Croft Fishery

Hylton number 2 , Jan 2nd

Croft fishery

Croft fishery

It didn’t take long before i was out fishing for the first time this year , i did have the option of going on the new years day match at Sycamore fishery but the weather was best described as awful so i choose to go today instead when the weather was forecast to be a lot better and after some heavy over night rain i woke up to find blue sky’s and a gentle breeze .

I decided on a trip to Croft fishery and go on the back lake because it has form in cold weather with it being predominately an f1 lake , although it is stream fed so lots of recent rain had made it very clear and it would obviously make the fishing a lot harder so my rigs would have to be altered to suit the conditions i faced today .



After plumbing up at 13 meter because the fish on here tend to back away from the bank due to the clear water , i found 5 foot depth in a few areas at this distance which would make only needing one rig . My float choice was a malmans speedy which has a thicker tip that i could see better against the speckled back ground , the main line was 0.10 garbo and a 0.07 garbo hook length attached to a size 20 gamma black hook . Decided on a shotting pattern of a bulk with two droppers to allow for a slower fall which i felt would be necessary as the fish would be watching the bait settle in the clear conditions .

The last time that i fished here i caught really well shallow although today there was no fish showing on top but i decided to set one up any way for when they turned up later in the day , i used 0.10 garbo main line set at 2 foot with a matrix 0.3 float which had a single dropper shotting pattern and my hook was a size 20 gamma pellet hook .

Bait table

Bait table


1/2 pint red maggots

1/4 pint soaked micros

1/4 pint green fish meal

small tub of white and normal expanders

At 10.30 i was all ready to go so i shipped out to 13 meter and tapped in four maggots with a nugget of micro-fish meal , a couple of lift-drops to try to induce a bait resulted in an indication almost instantly with a 1 lb f1 coming to the net . I went back out and re-fed the same amount but no matter what i did i couldn’t get another bite , after almost an hour of working my swim nothing was happening so i tried flicking in a few maggots to try to get a few fish into my swim or maybe even compete shallow .


After another thirty minutes of in activity i decided to try shallow even though their was no signs on top , my first couple of flicks with my rig didn’t produce but after that i began getting sail away bites which i just couldn’t connect with . A change of depth though produced a couple of 2oz roach , not exactly what i planned on catching today so i decided to re-try on the deck but this time two meters to the right for when the f1s might be reluctant to move .

From what i could see most people were catching on maggot so i choose to cut out the pellets and even the loose feeding because it was only attracting small roach , surprisingly this worked because after only ten minutes i was into another f1 about the same size as the other one and after a couple of small roach , another change of swim was required and funnily enough it produced exactly the same with a quick f1 followed by a few roach .

I doubt whether i was over feeding because i was only feeding six maggots after every fish but i decided to try not putting any bait in on my next swim , i still kept lifting-dropping to try to entice a bite and after catching a few small roach , i was on the verge of putting in some bait to try to attract a bigger stamp of fish when a little dink saw me attached to the first of a brace of 2 lb bream and another f1 .


I had finally managed to put some fish into the net but i then had another problem to contend with the low winters sun had emerged from behind the facing trees and made fishing my main swim impossible . I had a quick look at my other swims in case any thing had settled their but apart from a few more small roach that’s all i caught so decided to call it a day with, four f1s , two bream and six small roach for about 10lb . It wasn’t the best of days fishing and it seems winter has finally arrived , the other anglers were catching about the same but using pinkie and fishing a lot further out at 16 m.

Those attending Sundays open match on here could be on for a struggle, weather depending i will probably be back on Partridge lakes open match but it aint  looking promising at the moment just hope it isn’t as wet and windy as they predict .

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