Sycamore fishery

April 29th peg 37 , Rowans canal


After being unable to go fishing at the weekend due to family commitments i was eager to get back on the bank and decided on an afternoon session fishing one of the match canals at Sycamore fishery . Over the last few days i had read my Match fishing magazines and had stumbled on a little piece about feeding worm-caster-micro with a little kinder pot for f1s and after speaking to the author of the article Joe carass on twitter about it i decided to give it a go .

On arrival at the complex there was a few cars knocking about but after speaking to Phil the owner before fishing he informed me that nobody was on the high numbered side on Rowans canal so that is where i headed , for the second week running on here it was flat calm-high pressure-over cast not exactly the best weather for fishing but it didn’t stop me doing well last time .


I settled in on a peg in the middle of the stretch and planned to fish the far bank which was nearly 14 meters away but my map tks 801 coped with it perfectly , after plumbing up i choose to use two rigs and i started on the 2 ft deep rig before going closer to the island when the fish backed off .

Tight across , 0.3 matrix series 3 float with 0.10 garbo line and a size 18 gamma pellet hook .

2ft deep , 0.3 matrix series 3 float with 0.10 garbo line and a size 18 gamma pellet hook .

My bait for the day was explained above and to prepare it i put ;

2 big pots of finely chopped worm

1 big pot casters

1 big pot micros

In a pot and would feed after every fish or missed bite with a small kinder pot and i expected it too take about 15 minutes to get the fish in the swim so i re-fed every five minutes to kick-start the session , after the first influx of feed i had my first bite which surprisingly produced a couple of barbel before the stockies-f1s bullied them out-of-the-way and i was soon getting a fish a chuck , in the first hour i had twenty fish but all of a sudden the bigger fish seemed to back off and a shoal of small tench moved in so i needed to alter my feeding to try to draw the better stamp of fish back into my peg .


I increased the micros in my mix and put on a larger segment of worm on the hook this seemed to solve the problem with the stockies-f1s returning in numbers and i was soon back on a fish a chuck but after two hours of catching really well they pushed further up the slope into the shallower water so a change of rig was in order . I choose a swim a bit to the right of my initial swim and just like before it took a couple of feeds to get the fish in the swim but they was soon lined up although their seemed to be smaller f1s than the bigger stockies on the other line .


With the last hour fast approaching i decided to spend it on my top kit line to see what this would produce i found 2 ft depth which was a lot closer to the side than on Silver Birch and i began kinder potting in my worm mush plus i was loose feeding my remaining casters over the top . It wasn’t long before i began getting bites which was surprising because i hadn’t prepared this line today and this line seemed to produce more stockies , by loose feeding casters it brought them up off the deck so after changing my shotting pattern for an on the drop rig i was soon catching well again.


After four hours i was getting a bit tired and hungry after a long day so decided to call it a day with 85 fish coming my way for about 60lb not bad i suppose in the conditions and it was a similar weight to last week when i was on Silver Birch . My next club match is on Blundells pine canal and i have a feeling that it will fish extremely hard with a low winning weight of around 40 lb , i hope that i am wrong but we will have to wait and see hopefully i will be fishing the open match on Sycamore fisheries bank holiday Monday which as you can imagine i am quite looking forward too after my recent couple of visits .


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