Hall lane fishery , Bessies pool

peg 40 , 9 th April


With the open matches starting on Hall lane at the weekend i thought that i better go down and see how it was fishing before i decide on where to fish on Sunday plus i had not been there since last years winter league and hadn’t fished Bessie since last June .When i arrived at the venue there was quite a few anglers knocking about most where spread about on the three waters which as usual looked really well maintained and no doubt they was getting ready for the start of the up coming club season , i headed to the far car park and i had planned on fishing the middle split section of the canal but Andy Bennett was giving a coaching session on that part so i gave him plenty of room and went on to the other straight which was somewhere else i hadn’t fished .


The weather today was really nice with blue skies and a bit of sun for a change , although the wind was quite blustery at times and it was blowing away from the car park down the full length of the canal which is no surprise for on here . So with the weather conditions in mind a settled on peg 40 which was a quarter of the way down the length so no long walk for me today and it was just on the cusp of the wind ripples , as i set up my gear i noticed that the far bank seemed a lot closer than i had remembered with it being only 13 meters and i am sure that on last years club match which was on the other straight i fished 14 meters to the island .

I had been told by my mate The Big Dipper that it was starting to fish really well so i was looking forward to the day’s fishing and i set up just the two rigs ;


Far bank ; 4×12 malmams speedy float with 0.12 garbo main line attached was a size 18 lwg guru hook .

4 foot ; 4×14 malmams speedy float with 0.12 garbo main line attached was a 0.10 garbo hook length and a size 18 lwg guru hook .

My bait was just plain pellets Cheap As Chips ;


Micro 1 pint

4 mm 2 pint

4 mm expanders normal in a small tub

i did take a bag of paste but never used it .

At 1 pm i was ready to get going and because the water temperature was still quite cold i started on my 4 foot rig which i plumbed up to find a flat spot on both slopes , their was a guy on the other bank fishing tight across so i could keep an eye on him and compare our catch rates .With the carp in here being of a nice stamp around the 2 lb mark i decided to put a medium cupping kit full of micros- 4 mm pellets on both lines and i also decided to loose feed a dozen 4 mm on to my 4 meter line every few minutes for later in the day .


I filled my medium kinder pot with pellets and shipped out to 11 meters , tapped out my feed and lowered my hook-bait amongst it and after a few lift-drops my float buried with a nice 10 oz chub making its way to the net .On my next ship out i fed exactly the same way and this time a little dip of the float resulted in a 1 lb fully scaled mirror carp coming to the bank , after spending the last few weeks fishing for small silvers it made a change fishing for some thing that pulled back a bit and it took me a while to get used to the Preston side pullas that i fitted in my pole two months ago .


Things where going incredibly smoothly with a fish coming every five minutes i had about 15 lb in the first hour and about the same in the second most where carp in between 1 lb – 2 lb , after feeding my top kit 4 ft line for nearly two hours i gave this a go and was expecting an immediate response but ten minutes with out an indication was not what i hopped would happen and i was on the verge of giving it up as a bad job when my float dipped which resulted in my biggest fish of the day a nice 4 lb common carp , a few smaller stockies followed but it wasn’t as prolific as my other line .


With two hours remaining i decided to try my far-bank swim which wasn’t really tight across but 1 ft away and after plumbing up i found 2 ft depth with a nice flat spot , i shipped across with my kinder pot full of 4mm pellets capped with micros and lowered in my 4 mm expander this resulted in a few chub then the stockie carp moved in . They was small at first before getting bullied out-of-the-way by a bigger stamp of fish it was noticeable that you would get 4 or 5 fish then have a ten minute wait for a bite .


I had an hour left of fishing and with me still having nearly one pint of 4 mm pellets remaining i decided to increase my feeding because i felt that in summer i am not putting enough bait in to keep the fish in my swim and i am feeding for individual fish like you do in winter . So instead of shipping in every few minutes out came the catty and this really increased my catch rate because i would feed a pouch of 4 mm then ship out with a kinder pot full of micros and more often than not i would have a bite as soon as my float settled , i don’t know whether it was the amount of bait that was going in or maybe the noise of the pellets hitting the water but it really did work and was a bit of an eye opener for me .


At the end of my four hours i had 50 carp and a dozen chub for about 60-70 lb not a bad days fishing and i am looking forward to giving it a go in a match their on Sunday where i am sure it will fish extremely well , i have a couple of things that i didn’t have time to try which could hopefully improve my catch rate and am looking forward to spending some time on here this summer along with Partridge lakes hopping to finally break my 49 lb best match weight and maybe get it up towards the ton .

I am off out again on Friday making the most of the nice weather to give Spey canal a try before the first club match of Balmorals season on there 20 th April .


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