Chapel pool


May 29th , peg 3

After managing to get a few days off work, to get ready for some important impending matches which are Fish’O qualifier, Super Cup second round and Balmoral Club Match. I took the opportunity to go to Chapel Pool with the rest of the Farnworth Super Cup Team for a practice on the Alliance & Leicester private pool and, as you can imagine there wasn’t much information about the place on the internet and wasn’t even any pictures. So we was all going to the venue not knowing what to expect, but the limited knowledge we had gained was that it’s a bagging Carp water with big 100lb+ weights coming from every peg, I’m sure everyone has heard tales of such waters but do they really exist in the North West?!?

Surprisingly for me my old Sat Nav got me there quite easily and in fact it was just around the corner from Bannisters Fisheries, but for a change I was the last to arrive and when I got there I was informed that we only had half of the lake to fish and wouldn’t be permitted to use our nets. So we were unsure if we could get a true representation of how it would fish in match conditions, but on a plus point they hadn’t charged us any peg fees.

My home for the day

My home for the day

The pool itself looked remarkably like Wrightington fisheries Rivy View but on a slightly smaller scale, it still had thirty pegs and they were positioned over the water which helped with shipping back because the water was surrounded by trees which hampered it in certain pegs. As I’d mentioned earlier we had limited knowledge on the venue, so we felt it best if all eight of us tried different things and I won’t go into too much detail about what my other teammates decided what to do, but my approach was:


4 meter , i used a 0.3 scone double deez float with 7lb main line direct to a size 14 turbertini 808 hook and i big potted in some 4mm pellets and mainly dead maggots every thirty minutes .

4 meter long margin to my right where i used a 0.2 scone double deez float with 7lb main line direct to a size 14 turbertini 808 hook and i big potted a few pellets and mostly sweet corn every thirty minutes .



4 pints 4mm hard pellets

1 pint dead red maggots

2 tins sweet corn

small tub 6mm hard pellets



At 11Am we was ready to get going and I went onto my long line all 4 meters of it!!! I fed two big pots to kickstart my swim and went over it with 4 dead maggots, it didn’t take long for my float to shoot under and my first fish of the day came to the net! Which was a nice 2lb Barbel. It’s always a good confidence boost when you can catch a decent fish on your first visit to a new venue. I then began getting into some decent stamp skimmers and I was soon putting a few fish in the net, but after my second top up of bait I started suffering with missed bites, in fact my float was moving all over the place and it was obvious that I had attracted too many fish into the swim.



With my 4 meter line behaving a bit dodgy I decided t leave it a while to settle down, and went on to my long margin to my right where I had fed corn since the start. Yet again I was straight into the fish not the hoped for Carp, but some big Chubb and Skimmers. Everyone else seemed to be catching Carp apart from me which was strange but 30lb of Silvers in the first 90 mins wasn’t too bad, and I really needed to get the Carp feeding to build up a decent weight in the match.


Matrix series three 0.3 float with 0.14 main line and 0.12 hook length both was garbo , my hook was size 18 f1x which had a micro bait band attached and i would loose feed 4mm pellets every five minutes .


So a total re-think was in order and I went onto my top kit towards the left of my peg where I had started loose feeding a dozen 4ml pellets every few minutes, first drop on this line my elastic shot off and Carp number one had hit the net! Then another AND another! It’s surprising what a change of bait can do even on a bagging Carp water like this. After a while my loose feeding pellets had got the Carp up off the deck and I could see them slurping among the reeds I was also missing lots of bites presumably liners, so I tried using a shallower rig.


Matrix series 3 0.3 float with 0.14 garbo line direct to a size 18 f1x hook with a micro bait band .


This got me back among the Carp of which most were around 3lb, but I did have a few touching 10lb and they were putting a spirited fight up even on my 14’s elastic! When it went  bit quiet I went back onto the deck and stared getting the big skimmers again. Half way through the match I began getting snapped on my 0.12-4lb hook lengths, I never had this problem before but think it was due to the stronger elastic putting more pressure on it, and those were the strongest I had made up in my box because 90% of my tackle revolves around F1 fishing. So I had to make up a new rig with 0.14-5lb straight through, this prevented me from getting broke for the rest of the match and I could concentrate on just getting the Carp in the net , in fact my last fish was a near 10lb carp .


As the all out sounded I had 141lb on my clicker and hadn’t counted any fish that was under 1lb, I think I had at least 50lb of silvers and the rest were all Carp, not bad for someone who is more used to F1 fishing and hadn’t brought the correct setup for big fish bagging. It’s very rare to get a venue around here that can produce these sorts of weights because all of us had over 100lb, topped by a near 300lb weight! When it comes to the  Super Cup match we will be all spread over the lake giving us plenty room and I wouldn’t like to guess what weights will be coming out then but it’s a 75lb net limit so I hope they give us plenty nets! All of the fish were in pristine condition even after spawning, the venue is well looked after which can only be expected from a private water.



So as you can imagine the team is really looking forward to the match next weekend and some are even going for another practice next Thursday, but I don’t think they will learn much more and it’s just a really good excuse for another bagging session! Well that’s one match down two more to go, starting with the Fish’O at Partridge lakes on Saturday, and you can safely say my fishing head is back on…. At last!


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