that i have done well from in the past , although i hadn’t fished it since February so it might have changed but i doubt it . The peg was fairly central to the lake and faced an over hanging tree , i was expecting to catch mainly f1s but John said that the chub had been showing well recently .


I decided to fish 13m both on the deck and shallow because the fish tend to back away from any bank side pressure on here ;

2ft rig , 0.2 matrix float on 0.10 garbo line attached to a size 20 f1 hook with orange matrix elastic.

5ft rig , 4×16 malmams speedy float with a spread bulk shotting pattern , 0.12 garbo main line with a 0.10 garbo hook length attached to a size 20 gamma pellet hook . elastic was orange matrix .

Bait was only to be ;

1 pint red maggot

I started fishing at 1230 on the deck and began loose feeding a dozen maggots every two minutes , as John predicted it was very slow going with only a couple of gudgeon and the odd small roach coming my way in the first thirty minutes . Surprisingly after what i had been told i noticed that when i fired in the maggots a few seconds later my float would move from side to side , a sure sign they was up in the water but not boiling on the top and maybe the temperature had raised slightly ,

This was all i needed to give me the encouragement to pick up my shallow rig , nearly straight away my elastic came shotting out and i was attached to an angry 2lb chub . I soon got myself in to the routine of feeding as soon as i shipped out and then re feed before laying my rig in , this resulted in a fish or missed bite every time and i was getting either a f1 or a chub averaging over a 1lb .


This purple patch didn’t last long though and i had to start working for the bites by changing depths , how i laid the rig in , shotting and feeding patterns , this soon had me back among the fish again and even a couple of bream got in on the action . I worked out that if a fed when i was playing a fish and then feeding again before going back out , i would get a bite straight away and at one point i had ten fish on the trot including the odd small brown trout .


I  did have a spell of bumping a few fish off on the way in but by hooking the maggot through the pointy end seemed to solve it , may just have been coincidence not really sure for certain . At 4pm i had caught forty fish over 1lb including some nice chub biggest being over 3lb and a few smaller silver fish , so i decided to up the feed for the last thirty minutes just to see what would happen .


This resulted in another eight fish and i was still catching well but it was starting to turn dark so i had to call an end today’s session and began packing up , so it ended up a really enjoyable afternoons fishing and i must be getting weak in my old age because i was knackered when i got back to the car . A sure sign of a good days fishing and i had 48 fish over 1lb plus lots of silvers for nearly 60lb , not bad on a day when the temperature didn’t go over six degrees all day .

Just to let you know the open matches on Croft fishery started again last week , i am not to sure of the exact details but if you ring Crown tackle in Horwich they will give you more information .