Match 3 – 1st December 2013

Well, the two week gap flew by and before I knew it was time for round 3 of the winter league.  With no preparation  or time to think about things I loaded my gear in the car and headed to the venue, hoping for a good draw and some valuable team points after the poor result last round.

A friend had told me that a few days previous to the match some good weights had come off Covey 6 and with the mild weather I was looking forward to my 5 hours of happiness.  Sinking the habitual bacon and egg barm and having a catch up it was soon draw time.  Team captain Matt did the honours as always and Peg 162 was to be my home, I had fished pleasure fished  this peg prior to the start of the league and caught well so I was hoping the area…

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Partridge lakes

Peg 63 , Covey three , 1st December

covey three

covey three

After having gained a bit of confidence back from my recent trip to Cunneries fishery , i decided on another try at the open match on Partridge lakes and see if i could improve on my section win on my last visit . On arrival at the venue there was a few knocking about because the winter league that Leigh tackle have arranged was taking place on the same day , this meant that there would only be forty anglers contesting the open which was still a good turn out with lots of sponsored anglers knocking about .

When it came to the draw i was hopping to get on covey three again because that seemed the one which was being the most consistent now and my luck was in for a change with peg 63 in my hand , after dropping John off at covey one yet again and i made my way round to covey three car park , as i began unpacking my gear Kieran Rich turned up to drop his mate off and i over heard him talking on the phone saying he was going to Blundells fishery because he had drawn peg 57 and that area apparently fished bad last week !!!

peg 63

peg 63

Today the weather was still warm at seven degrees and their was a slight breeze blowing into my bank , it was also over cast so not too bad a day for fishing and as i got to my peg i was more than happy because i had fished it before in similar conditions and i had an empty peg both sides which obviously meant plenty of room , their was also a few fish swirling in the bay . The last time i fished it i had done really well especially fishing white expander at 4 meter , after getting some information in the week that white was the colour to use and especially bread so that’s what i set up my stall around regarding bait .

winter bait table

winter bait table

1 pint white maggots with a sprinkling off red as a change of hook bait .

1/4 pint soaked micros

1/4 pint fish meal ground-bait

4 mm expander white and normal

4 mm bread punch .

I decided to set up three rigs today ;

winter wire

winter wire

3 foot , 4×12 malmams winter wire with an on the drop shotting pattern , 0.12 garbo main line and a 0.10 garbo hook length with a size 20 gamma pellet hook

4 foot , 4×14 malmams winter wire with a bulk shotting pattern an inch apart , 0.12 garbo main line and a 0.10 garbo hook length with a size 20 gamma pellet hook

channel , 4×16 malmams winter wire with a bulk shotting pattern an inch apart , 0.12 garbo main line and a 0.10 garbo hook length with a size 20 gamma pellet hook

The plan i had in mind was to set three swims at 4 ft deep along the far bank and rotate them after catching a couple of fish from each and feeding very sparingly because recent weights hadn’t been great , that’s how i like it on here as it rewards the angler that works the peg and not like in summer when its more of a fish race . As i had seen the fish topping in the bay to my left i decided to plumb up a 3 ft swim in front of the spare platform and this turned out to be a master stroke because when i lowered my float it was bouncing of fish on the way down ,then kept moving all over the show and their seemed to be a hell of a lot of fish down their , i couldn’t wait to get started .

When the all in sounded i went straight out to the spare platform with a piece of punched bread on the hook , after a couple of lift-drops my float twitched then i was attached to the first of many foul hooked carp and it proceeded to bottom out my elastic before the hook pulled out . Next drop and the bread had barely touched bottom before i was into a f1 this time but with my roller being behind me i had to guide the fish in front of me before i could ship back and this resulted in my hook pulling out of it .

After not learning from my mistakes i pulled out of another two big f1s before finally getting off my box and setting another roller up , in the first ninety minutes i only managed to put two fish in the net and lost at least 15 lb of fish . It began to do my head in so i decided to rest the swim and go back to my original plan of working my four-foot rig along the far bank .

Finally i managed to put some fish into the net and my match got going at last , after catching a dozen fish in ninety minutes it started to slow down , which wasn’t a surprise and i decided to try my three-foot rig at the side of the platform again but this time with white expander .First drop in and a big f1 made its way smoothly to the net , it wasn’t as prolific as my first try which was good because i didn’t suffer as many foul hooked fish. I began kinder potting in some micros and found it best to let my float settle to the tip before dragging it slightly up the shelf , doing this resulted in a further ten fish on the bounce including two 3lb  carp which put up a spirited fight on my light elastic .

3 lb carp

3 lb carp

All of a sudden they was gone and i am not sure what went wrong maybe my feeding ? but with only ninety minutes of the match remaining it was not what i wanted , so i re tried my 4 ft deep lines but basically i was left scratching around for fish . Where as on both sides they was catching f1s quite steady from different areas of the peg , one tight across and the other in the channel and i had no idea where i was going wrong . As we where approaching the last 15 minutes i finally put a run of three fish together including one on the whistle and i knew i had a good net of fish but in the back of my mind i couldn’t help feeling that i had blown another good chance of framing .

stamp f1

stamp f1

As the weigh in started my 27 fish went 38 lb for a section and lake win , but when i got to the cabin to pick up my money i was informed that i had also finished fourth but they was only paying the top three because their was only forty fishing. The first two had big 50 lb weights from covey one and what made it worse was the fact that third place was less than 2 lb in front of me , my poor first and last hour cost me yet again . I can’t afford to make these silly mistakes in these big open matches .

Off to Cunneries on Sunday to fish the last of my Autumn-winter league which should be a good way to end it , although i may do some more around February after the worst of the winter weather has passed . Might try to get a sneaky session in before then but with the nights beginning to draw in i am not sure i will be able too.

Keep coming back to see how i get on .

Cheers Gary .