Good luck to al…

Good luck to all the Balmoral fishing club anglers attending the match on Hall lane gwens canal , sorry i wont be there to fish it with you but i will put the results up as soon as i get them .


2 thoughts on “Good luck to al…

  1. Read your blog with interest and sorry to hear that you’ve got pissed off with it lately, i’m no star at this i only got back into match fishing in the last 6 months after a near 30 year break and there’s no doubt that thinks have changed massively as you can imagine but the fundamentals haven’t really changed that much and by that i mean you have to really focus on what you want out of it, I gave up match fishing because i realised that working full time 6 days a week as i did then (but don’t need to any longer) and trying to compete against people who seem to find no difficulty fishing matches 3 times a week either because they neglect their work or their families (or both) or because they are in the tiny minority that can make some sort of living at it is not something that i realised after a while was possible to do. If you follow the match results as i’m sure you do , you are going to see the same names coming up at the same venues time after time. They are never off them !! You’ve been targeting Partridge lakes i notice and i have to say that i haven’t been there but i know people who do and some who do very well there, but they fish it week in week out for years and have a real talent for catching fish. I’ve also met very talented anglers who avoid the place because they know that without drawing an absolute flier they are just going to throw their money away. Andy Bennett is there for nearly every match and it seems he’s almost impossible to beat and there’s perhaps another 10 or 15 who are going to have some sort of a chance and at least will regularly frame. AB fished about 3 matches at the venue i visit the most earlier this month and to the best of my knowledge hadn’t even been there before and still managed to average over 100 lbs on an F1 dominated water so it seems that he can pretty well catch fish at will wherever he goes so I asked myself why is that ? I will come back to that later – To cut what’s turning into a very long story a bit shorter i think you have to decide whether you want to be a club angler or an open match angler and there’s nothing wrong with choosing either but decide what you want from it. I would suggest that if you stick to the club matches that you enjoy it both the fishing and the banter and don’t take it too seriously and if you chose the open match scene then at least target one venue exclusively and get to know it and fish as many matches as you can. I don’t think pleasure fishing the venue will really help a lot as match conditions are so difficult. Coming back to my question about why is AB (and of course others at his level) able to go anywhere and win or frame , Personally i dont think it has an awful lot to do with what sort of float they use or even necessarily the bait , obviously those things are important to get right but these days there’s so much on the internet in print that i think those things are relatively easy to find out about and if you put the practice in to become competent in the various techniques but most importantly i think it’s all about being able to really read the water and really understand where the feeding fish are most likely to be in any given swim having regard to the water temperature and light conditions and the weather conditions that have preceded the match and of course the time of day. If you ever draw near to the better anglers you will see that they just know where to start fishing at the beginning of the match , where to fish during the middle of the match and where to fish at the end. They catch right through the match not just in spells like the rest of us ! Anyway hope that helps and don’t be too hard on yourself !

    • Thanks for taking the time to reply its always nice receiving some positive feedback and like you say i have to make a choice between club or open , i will have to give it some serious consideration over the next few weeks .

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