Partridge lakes

2nd March , Covey 3 peg 62

Covey three

Covey three

Well after having nearly a month away from Partridge lakes due to illness a return was in order to fish the open match , although i still wasn’t feeling 100% the lure of f1 fishing was just to strong and it really gets under your skin .The weather leading up to the match hadn’t been that bad during the day which has resulted in some big weights being taken , but for the last couple of nights we had been getting the odd frost which might knock the fishing a bit , so it was a bit of a surprise when i woke up to slight drizzle and a dash board showing 5 degrees and hopefully the fishing will be good , although we was forecast for a heavy down pour just when we ready for packing up Hope the weathermen had got it wrong again.

On arrival at the venue their was quite a few people knocking about which was only to be expected at the North West Premier Fishery and yet again their was over 140 people attending , as the Leigh tackle winter league was also taking place at the same time and my mate The big dipper was their so don’t forget to check his blog out too .


When it came round to draw time i pulled out peg 62 on covey 3 yet again and it was the 4th time in my last 7 matches that i had drawn in this section so i should know how to fish it by now , after dropping John off on covey 2 i made my way to my peg which was near the toilet always handy .

The wind was getting a bit stronger although it was blowing off my back which wouldn’t affect presentation but as you all know the f1s tend to follow the breeze on here and they could all be round the other side in the 50s pegs , which would make the section a lot harder to fish but that’s just how i like it .

With me having had so much time off from fishing i put it to good use and had my rigs-tactics-bait spot on or so i thought .



3 foot line far bank , 4×12 speedy float i decided to change from a winter wire because i was finding it hard to spot the bites ,shotting pattern was a spread bulk starting above the 6 inch hook length and my line was garbo and hook was gamma pellet .

4 foot line near bank , 4×14 speedy float with a spread bulk starting above the 6 inch hook length ,my line was garbo and hook was gamma pellet .

6 foot channel line , 4×16 speedy float with a bulk and 2 droppers shotting pattern , my line was garbo and hook was gamma pellet .

orange size 10 matrix was the elastic on all the top kits .



1 pint red and white maggots

1/2 pint micros

1/2 pint 4mm pellets

1/2 pint crushed expander ground-bait

small tub 4mm expanders , normal and white

As the all in sounded i shipped out to my left hand 3ft swim with micros +ground-bait in the kinder pot and a white expander on the hook , it took me a while to find the exact spot to drop my rig in for perfect presentation . It didnt take me long to get my first indication which of course i missed , so i shipped back out and re-fed which resulted in me connecting with a near 2lb f1 .

Another couple followed before i began getting indications that i should have struck at but my reactions aren’t as sharp as they used to be , so i set up a new swim towards my right at the same depth but this time using maggots and this resulted in a more positive bite with another 2 f1s making their way to the net .


One hour in and 5 fish i seemed to be doing ok for the section , the bites on my 3 ft line began to slow down so i decided to rest this area and i had been loose feeding maggots by hand on my top 4 towards the right of my swim since the start of the match . So i had hopped of an instant response but twenty minutes with out the semblance of a bite wasn’t what i expected .

So back across i went but couldn’t get a bite on my pellet line , i therefore concentrated on the maggot 3ft swim and yet again a quick f1 before surprisingly the ide had moved in which was a sure sign that no f1s where about . The ide where all over 8oz so well worth catching and i even had a couple touching the 2lb mark but i needed to be very careful shipping back because they tend to spin on the surface resulting in hook pulls .

My 3rd hour wasn’t the best with lost fish at the net plus missed bites and it definatley cost me the chance for the section or better , i had been cupping in maggots in on my 11 meter channel swim every thirty minutes and with two hours to go now was the time to try it , 2 quick f1s followed before i started getting phantom bites so i refed and went back on to my 3ft line .


Another quick f1 followed by an ide and a pattern seemed to be emerging , the fishing wasn’t great but by rotating the swims i was putting fish in the net but hadn’t a clue how my section was going because in the final hour i was just plodding along but others seemed to be catching well .

When the all out sounded i had a quick chat to a few anglers in my section and the guy on the aerator peg was the main danger , he put 24lb on the scales and i felt it was going to be close but unfortunately my net only went 22lb and just one f1 or a couple of ide behind .

Overall am happy with how things went on my return and of course it would have been nice to win the section but im more concerned that my near side slope line didn’t work , if i sort this out it can produce those extra fish needed to win sections or even frame . Got a few things to think about before next weekends match on Partridge lakes and i plan to be fishing here every Sunday from now till the start of the club season at the end of April , i am going to try and get out on the bank again Thursday not sure where though but i do need to brush up on hitting the f1 bites .


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