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lastest round o…

lastest round of the Angling times super cup is out today and i eagerly headed out to find out who we had drawn in the next round , we was to fish away again but this time against Alliance – leicester liverpool who reached the North west semi final so could be a very tough match , but then again there’s no easy matches at this stage of the competition .

Sycamore fishery

Silver birch peg 5 , 22nd April

silver birch

silver birch

After having had a busy day at work the last thing i really wanted to do was go fishing but after promising my mate that we would go because he wanted to try a few different things before the weekends match . On arrival at the venue there was a few anglers on both of the canals but were situated on the more prolific corner pegs and seemed to be catching well , which was good as i was unsure how well it was fishing recently as i hadn’t been for a few months and the match results over Easter wasn’t put up yet .

peg 5

peg 5

The weather today was overcast with scattered showers but for a change on here there wasn’t a breath of wind , we decided to fish on Silver birch canal and i settled on peg five in the past i have had some awful matches on this peg so we would hopefully see how i have improved since the last time i fished it , because we was helping John practice for a match we decided to try a few different things and my rigs was ;

Far bank , matrix series 3 float set 2 ft deep and my line was 0.12 garbo direct to a size 18 f1 hook that had a micro bait band attached .

Shallow , matrix series 3 float set 2ft deep and then altered to 1 ft deep , my line was garbo direct to a size 18 f1 hook that had a micro bait band attached .

Margin , 4×10 preston chianti float set 3 ft deep and it had a spread bulk of number 11 stotz , my main line was 0.12 garbo and i had a short 6 inch hook length of 0.10 with a size 20 gamma pellet hook attached .

Bait as we was only fishing for three and a half hours i only needed ;

1 pint red maggots

1 pint 4 mm pellet

small tub 6 mm pellets

At 330 we was ready to go so i shipped out to 13 meters which was 1 ft away from the far bank and tapped in some 4 mm pellets , i then lowered my hook bait in among it and i then began lift-dropping my rig to try to entice a bite , it wasn’t long before i was into the first of many f1-stockies . My float was set for fishing with soft pellets so only a couple of mm showing this meant that the slightest of touches would take the float under and i think this was the reason behind me bumping fish off on the way in because they was taking the banded pellet and not the hook , i solved this problem by taking a shot of my rig which showed more bristle allowing the fish more time to take the bait .

stockie mirror carp

stockie mirror carp

In the first hour i managed to catch ten fish but John was starting to catch well shallow using maggot so i decided to follow suit but with banded pellet on the hook so we could compare catch rates , i was surprised that i didn’t need to prepare this line and began getting f1s almost instantly it was also noticeable that i was catching a bigger stamp of fish and more stockies too . Slapping-tapping worked better than constant feeding and i was also missing plenty bites so i went even shallower which helped with the fish hooking themselves against the pole tip .


We was approaching the last hour and i had fed my margin all the time so i decided to give it a try their , i flicked half a dozen maggots over my float and laid my rig in over the top , it never even settled with the first of many f1s making its way to the net . After a while i started getting line bites because even at this close range the continuous loose feeding had brought the fish up of the deck and became harder to catch , i tried heavier but less frequent feeding and this solved the problem for a while the only trouble was that the bites had become very dodgy and i could under stand how people struggle to hit them on here .


At 7 pm it was time to call a halt to the session with a nice mixed bag of fish coming to the net , in the end i had 55 fish for around 60 lb and a really enjoyable few hours fishing i would recommend going to anyone who was looking forward to catching a few fish . The evening matches start on here in May on a weds and i will hopefully be attending a few , their will be no fishing for me this weekend with my wife working away but i am sure i will get back on the bank soon .

Partridge lakes , Spey canal

April 20 th peg 7 Spey canal


Well it has soon come round to the  first match of my Balmoral fishing club season and their was no better place to start than Partridge lakes Spey canal , on arrival at the complex i went to the cabin to sort out the peg fees and grabbed a bacon buttie before heading to the rear car park where most of the club was waiting . I started collecting the pools before sorting the pegs out and with 19 of us fishing we had three sections of five + one section of four , at 9 we began the draw i had left all 22 balls in the bag so some lucky person would get an empty peg to fish too which worked extremely well in practice on here .


When it came to my turn to pick their was three balls remaining in the bag and i pulled out peg seven , when i got to it looked pretty much like all the others with it being 12 meters wide with plenty of far bank weed growth but i also had some sort of weed bed to my right which i would target in the last hour of the match to hopefully pick up a nice carp or two . The wind was really bad again today blowing away from the car park so the early numbered pegs had the best fishing conditions but like all good f1 waters the f1s follow the wind so it might be a bit tough down this end .

