Charity farm

Pond 4 peg 20 , Feb 23rd


After having had a few weeks away from fishing due to illness , i finally managed to get on to the bank and after reading Will Raisons E magazine about skimmer fishing which echoed everything that i had written on my earlier blog . I decided on a trip to charity farm to put it into practice and i choose here because it was one of the better skimmer waters around here although at 7 per peg it was a bit dear , the pond i fished had around 25 pegs and had an island across the middle which on my side was about a 30 meters cast .

Me and my mate had originally planned to have a tip vs waggler match but as my new Map tks 801 pole had turned up on the Friday i was understandably eager to give that a try , so i had decided to fish the tip for the first 2 hours then use my pole for the rest of the match . But things don’t always turn out how you would like them too because when we was in the NWAC picking up some bait we got told that Charity farm wasn’t fishing well and that persuaded my mate to choose a knock up match on Heskin hall and not fish with me .

So as i was now going on my own i decided for an extra hour in bed and when i woke at 8 oclock it was rather windy but fortunately also dry , which could mean my new pole might be staying in the holdall we would just have to wait and see how bad it was at the venue .

On arrival at the complex i had a quick look round to see if their was any sheltered areas but unfortunately these pegs were taken up by two other anglers , so i decided on a peg that i had fished a few times before which was peg 20 although my last visit was two years ago . The strong wind was blowing away from the car-park and my peg was situated just on the edge of the ripple .


I decided on two methods today ;

Pellet feeder ,

I used a Maver reactorlite 9 foot tip rod with a 30 gram pellet feeder , my main line was 6 lb Maver genisis and i had a short 4 inch hook length with a size 18 guru lwg hook attached and a micro bait band , i choose to cast this 3 ft away from the island where it was also 3 ft deep

11 m pole line , i plumbed up to find 6ft depth and because of the wind i decided to lay 4 inch on the deck so i could present a static bait . I used a 0.4 scone float with a bulk + 2 droppers shotting pattern , my main line was 0.12 garbo and had a size 20 gamma pellet hook attached to a 0.10 garbo hook length.



1/2 pint soaked micros

1/2 pint soaked micros coated with green swim stim

small tub 4 mm expanders

small tub hard 4 mm pellets

small tub red jpzs

At 930 i was ready to start and potted in two balls of micros dusted with swim stim on my 11 m line and i planned to top this up with one ball every thirty minutes , but importantly leave it for at least 90 minutes for the skimmers to settle on it . I then cast my pellet feeder with a hard 4mm pellet on the bait band , i planned on re-casting every five minutes for the first twenty minutes to put a bed of bait down before leaving it up to 15 minutes before re-casting .


After thirty minutes my tip twitched the drop backed which resulted in a 8oz skimmer making its way to the net ,another two quickly followed of similar stamp before it went quiet for twenty minutes and then i had another run of three skimmers but they just didn’t want to settle on this tip line .

After 90 minutes it was time to try my pole line and i hopped that a few skimmers had settled on it , first drop on this line with a 4 mm expander on the hook resulted in a hand sized skimmer making its way to the net and every time i went out i got an indication or a fish , but i was missing a few bites and with the wind calming down a touch i decided to reduce the amount of line on the deck to just 2 inch .


This resulted in me hitting most of my bites and some of the skimmers where getting over the 1 lb mark but this stamp of fish was few and far between , i had up to this point been holding my float tight against the tow but choose to let the rig run through for a couple of feet to see what would happen and this increased my catch rate considerably with me now catching around 25 fish an hour and it was funny that if i put my rig in where i was getting bites they wouldn’t touch it and definitely wanted it drifting towards them .

With me getting so many fish i increased my feed to a cupping kit after every six fish to keep them in my swim , towards the last hour the bites began to tail off which was under stand able and i put on another section which got me among the fish again they must have backed away from the feed , this also resulted in an increased stamp of fish and my biggest of the day which was a near 4 lb bream .


After five hours i was starting to run out of hook pellets and the wind was also beginning to get stronger and it was also forecast to rain around 3 o’clock so reluctantly i called it a day with 107 skimmers between 6 oz and 4 lb making its way to the net for one of my best days fishing in a while .


My new pole coped remarkably well in the conditions and i cant wait to use it at a longer distance where it should be even better ,the bites today where very finicky and only a handful were proper gazunders although i did have a couple of lift bites . A return to Partridge lakes to fish the open match on Sunday .


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