Blundells pine canal

peg 7 , May 4th


Here we go then the second round of Balmorals fishing club season and it was one that i wasn’t looking forward too because i never seem to do well at Blundells but some club members like it on here and it is also a big carp water which suits a few in it as well . After stopping off for a mcds breakfast we made our way to Blundells fishery and after meeting up with half the club on the main car-park i went to sort the pegging out and found the other half of the club on trio car-park which could make sorting the pools out a bit awkward , anyway it has been a while since my last visit and it seems they have done a bit of work on the fishery cutting all the trees back and making a new road so you can drop your tackle off at the lake so no more long walks .

We had sixteen fishing so a few empty pegs for a lucky few and we paid three sections plus the winner today because everyone was present we did the draw early for a change i had four pegs to pick from and out i pulled peg 7 which had a nice reed lined margin with the far bank a good twenty meters away but i also had a hedge row behind me that would make shipping back further than 8 meters really awkward although i had been informed that an underwater bar was present at this distance which was handy .


As i had never fished this lake before i gained as much information that i could from the internet and i found out that we was fishing for big carp between 3lb+15lb so a bigger than average bait was in order so i decided to use 10 mm hard pellets for the bar and worms in the margin , i was also told that it was very deep so i had made some top four rigs and after plumbing up i found just over a top kits length around 7ft on the bar and a really surprising 5ft at the side of the margin so lets hope no one falls in this week .


8 meters , 1 gram browning float with a bulk and two droppers shotting pattern , my main line was 0.20 garbo main line with a 0.18 hook length which had a size 14 guru lwg hook and large bait band , my elastic was red size 12 matrix .

margin , 0.6 scone doubledeez float with a spread bulk above the 0.18 garbo hook length and a size 14 lwg hook my elastic was matrix 14s elastic .

shallow , 0.3 preston caster float set 3 ft deep with all the shot under the float and my main line was 0.18 garbo direct too a size 14 guru lwg hook and a large bait band , my elastic was red matrix .

tip rod


10 mm hard pellets

6 mm hard pellets

1/2 kilo worm

As the all in sounded i put in two big pots of 6 mm pellets onto my bar swim and went over the top with my deep rig which had a 10 mm pellet on the bait band , i then flicked six pellets over my float every ten minutes and then the same amount on to my far bank line . The first hour flew by without even an indication and neither had the lad on the next peg but i did see a few carp come out along the far-bank on various pegs using tip rods , so reluctantly i picked up mine because i am not that good using one when fishing tight across to a feature as you will find out in a minute ;

first cast i landed in the tree even though i was clipped up so a new hook length was in order .

my next cast landed perfectly right at the side of the mud bank and i began getting indications before my tip flew round and i ended up striking at a line bite .

on my next cast i landed in the reeds and lost the lot so that went up the bank .

After three hours i was still fishless even though i had tried all my different hook baits and even shallow , it looked like it was going to be one of them days . I then decided to try my margin line so i chopped up some worms but not to finely because i hoped to attract some big carp here and cupped in two lots of worm-pellets , it didn’t take long before i had my first fish which wasn’t the big carp i wanted but a small 6 oz f1 another couple quickly followed and i wasn’t going to win anything catching these so i re-fed again with two more cups , i also put two cupfuls onto my 8 meter line to try later and even after rotating mt two lines i could only catch small f1s on my margin line and not even a bite on my bar line .

We was fast approaching the last hour so i decided to try and force my margin swim to see if i could go from zero to hero in sixty minutes , half a worm went on the hook and i began the wait for a bite it was five minutes before my float shot under and a sharp strike resulted in a meter of matrix 14s elastic coming out of the top kit , i was attached to a bream of about 3lb and finally i had something decent in the net .. My next put in resulted in me hooking a carp which was hell bent on reaching the island but after some careful playing i had it in the net all 8 lb of it and another two carp followed along with a big f1 .

I was just wondering if i had given myself a chance of framing with this late surge of fish and wanted one more but the all out sounded before i had a chance of getting it and it was strange that the fish had turned up for the last hour . As we started the weigh in it became apparent that it had fished just as hard as i expected it too but i don’t think many waters in the North west can cope when their is an angler on every peg and the fish will always back off into any space or simply shut up shop for the duration of the match , it will probably be better to alter the match hours but i don’t think that will ever happen soon .

All the framing weights were over 20lb and majority of the rest was around the mid teens which on a big fish water wasn’t many fish to catch and for the record my late run of fish resulted in me getting third with 22lb missing out on second by the mighty total of 2 oz and well done to Aidy for winning his first club match in ages with 26lb of carp . Although all the other lakes on the complex fished hard with low winning weights and i am afraid it is still a venue that i can’t get to grips with .Anyway off too Sycamore fisheries tomorrow to hopefully bag up on the f1s shallow on the Bank holiday open match .