I fished here for the first time last Friday so i had sorted out the best rigs and bait to use on the day ;


Far bank , 0.3 matrix series 3 float with 0.12 garbo line attached to a size 18 gamma pellet hook

Channel ,4×14 malmam speedy float with 0.12 garbo main line and a 0.10 garbo hook length it had a size 18 gamma pellet hook

Margin , 4×12 malmam speedy float with 0.12 garbo line attached to a size 18 lwg guru hook



1 pint 4mm pellets

2 pint mixed maggots

small tub expanders

As the whistle went for the all in i went out and cupped in a pot full of maggots on to my far bank line plus two more on to my channel line , i then went across with double maggots on the hook and began trickling in the feed a few lift-drops resulted in my first f1 coming to the net but it was extremely slow going for every one within eye shot . The wind at times made fishing across really hard but this is where the f1s wanted to be because i couldn’t get a bite from my channel swim , so i decided to try fishing shallow over the top of it to see if the f1s could be found up in the water like on the other coveys but this only produced silvers .

I decided to persevere with my far bank line because this was my only line that produced any bites regular but it was really hard going fighting the wind , a change of shotting pattern for an on the drop one got me back among the fish and it seemed the f1s would take a moving bait better which was a good job because i was struggling to keep it still in the conditions but i was bumping a few fish off on the way in because the wind would pull the pole as i was shipping back in and i was even foul hooking them coming back with scales on the hook so their was plenty of fish present on this line .

After three hours i had ten fish in the net which was better than most around me and i then hooked a proper lump which i just couldn’t do any thing with , it was fighting really well on my matrix orange elastic and i had it on for a good five minutes before the hook pulled out which was a shame because i hadn’t even seen it and in the end it probably cost me any chance of winning what turned out to be a very tight match .

Any how i went back across picking up the odd f1 again while i started feeding my margin for hopefully a good last hour and i had just began fishing it getting the odd line bite when the lad on the next peg decided to pack up pulled his net in and generally made a big disturbance Could only happen on a club match , so as you can imagine this killed my swim and ten minutes with out another sign saw me revert back to the far bank and on the stroke of all out i hooked and landed a 5 lb common carp which bumped up my weight considerably .

When we started the weigh in near the car park on the high pegged numbers it was noticeable that it had fished hard and some anglers struggled to cope with the conditions today , but you still needed a near 20 lb weight to win your section which is what i had predicted beforehand and a near 40 lb weight to win the match . So i don’t think it was too bad a match and any venue would have struggled to cope with that amount of anglers plus weather conditions we encountered today .

Match overall Terry 37lb peg four

Section A John 26 lb 6 oz peg five

Section B Gary 25 lb 6 oz peg seven

Section C Tony 18 lb peg fourteen

Section D Dave 17 lb peg twenty-two

My travelling companion John got second in the match beating me by a pound knocking me into third and he also won the golden peg because Terry decided not to enter it , so between us we came home with a bit of money and more importantly some good club points roll on the next match at Blundells Pine canal in a fortnight just hope i can make it .

Partridge lakes

17th April , peg 87 covey 4

Well Thursday soon came round and a return to Partridge lakes was in order for another try at the mid-week open match and after Tuesdays match i was hopping for a better catch because i thought that i had got it sussed at last but as you will find out later things didn’t exactly go to plan but i did  manage my best match weight of 77 lb although i was a bit disappointed not to break the ton with a quiet first hour costing me .

Anyway back to todays match i arrived at the venue around 830 and after booking on i went for a look at Spey canal where the first Balmoral club match of the season would take place , when i got back to the cabin it was nearly draw time so i made my way to the back of the queue and all the usual mid-week anglers where in attendance , there seemed to be a few more here than on Tuesdays open .


The weather today was over cast and very windy which would make fishing most pegs extremely difficult , on todays match i managed to draw peg 87 on covey four and i was happy with that because this lake threw up a few 100 lb weights the last time i was here it is also in a good area but the wind was really gusting down the straight in front of me so i couldn’t fish exactly where or how i wanted too .

I learned on Tuesdays match that the fish don’t push out to the island with fewer anglers on it and most caught on their top kit so with this in mind i set up four rigs to use today ;


Top kit , 4×12 preston chianti with 0.10 garbo line direct to a size 20 gamma pellet hook and my shotting pattern was a spread bulk of size 11 stotz starting 6 inch from the hook my elastic was matrix orange . After plumbing up i found 2 ft deep and a nice flat area , i planned to fish pellet here and was loose feeding hard 4 mm pellets on this line .

Top 5 line down the edge i had planned on fishing to the next platform but the wind was just to bad , i used a 4×12 malmams speedy float with 0.12 garbo line direct to a size 18 gamma pellet hook and my shotting pattern was a more positive bulk of 9 stotz starting 6 inch from the hook my elastic was matrix red .

