Lathom fishery

10th November

Today’s match was at Lathom pond four and was the third of my Autumn-winter league that i am running , after their being lots of rain coming down the day before and us also having the first proper frost of the year ,it was 0 degrees on the way to the venue and never rose above 5 degrees all day , i wasn’t expecting lots of big weights although it is more than capable of doing so with 100lb plus weights winning in summer but with it being predominately a f1 and silver fish water we should still be in for a few fish .

After sorting the pegging and pools it was time for the draw and 17 where in attendance and half of us would be sat in the cold with the trees blocking out the sun , the other half would be basking in the winter sun . Their was two pegs left in the bag for me and Tony scopex to choose from , one in the sun shine the other in the shade and un fortunately i was left with the latter peg Not a good start to the day .

On arrival at my peg i was on permanent peg nine which was only one away from the corner and had a slight breeze blowing into my bank , i just hope that it doesn’t get any stronger because i was cold enough sat in the shade without having the wind to contend with and to make it worse all the anglers on the other bank were sat in their t-shirts and sun glasses .

After my practice on here the Sunday before i had set my stall out to fish shallow because that’s what had worked extremely well , but i wasn’t sure it would be as effective today in my peg and with today’s conditions to contend with so i had a pellet approach on the deck as my back up plan although it was patchy at best in practice .

2ft shallow , 0.3 matrix float with a bulk under the float and two droppers , using 0.10 garbo line straight through to a size 18 gamma pellet hook and with my usual orange matrix .

1ft shallow 0.3 matrix float with a bulk under the float and one dropper , using 0.10 garbo line straight through to a size 18 gamma pellet hook and my usual orange matrix .

5ft deck rig , 4×14 malmans winter wire with a spread bulk starting 8 inch above the 0.10 garbo hook length and size 20 gamma pellet hook , my main line was 0.12 and my usual orange matrix .

My bait was ;

1 pint casters

small tub expanders

1/2 pint soaked micros

1/2 pint soaked 4mm

As the all in sounded i started on my pellet rig at 6m with a soft 4mm expander on the hook , i was feeding half a medium kinder pot of micros and 4mm  every five minutes , started lifting-dropping trying to entice the f1s to bite . All the people around me was struggling in the shade but on the other bank they were catching the odd fish ,when out of the blue my float dipped slightly and after a spirited fight a big f1 was in the net but un fortunately it was hooked in the pectoral fin .

No more indications came in the next forty minutes on this line and because i had been loose feeding casters at 13 meter this was my next move to try to get among the fish , i started on my shallow deep rig but this didn’t produce and a change to my shallow rig didn’t either , which was a puzzle to me because last Sunday it was prolific .

I decided to leave this line alone for a while but obviously kept feeding it for later in the match , i had noticed that some one to my right was catching the odd f1 on his top kit , which after plumbing up i found it to be the same depth as my shallow deep rig . So i decided to follow suit and began loose feeding six casters every few minutes , i laid my rig in and dragged it up the near side shelf slightly to make a static bait . I began getting the odd indication but nothing positive when suddenly my float slide under and yet again i was attached to another big f1 foul hooked in the pectoral fin yet again .

Two hours gone and all i had in the net was two big f1s , just what could i do to put some fish in the net ? I rotated my swims again but all i managed was a small chub but at least i had hooked it in the mouth this time .

The sun had finally worked its way over the trees so i hoped that this might encourage the fish to feed up in the water , so that’s what i tried next but i just couldn’t get a bite even though the lad on the next peg to my right was catching doing it and so was all those on the sun shine bank .

I went back on to my top kit line with casters and this produced a couple more big f1s , but we was fast approaching the last ninety minutes and i had toyed with the idea of fishing another pellet line at 11m but i thought that it might have been to close to my 7m pellet swim , but because nothing else was working that’s all that i was left with to do and after plumbing up it was the same depth as my other pellet swim .

So there was no real reason it should work but work it did , with eight fish coming my way before the all out and i did bump a couple of fish plus missing the odd bite . I was left wondering to my self just why i hadn’t made the switch sooner especially when on weighing in my section i was only three f1s from winning it . Just an extra thirty minutes would have made all the difference and all the best f1 anglers know when to make the match winning switch .

Section A , peg 3 43lb 7oz Dave Machin , fishing shallow using maggot

Section B , peg 6 20lb 1oz Rob , picking the odd fish up from various lines , mainly chub shallow on maggot

Section C , peg 10 18lb 15oz John Unsworth , fishing pellet at 11m

Section D, peg 17 30lb 10oz Tony Barton , worm and caster at 7m for a mainly all chub-ide net of fish .

Overall i think it was a well contested match with the lowest weight being 10lb , but all the biggest weights came from the sun shine pegs . My match was a bit of a non starter but a change of swim worked wonders and its surprising how when its cold the f1s wont move a few meters to find the feed , pellets worked well for me today but not as effective for others which was a strange , i didnt get as many fish as others did but they was of a bigger stamp and maybe should have taken maggots instead of casters ?

For the record i ended up with 13 fish for 16lb 8oz a couple of fish short for the section but i also had my fair share of luck with the foul hookers , off to Church Gardens in Bolton on Thurs to hopefully get among the skimmers and i have never been before so am obviously looking forward to it .

Keep coming back to see how i get on .

Cheers Gary.

Peg 1 Jordan 15lb 5oz 2nd in section

peg 2 Chris b dnw

peg 3 Dave 43lb 7oz section win

peg 4 Allen 13lb 1oz

peg 5 Mike 18lb 10oz section 2nd

peg 6 Rob 20lb 1oz section win

peg 7 aidy 10lb 1oz

peg 8 Gary 16lb 8oz

peg 9 Brian dnw

peg 10 John 18lb 15oz section win

peg 11 Darren 11lb 1oz

peg 12 Tim 11lb 14oz section 2nd

peg 13 Kenny 9lb 4oz

peg 14 Chris 21lb 3oz

peg 15 Martin 22lb 3oz

peg 16 Ronnie 23lb 4oz section 2nd

peg 17 Tony 30lb 10oz section win