Fishermans blues

So what exactly is fishermans blues its hard to explain and i’m not really sure but it does affect most anglers at some time in their life , it usually revolves around not wanting to get on to the bank for various reasons ;

1 Bad results , getting battered on both sides every time you go out can be a killer for your confidence especially if you’re contesting big matches .

2 Fishing form , where you feel that your tactics just are not getting you the results you want them too .

3 Just losing your appetite for fishing .

4 In my case having to deal with the negativity surrounding contesting matches because i’m not in to all the usual pre match banter that goes along with them .

How do you drag yourself out of the depression of not wanting to go fishing that is the million dollar question , some people never return and you see lots of full set ups for sale in the classifieds , while others just get straight back to it after taking some time off and it does help if you can go on an easy venue to catch a few fish which helps to get your confidence back but returning to the bank even if you’re not fishing and just to see how people are getting on can help you get back in the mood .

So lets hope that works with me and any comments from you fellow anglers would be greatly appreciated because at the moment i haven’t the heart to even look at my fishing tackle .


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