2 ft shallow , 4×8 preston chianti with 0.10 garbo line direct to a size 20 gamma pellet hook and my shotting pattern was 3 number 11 stotz spread down the line to allow for a slow fall of the maggot to mimic the loose feed .

1 ft shallow , 0.3 matrix series 3 float with 0.10garbo line direct to a size 20 gamma pellet hook and my shotting pattern was a more positive one which would allow for better hooking and i only had a short six-inch lash between float-pole tip .



1 pint 4mm pellets

2 pint mixed maggots

small tub expanders

small tub corn

When the all in sounded i cupped in some 4 mm pellets on to my 5 meter line and went over the top with my rig , a couple of lift-drops resulted in an early bite and a f1 graced the net but after foul hooking and losing a big carp it seemed to kill the swim so i re-fed with another cup of pellets and tried my top kit line a bit earlier than i had planned , yet again i had an early f1 but missed bites was beginning to become a problem and i should have really tried coming of the deck some thing for me to try on my next visit .

The first hour was a bit of a let down and i was a bit reluctant to try shallow because i was unable to loose feed far enough by hand , but when the guy to my right started picking up the odd fish up in the water and with my margin swims not producing as i would like i had no option , so i put on my deep shallow rig and picked up the catty i began flicking maggots about 6 meters out and laid my rig in over the top , the first few fish were small rudd but it didn’t take long before my elastic came shooting out and i was attached to the first of many big f1s .


The wind was a real nightmare at times not with my presentation because my pole coped well but with my cattying maggots so i couldn’t feed with the regularity i would have liked too and this resulted in the fish drifting in and out of the area . At times it became impossible to fish long so i kept trying my top kit line and this produced the odd f1 but i really needed to catch shallow to build up a weight .

With two hours of the match remaining i decided to concentrate on fishing shallow and persevere with the conditions and just as i thought my swim was building up nicely with more and more f1s coming to the net with the odd 5lb carp mixed in , it was noticeable that by slapping-tapping my rig it produced in an instant bite but the wind was playing havoc with my lighter float when doing this and a few times i came back with a tangled rig .


So i tried my heavier more positive but shallower rig and this worked extremely well and the fish where hooking themselves against the pole tip , in the last hour i would get groups of f1s then a ten minute wait for a bite so i didn’t get my feeding right but at least the ones i caught where the bigger and wiser f1s and not the smaller stamp which others seem to get on here which i find a bit strange .

At the all out i was unsure on the weight i had but i did a good job of separating the fish into two nets some thing i don’t do a great deal of on the venues that i have my club matches on , when they came round to weigh in my nets the 40 f1s plus 2 carp went 76 lb which is a new personal best match weight for me and I’m chuffed at doing that but also feel i could have had the ton from this peg if i had fished shallow from the start or even if the wind had not been as strong which would have enabled me to feed better .

Covey 4 was won with 110 lb

Covey 3 i think was won with 80lb

Covey 2 was won with 160 lb

And that man Andy Bennett won Covey 1 with over 190 lb , not sure how he does it but the man is a machine when on f1s .

My next match will be on Partridge lakes Spey canal for the first of this seasons club match and i just hope it fishes as well as it can do because its capable of throwing up some big weights but not sure if it will as we have every peg in but we will find out on Sunday .


Partridge Lakes

15th April 2014 – Peg 56 Covey 3

Covey three

Covey three

After Sundays really disappointing match on here I was eager to put this behind me and try the mid-week open where they give you a lot more room, so hopefully I could prove to myself that I wasn’t doing much wrong on here and as usual for me I had come up with a plan to try to get the best from this place.

When it came to draw time I tried a new tactic and settled in at the back of the queue, but this didn’t get me the response I wanted, with a return to Covey 3 yet again! It was also in an area renowned for not throwing up nice weights, and it wasn’t long ago I was sat on peg 57 struggling but at least I knew where I was going.


On arrival at my peg I planned on fishing three main areas, and two rigs would cover these;

6 Meters shallow , 0.3 matrix series 3 with 0.12 garbo line and a 0.10 hook length , my hook was a size 20 gamma pellet hook .

Top kit margin ,4×12 malmams speedy with 0.12 garbo main line and a 0.10 garbo hook length , my hook was a size 18 gamma pellet hook .

Empty platform , same rig as above .

I tried something a bit different regarding bait today;

3 Pints of mixed maggots

1 Pint 4mm Meat

1 Pint crushed expanders

Small tub of 4mm expanders

When the all in sounded I started on my right hand margin with meat, and began flicking a dozen maggots on to my 6 meter line for later in the match, the fist hour didn’t exactly go to plan with a solitary F1 and a few missed bites on my meat line. From what I could see and hear not many other people seemed to be catching either apart from the guy on peg 54 who had the wind blowing in to his face and was catching regular on his top kit with pellet.

