Sephton lakes

30th December

Sephton lakes

Sephton lakes

Today was my last match of the year which was supposed to have taken place at Hall lane fishery but when i arrived at the venue the forecast 60 mph winds had made it un-fish able so when everyone had turned up we had a decision to make on what to do and a few understandably decided to go back home but the rest choose to fish Sephton lakes which was only a ten minute drive away , where hopefully it would be more fish able due to the fact that it was covered by trees on three sides . When we arrived at the venue we saw that half the lake was flat calm while the other had the wind ripping through , so obviously we choose the better area to fish and if it stayed like this we should be in for a good day and after speaking to the owner he allowed us to use our nets so we could run our match on their .

When we did the draw i pulled out peg two which meant nothing to me because i had only been there once for a look round to see if it was big enough for a club match and i knew that it was mainly a silver fish water with a few big carp in it , the lake was a tear drop shape with two islands at either side and in the middle of them was an aerator. It held about twenty pegs and my home for the day was situated in between the two islands .

Sephton lakes

Sephton lakes

I had lots of open water to attack but in the changeable conditions i choose to fish no further out than 11 meters and after plumbing up i was surprised to find only three-foot depth from the margins to as far as i could reach , i just hoped that this wouldn’t affect the fishing and as i was only set up for f1s then i would have to use one of my Partridge lakes rigs but alter it by putting a lighter hook length on and a bulk with a single dropper shotting pattern .


With the depth being only three-foot i choose a 0.3 winter wire , my main line was 0.12 garbo and a 0.10 garbo hook length attached was a size 20 gamma black hook .

Bait table

Bait table


1/2 pint maggots

1/4 pint soaked micro

1/4 pint green swim stim

We decided as we was running a bit late because we had to change venues that we would fish 10.30 till 4 and as i had my timer with me then i would be the person who shouts all in ( always need to be involved some how with running the match ) As i shouted for the start of the match i went out to my 11 meter swim and deposited a medium kinder pot of micros-swim stim ball and a single maggot on the hook . After ten minutes i was in to my first fish which was a small skimmer about 4 oz but at least i hadn’t blanked , which was always a good sign on a new water when you don’t really know what to expect .

After a slow start i began putting the odd fish in the net and the bites where just little dinks but with me shotting the float right to its tip i was managing to hit more than i missed , then of course the inevitable happened and the strong wind changed direction it began blowing straight into my face . This resulted in me having to take a shot of my rig to show a bit more bristle which of course reduced my catch rate and i even tried pellet which got me a bigger stamp of skimmer but i would have to wait longer for a bite .


Two hours into the match and i was doing better than most of the anglers around me but this is where my match began to fall apart ;

The wind got even stronger making it hard to hold the pole

The rain started coming down heavy

i started shivering in the cold

The bites stopped because i couldn’t present my bait properly

My pellets got blown off my side tray

It was about this time that i noticed the lad to my right was picking up the odd fish on the tip , so after struggling with the wind for forty minutes with only the odd fish coming my way i made the decision to go to the car for my tip rod and maybe warm up a bit with a brew while i was waiting for the tip to pull round .

Feeder rod 

9ft maver feeder rod

4lb maver genisis main line

2ft 0.10 garbo main line

small maggot feeder , set up was a paternoster rig .

After getting everything set up i managed to start hitting the aerator and i was casting every five minutes to put some bait in but the wind was making it really hard to hit the same place , i began getting the odd liner but no proper bites and occasionally i would come back in with a smashed maggot so i was also getting bites but not seeing them !!!

After about thirty minutes of not catching my hands had warmed up enough to fish the pole properly again and the wind had relented enough to aid in presentation, so i went back out on my 11 meter line again with maggot on the hook because by this time all my pellet tubs had blown off the side tray again !!!

I also had to re-build my swim up and i really wanted to fish further out because the guy to my left had been able to fish an extra section past me because the island was giving him a bit of protection from the gusty wind and he was also catching quite well now . Whereas my peg was also set a bit further back and i had the wind right in my face but i would just have to get on with it .

It took about thirty minutes to start getting bites again and i hopped the ninety minutes of in-activity wouldn’t cost me too much  (but of course it did ) when i did start catching again they was coming thick and fast , mainly small roach with the odd better skimmer mixed in with them and i was still feeding six maggots with a ball of micros-swim stim after every fish .

I was getting the odd line bite so a change of shotting pattern brought me a few fish on the drop including a 10 oz roach which was a nice bonus , it seemed i was doing a lot better than those around me again so i decided to increase the feed to get them back on the deck where the skimmers would hopefully be easier to catch and this seemed to work but it also coincided with the wind getting stronger and even more rain .

As i shouted the all out i was glad to call a halt to the match because the conditions made fishing impossible at times and to be honest we was lucky to be on the bank at all , for the record i finished third my 27 fish got me 9lb 12 oz only 8oz from 2nd but nowhere near the winner who had over 15 lb and i was just glad i didn’t embarrass my self in this company because a few where from mossella north-west including Jason Mc clean who runs the team so it wouldn’t be a surprise to hear that he won the match today . Nez who runs a few mfs matches got second with 10lb but he is used to fishing in that sort of company with the standard of angler you get fishing on mfs , the others were sponsored by tackle shops and are doing well in the Partridge winter league .

It was a close run match and if i was set up better for silver fish fishing im sure that i would have caught a lot more , but i had to make do with one of my Partridge lake f1 rigs because i expected to be fishing for carp at Hall lane but you live and learn

Thanks for taking the time to read my blogs this year and it’s always nice to get some good feed back from you , don’t forget to keep coming back next year as i will hopefully be doing a few more fisho and match this qualifiers , plus it will be my last season in the balmoral fishing club lets see if i can go out with a bang . I will be concentrating more on the opens at Hall lane and Partridge lakes which will be fun .

So happy new year , hope to see you all in 2014 .

3 thoughts on “Sephton lakes

  1. Bet your club members are glad your packing in running the Balmoral club, they will be able to choose the waters they fish,as a club is for the members not for individuals. I am sure they will vote to get back to a broader spectrum of waters instead of just canal style fishing, which stops other methods ie pellet waggler,tip n floating pole. by Daryl parker

    • If the people in the club would come up with a list of venues they would like to fish , rather then let me do all the running around then i would gladly let them book the matches .
      I was trying to get a few more different venues in the mix rather than keep going to the same ones every year , but obviously they must like fishing the same venues .

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