Highfield fishery

3 rd April , peg 36 Island pool


Well today was the make or break match at High field fishery to see if i could get in the team for Saturdays Angling times Super cup because most of our 12 man squad will be fishing today’s open and seeing as though me and John had not even met the other members yet plus the fact that Farnworth tackle made the North west final last year it could be very difficult to break into the team and a good performance was required .

After last Saturdays 4th place in the open match on here i thought that i had a good idea on how best to target the venue although i was on a decent peg and it looked like other areas of the lake fished quite hard . When it came to draw time i pulled out number 36 which was one peg away from where the week-end open match had been won but if i remember correctly the guy who was on my peg didn’t weigh in and i might be in a decent area but not on the best peg in the section .


When i arrived at my home for the day it looked really promising with an empty peg either side one of which was near the bridge , it had a nice island chuck with the feeder and the odd carp was crashing by the side of it too there seemed to be a lot more fish activity than last week which seemed promising but the only down side was that the wind was blowing off my back not really what i wanted for my margin fishing .

Both me and John was in the same section as two other anglers from our team one of which was the team captain so our performance would be under close scrutiny . I pretty much had my rigs for the day sorted but on plumbing up i found this area to be good eight inch shallower than round the other side .


silver margin ,0.4 matrix series three float , 0.12 garbo main line with a size 16 lwg guru hook and orange size 10 matrix elastic .

carp margin , 0.4 matrix series three float , 0.14 garbo main line with a size 16 lwg guru hook and red size 12 matrix elastic .

4m line , 0.3 scone float with 0.10 garbo line straight through to a size 20 drennon silver fish hook and a size 8 garbo solid elastic .

13m line , 0.4 scone float with 0.12 garbo main line and 0.10 garbo hook length with a size 18 gamma pellet hook , elastic was a size 8 garbo solid elastic .

feeder rod , 10ft maver reactorlite feeded rod with 6lb maver genisis main line and a 15 gram in line method feeder , attached was a short 6 inch hook length with a size 16 mwg guru hook .


2 pint red and white maggots

1 pint micro and ground-bait

1 pint 4mm

4mm expanders normal and white

4mm hard pellets for hook

When the all in sounded i cupped in two loose balls of micros and another of 4 mm on to the 13 meter line i did this to lay a bed for the skimmers to settle over , i then started on my 4m line and began loose feeding maggots but unlike last week the silvers didn’t want to play ball . Forty minutes in i was still fish less but nobody else seemed to be catching either and finally i managed a few small skimmers but they wasn’t for settling today , so i made the decision to go onto my 13m line a bit earlier than i had planned too but i kept loose feeding maggots at 4m .

My first drop at 13m with an expander on the hook resulted in a missed bite Had I Finally Found Some Fish , i shipped back out tapped in some more micros through the kinder pot and waited and then waited some more , before finally a bite and a small 4oz skimmer made its way to the net a couple more of similar size followed but it was really hard work . I decided to put in another cup full of bait and leave it to settle hopping that a bigger stamp of skimmer would settle on it .

I then picked up the tip rod hopping that this might produce a better stamp of fish for me or even a carp or two ,, i began regularly casting every five minutes to put some bait down and had just started getting liners when for some bizarre reason i managed to hit the over hanging branches and got snagged up Things Wasn’t Going Well , two hours in and every thing was going to pot so i took a five-minute time out for a wee and a drink , gave myself a good talking too and then went back at it .


I had a quick look down my left hand margin i tapped in a kinder pot full of maggots and lowered my rig amongst it , nothing happened for about five minutes when out of the blue my float buried and i was attached to a 2lb f1 At Last A Descent Fish . After going back over to my margin i started getting bothered by small roach so i put in a big pot of micros + ground-bait and swapped to my right hand side no bites where forth coming so i feed this with the same micro-ground bait .

I went back on my 4m and at last the silvers were lined up i had 8 in 8 chucks and then re-checked my left margin only silvers where present but when i went on the right hand side my float buried and after a five-minute battle a near 6lb mirror carp was in the net , this gave me the confidence to get my head down for the silvers after about thirty minutes it started to slow so i gave it a rest and re-tried both margins , the left hand swim produced a nice 2lb bream and a few silvers so another re-feed on both sides was in order before going on to my 4m swim .


The silvers i was getting on the drop where of a smaller stamp now so i tried to increase the amount of maggots but less often and see what i could catch on the deck , this resulted in a bigger stamp skimmer but only every ten minutes so i resorted to fishing back on the drop which resulted in a faster catch rate but i went through a frustrating thirty minute spell of bumping every fish or they fell off as i was swinging them in .

Another spell in the margins didn’t produce anything decent on both sides so i re-fed again and went back for the silvers , i reduced the length of line between float and pole tip to about six-inch a bit like i would for f1 fishing this solved the problem of missed bites plus bumped fish .Their was about thirty minutes left so i spent them in the margin looking for another lump , nothing came along on the right hand side apart from a 10oz roach which i bumped off with the strong elastic , but when i went on my left hand side no small fish were present which i felt was a bit strange then i found out why my float twitched and the next thing i knew my pole was nearly ripped out of my hands as i was attached to a proper margin munter .I finally got it on to my top kit and this is where all the problems started because twice it nearly took me under the platform , when i caught sight of it i was surprised at just how big it was at least 3 ft long and i doubt it would fit in to my landing net . It made another run aiming for under my platform i tried for a scoop with the net to try to stop it getting underneath , i managed to get its head in but as i leaned to get two hands on the net it slipped out and ploughed straight through my left hand margin weed bed .

Just then the all out sounded and i was unsure how i had done , i thought that i had done about the same as Saturday with about 16lb . When they arrived at my peg i needed to get 20lb to be in the top three but my net only weighed 18lb 12oz and for the second match running on here i missed out on framming by about 1lb , the carp that i lost at the death might have been enough for the win and to make things worse they decided not to pay sections today which meant no pay out .

But on the plus side i made the team for Farmworth tackle so i will be back here on Saturday hopping to win my three-man section and help get us through to the next round of the Angling times super cup . Un-fortunately John didn’t make the team and struggled to get his head around this type of venue , which i am not confident in fishing either or enjoy and hope if we can get through the next round it will be more to my liking .