Hewlett pit

peg 13 , 26th May


After what had seemed like an age i finally decided to head back on to the bank to see if i could shake this low mood that i have suffered with lately . I chose to have a go on Hewlett pit somewhere i hadn’t been for about a year , hoping that the change of scenery might help get my spark back . The weather today was forecast to be a lot better than the continuous rain we had put up with all week so when the alarm rang at 7 am i was greeted to some blue skies and hopefully it would stay like that all day .


When i got to the pond i was surprised to find only a couple of other anglers fishing who were situated on the low numbered pegs , so i went round to peg 13 which was on the opposite bank . I had planned on only fishing shallow today but usually on here the fish covered the surface when a bit of sun hits the water with the f1s doing laps of the lake and big black balls of fish but on the walk to my peg i could only see the odd big carp cruising by .

I still decided to stick to my original plan and to set up three shallow rigs to see if i could get them up in the water plus i could change to the deck if i needed to ;


4×12 preston chianti on 0.12 garbo line direct to a size 20 gamma pellet hook , my shotting pattern was a bulk positioned under my float with a few droppers depending on the depth and i had three identical rigs set at 1ft, 2ft and 3 ft .


1 pint red maggots

1 pint 4 mm pellets

Tub 6mm pellets

At 8 am i was ready to get started so began on my 3ft rig to start with a maggot was on the hook and i fired out two pouches of bait at 9 meters , as expected when you fish shallow it can take a while for the fish to get on the bait and if it was a match i would have fished elsewhere in the peg while priming my shallow swim for at least an hour to get the fish feeding confidently but because it was only a pleasure day i choose to go straight on it , by continuous feeding and allowing my rig to fall through it i was soon getting the odd fish .


The benefit of using maggots was that i was picking up a variety of fish with chub-ide-rudd-f1s and carp all coming my way and you just didn’t know what you would be catching next , it made a change from all the f1 fishing i had done for the last six months or more . After a while the fish where coming thick and fast they was all a nice stamp too around the 10oz mark but by changing the rigs to keep in touch with them i was catching about 15lb an hour including the occasional 4lb common carp .


After a while the fish were boiling on the surface after i had catapulted some feed in and even by going just six-inch deep i began suffering missed bites-foul hooked fish , i worked out that by double pouching before i shipped out it got me an instant fish and i think this worked because after the fish went frantic on the surface they followed the remaining bait lower in the water where my hook bait was found so they became easier to catch .


With ninety minutes to go i decided to try pellets to see what that produced and i was also running out of maggots so i set up a new rig ;

0.3 matrix series 3 float shotting pattern was a bulk above the hook length , with a 0.12 garbo main line attached to it was a six-inch 0.10 garbo hook length with a size 18 f1 hook and a micro bait band .


I began feeding pellets at nine meters but unlike before i wasn’t getting any of the swirls on the surface but i began catching only f1s+carp, i was double pouching before i shipped out just like i did when fishing maggots but because i was using banded pellet i could slap-tap with the rig if i missed a bite and i tried not to feed with my float in the water due to foul hooked fish , by doing this i had a dozen f1s in as many put ins before they backed off a bit and i would then feed four pouches with no pole over their head to get them back .


After four hours it was time to pack up and head home even though the fish was still feeding well , i ended up with 80 fish between 8oz+4lb which made for a good days fishing , the venue was getting packed too and it was only spoiled by the guy on the next peg drinking eight cans of stella and talking loudly to himself about how any body can catch shallow on here ! ! !

So as you can probably tell its fishing really well on Hewlett pit at present and the Tuesday evening matches are getting very popular with regular 50-60lb weights needing to win which is not bad from a small 16 peg water .


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