With this in mind I went out to my spare platform and chose to fish pellet here, I fed a kinder pot full of crushed expanders and lowered my hook bait amongst it, this produced a quick run of fish but I feel that by only feeding crushed expander resulted in me suffering a hellish run of foul hooked fish, and it left me tearing my hair out trying to figure out what was going wrong, I tried;

Altering the depths

Altering the shotting pattern

Altering feeding

Nothing seemed to work, and as a result I spent too long on this line because it promised so much but ended up delivering so little. After 2 hours I managed to drag myself away from this line and try my 6 meter shallow line, this began producing some nice fish but unfortunately they were Ide and not the hoped for F1’s, some of the bites were extremely hard to hit and just little dinks on the float, I didn’t realise how finicky they could be.

I decided to re-try my spare platform again hoping that the rest might have done it some good, but in fact it seemed even worse because although I was now hooking fish they were either bolting off into the near by reed bed or coming off on the way in, and it was now approaching the last hour so another change was in order.

The guy on the peg to my right was still catching on his top kit, so I decided to follow suit and go on to my meat line again, but this time with maggot. I was flicking a dozen over the top of the float and it didn’t take long before I started catching fish, but by regular feeding this brought them up off the deck, so after a change of shotting pattern to on the drop I started picking up Ide,F1’s and Carp. By the end I was bagging up but my slow start cost me dearly, because in the last hour I must have caught over 20lb!

When the all out sounded I was unsure how I had got on, and I was pleasantly surprised when my net weighed 43lb, 66lb won the lake and with better time management I’m sure I could have caught that, on a brighter note there was 3x100lb+ weights, so it fished well even after the over night frost. Looking back at my match I learned a hell of a lot, and it fished totally different to the Sunday opens, I will be back on Thursday for another try, and need to work out exactly how best to target it.


Partridge Lakes

13th April 2014 – Peg 71 Covey 3

Covey three

Covey three

With the weather taking a turn for the worse, especially the wind I decided against going to Hall Lane Fisheries because on their it was more open to the elements and I chose Partridge Lakes to fish as I thought it would fish better today given the weather conditions. On arrival to the venue I was surprised at how many people was in attendance and joined the queue at the back, when it came to my turn I pulled out peg 71 yet again I was on Covey 3! And I hoped that it was one of those on the split.


When I got to it though my heart sank because I was on the worst peg in the section which was found at the side of the bridge where it was only 9 meters wide and it looked like I was in for a tough days fishing especially with the wind blowing off my back towards the toilets, which as you will know on here the F1’s follow it. I had a couple of lines that I wanted to fish, but after plumbing up I had to scrap these because they were too close together at the depth I wanted to fish, so I settled on;

Far bank , 4×12 malmams float with a 0.12 garbo line and a 0.10 garbo hook length my hook was a size 20 gamma pellet hook .

Margin , 4×12 malmams speedy float with a 0.12 garbo line and a 0.10 garbo hook length my hook was a size 18 gamma pellet hook .

Shallow , 0.3 matrix series 3 float with 0.10 garbo line straight through to a size 20 gamma pellet hook .

Bait was an all out pellet attack

1 Pint 4mm pellets, crushed expander, micro and expanders

As the all in sounded I went across to my far bank line, tapped in a kinder pot full of micro and crushed expander then lowered my expander down among it, and to my surprise the float carried on going, with an F1 in the net before other people had finished feeding their peg! A further 10 followed in the first hour, plus the odd bumped fish too, and I was just getting excited by the prospect of a red-letter day on here when the wind got up and put paid to that idea because I could no longer present a rig on my far bank properly.

I had flicked in some 4mm pellets on to my margin either side of me, but after trying it at spells during the match it didn’t produce a single bite which was surprising, and in fact my only bite down the side was near the empty platform which produced 2 F1’s. After three hours I had 12 fish in the net and things weren’t going to plan, in fact it was turning in to a real struggle.

When the wind relented a little I took this opportunity to fish across and the fish were still present, but missed bites here became a problem. When I got my rig snagged up I took this chance to try a heavier float to see if this produced a better presentation but the wind was really playing havoc today. All the time I had been loose feeding 4mm pellets in the channel, so it was time for me to try shallow in the vain hope that I might be able to put some fish in the net, I managed to catch three big F1’s using this method but, yet again I was suffering missed bites and they were the tiniest of dinks. I tried changing depths, tapping and slapping, heavier and lighter feeding. Nothing seemed to work, and when the all out sounded I was for once glad to go home feeling really disappointed at how things had gone, especially after a good start to the match. I know it wasn’t the best of pegs and I’m not quite sure what else I could have done differently today to improve things.