Cunneries S canal

December 8th

cunneries s canal

cunneries s canal

Well today was the last round of my Autumn-winter league and i really wanted a section win to finish it off because in the other four matches i had suffered with some bad luck and been left some awful pegs in the draw bag . On arrival at Cunneries fishery i made my way round to the far car-park near the S canal as that’s where we would be fishing , we was going to be on the left hand side which in my opinion isn’t the better one because one length of it is only 8 meters wide and on the right hand side their was an open match taking place .

With 18 of us due to fish today i decided to peg it similar to the summers club match and therefore leave out the corners also have an empty peg between the sections , this would hopefully make it a fairer match and not a draw bag one . As everyone was here on time we had an early draw and as usual i had a no hope peg 18 which was in the middle of the stretch , not good seeing as it’s a corner dominated water especially the wind ward pegs . I did have a few positives though ;

peg 18

peg 18

1 i was on the better side of the canal

2 my sections corner peg wasn’t the best

3 i had an empty peg to my right

4 it wasn’t far from where i practised

After letting everybody know their sections and thanking everybody for attending , i finally got to my peg and proceeded to start tackling up . My practice session was in similar weather conditions of 9 degree temps , overcast but the wind was a bit stronger and blowing away from the car-park. But it told me that 4ft was the best depth to target and maggot was the best bait , after plumbing up i found the required depth on my top kit and two swims along the far bank at nine meter . I found a nice hole at six meter which was three-inch deeper than everywhere else and would hope fully hold a few fish , i also set up a three-foot rig for when they went up shallow like in practise or even further up the far shelf with it being un-seasonably warm .

winter wire

winter wire

3 foot rig , 4×12 malmams diamond with 0.12 garbo main line with a 0.10 garbo hook length and a size 20 gamma pellet hook .shotting pattern was a two-inch spread bulk of size ten stotz .

4 foot rig , 4×14 malmams winter wire with 0.12 garbo main line with a 0.10 garbo hook length and a size 20 gamma pellet hook . shotting pattern was an inch spread bulk of size ten stotz .

channel rig , 4×16 malmams winter wire with 0.12 garbo main line with a 0.10 garbo hook length and a size 20 gamma pellet hook , shotting pattern was an inch spread bulk of size eight stotz .

All top kits was using orange size ten matrix .

winter bait table

winter bait table

My bait today was ;

1/2 pint red maggots

1/2 pint soaked micro dusted with f1 ground-bait

small tub 4 mm white and normal expanders

So with all bases covered i was ready to go but i had heard that it fished really hard on a match here last week with just 17 lb winning , with that information i obviously decided to take it easy with the feeding and to start i would use just maggots . As the all in sounded i went out to my right hand nine meter swim and tapped out six maggots , after lifting-dropping for a few minutes my float dipped and i was attached to the first of many gudgeon , i was at a bit of a quandary of what to do next because i needed to feed them off but also not ruin my peg by over feeding .

I decided to leave it for a few minutes before making a decision and it seemed the gudgeon activity had drawn a few f1s in to my peg because i began catching a few , in fact in the first hour i had nine and a 1/2 lb roach which was a better start than i expected , also their didn’t seem to be many others catching around me especially on the other narrower side .


In my second hour it slowed down a bit so i decided to set up a new swim to my left also at nine meters but this time with pellet and as i thought it took a few feeds  to get my first indication but the f1s i where catching averaged a bigger stamp , white expander definitely picked out a bite quicker but the indications were hard to hit at times and the f1s seemed very finicky today .I worked out that if i took a couple from each swim i could keep them settled a bit longer and began a good run of f1s making their way to the net , i did begin foul hooking a few but only on my maggot swim and on changing to my three-foot rig i couldn’t get a bite which seemed strange !!!

When i foul hooked one or bumped a fish off i just went onto my pellet swim and although it would take a bit longer to get a bite , i was still putting fish in the net . With ninety minutes to go their was a few people beginning to pack up and a couple even came down for a chat saying that they had really struggled , one said he couldn’t get through the gudgeon and had around thirty of them .

After having a quiet spell for twenty minutes where i couldn’t by a bite especially on my maggot swim , maybe i had over fed it but i was only dripping the maggots in after every fish . This made my mind up to concentrate on my pellet line for the last hour and after another run of six f1s the bites began getting iffy just when i didn’t want them too !!!


As the all out sounded i was happy with how i had fished my peg , i could have done a few little things different but over all the missed bites and bumped fish was the problem today . When i began the weigh in at peg two Rob put a healthy net of fish on the scales for 45 lb but the weights where a lot worse the further you went down that narrower side , on the wider side it was pretty much the same with Tony on the other end peg putting 39 lb on the scales and my catch went 37lb which was 20 lb more than any other peg except from the two wind ward corners which i am more than happy with , i had 38 f1s and two decent skimmers in my catch today .

Section A Rob 45lb 3oz corner peg 2

Section B Kenny baxter 13lb 10oz corner peg 12

Section C Gary 37lb 9oz peg 18

Section D Tony 39lb 13oz corner peg 24

Today‘s match fished very hard for most , which was a disappointment because it can be a lot better but if you have nearly a full lake then the fish will back away to the wind ward corner pegs , which will always dominate the match and is some thing you can not really do much about un-fortunately .

I was pleased with how the matches went and we had no moaning or waiting for people to pay for a change , which made my life a lot easier , i might be running another five matches starting in February so if your interested keep looking for my next list and i will get in touch with all those that fished with me this year .

Well done to Dave for winning the league with a perfect 20 point score and the full list of finishing position and weights is up on the Autumn-winter league table page , the match results for Cunneries is below ;

peg 2 Rob 45 lb 3 oz section

peg 3 Shaun dnw

peg 4 Aidy dnw

peg 5 Jordan dnw

peg 6 John 8 lb 12 oz

peg 8 Dave 7 lb 3 oz

peg 9 Ronnie dnw

peg 10 Brian dnw

peg 11 Joey 9 lb 9 oz

peg 12 Kenny baxter 13 lb 10 oz section

peg 15 Mike 25 lb 13 oz

peg 16 Allen dnw

peg 17 Tim 12 lb 15 oz

peg 18 Gary 37 lb 9 oz section

peg 21 Darren dnw

peg 22 Paul dnw

peg 23 Kenny b 10 lb 2 oz

peg 24 Tony 39 lb 13 oz section

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