Partridge lakes

2nd Feb covey 3 , peg 63

covey 3

covey 3

After having an en-forced lay off from fishing due to the weather i was finally back at Partridge lakes again to contest the popular open match , with the Leigh tackle winter league also taking place today the venue was yet again buzzing with people and over 160 anglers present the open match was also fully booked with 64 contesting it .

As i was waiting in line for the draw my mate was telling me about how bad it had fished Thursday especially on my favourite lake covey three where he said that it was gin clear and lots of people blanked around the 60 numbered pegs . So when i pulled out 63 i wasn’t best impressed although i had won my section from here on the last two times i fished it and i hopped to make it three in a row but wasn’t that confident .


When i arrived at my home for the day the wind had got up and was blowing from left to right which would make fishing to the far bank a bit awkward , but i had fished this peg in similar conditions last year and caught well fishing the top five too my right at 4 ft on the near side slope . I couldn’t fish to the left hand pallet how i won my section the last time i drew it because with so many fishing they had decided to peg 2 and miss 1 and some one was sat on it .With my empty peg being too my right it was an area for me to target but i wasn’t too sure if it would produce today with two anglers fishing towards it .

With me not fishing for a few weeks i had taken the opportunity to tinker with my rigs and decide on a different feeding pattern but today wasn’t the ideal day for me to try it .



4ft 4×14 malmams speedy float because it has a thicker more visible tip which i can see better along the far bank , i also changed the shotting pattern to a bulk and two droppers with a 6 inch garbo 0.10 hook length and a size 20 gamma pellet hook .

5ft 4×16 malmams winter wire float also with a changed shotting pattern of bulk and two droppers  , with 0.12 garbo main line and 0.10 garbo 6 inch hook length with a size 20 gamma pellet hook .

2ft Malmams speedy with a thicker bristle and left a bit more showing to allow for line bites , 0.12 garbo line with a 6 inch hook length and size 20 gamma pellet hook



1/2 pint mixed maggots

1/4 pint micros

1/4 pint crushed expanders

small tub of expanders . normal and white

As the all in sounded i went on to my 4 ft rig but this time on my near side shelf at 5 meters to my right , i began flicking in four maggots every five minutes around my float and was also laying in my rig different ways to try to get a bite . Thirty minutes in without a sign of a fish , but no one else had caught any thing either . My thinking behind fishing my near slope first was i wanted to create a safe area for the f1s to congregate on my far bank away from the angling pressure and i could hopefully bag up later in the session plus i had done well on my near slope the last few times that i had fished this peg .

With this line not working i had a quick look at the spare platform with dead maggots on the hook , i choose dead maggots thinking that it would be more acceptable for the wary f1s and carp .But another bite less twenty minutes meant i had to go on my banker line earlier than i planned but before i did , i fed a medium cupping kit with dead maggots in towards my spare platform and on my channel swim 7 meters to my right where their was more room for the fish to settle .I would feed these every thirty minutes before trying it in the last ninety minutes of the match .

So one hour into the match and already on to plan c although it was usually the best area to fish but with no one else around me even having had a bite yet i hadn’t done too much damage , i shipped across with a white expander on the hook and dropped in only six micros with it fishing extremely hard today i began lift-dropping to try to get a bite but another twenty minutes past with out an indication Things wasn’t going well !!!


I was just on the verge of setting up a new line along the far bank when out of the blue my float dipped and i was attached to one of the bigger f1s in the lake , i managed to get it in the net without much fuss and had a few envious glances from the anglers around me . With renewed confidence i shipped back out but choose not to re-feed but no further indications followed so i tapped in a small nugget of crushed expander but still nothing Looks like it was going to be a very long day .

I set up a new line a meter to my right but this time using maggots because that’s what the regulars use on here and it was also a bait that would hopefully give me a chance of a few silvers which could be important in this hard section , this kind of worked with an ide almost instantly but no more bites followed which was a worry .



I put in yet another new line at the bottom of the slope at 5 ft and dripped in a few maggots but this didn’t produce either , another rotation of my swims didn’t either and the wind had got even stronger so fishing across was getting awkward too present a bait .Their was nothing left for me to do other than concentrate on my near slope until the wind dropped , so just like i started the match i began flicking in four maggots every five minutes after about twenty minutes my float dipped Had the f1s arrived at last ?

No was the answer with another ide making its way to the net and at this point of the match with an hour left no one else in my section had caught so i was still in front but the f1s could turn up at any time because the last hour is usually the best on here , the wind had dropped long enough for me to fish across again but after rotating my far banks 4 ft lines without success . I saw a fish swirl in the shallower water nearer the island so a change of rig to 2 ft produced another ide but with just 15 minutes remaining the guy to my left landed an f1 and i was beginning to get worried but he couldn’t manage any more before the all out sounded .


When it came to the weigh in only one other anger weighed in on my section and four anglers either side of us didn’t even have a bite , fortunately for me my four fish weighed 3 lb which was enough for the section and that was my 4 th in the last six visits all on covey three . So you could say looking at my blog that covey 3 is fishing hard at the moment but the results show different with two 50 lb weights from the pegs in the 50s which meant the f1s had balled up and it seemed to be the same on the other coveys as well apart from 5+6 .

Going to be back on their next Sunday so lets hope to draw on a few fish , but before that i will be fishing Widdows fishery on Tuesday for hopefully a bit of silver action .


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