Sycamore fishery

1st June , peg 38 Rowans canal


After yesterdays good result at Partridge lakes Fish O qualifier it was time for Balmoral fishing clubs fourth match of the season at Sycamore fisheries Rowans canal , the weather today was forecast to be warm-sunny with light winds not the best conditions for a day’s fishing and with every peg on the canal expected to be taken i was unsure at just how it would fish but it wasn’t looking promising .

On arrival at the venue i spoke to Phil the owner to pay the club peg fees and he informed me that their had been a little match on Rowans the day before not what i wanted to here ! ! ! As i drove round to the car park most of the club was already there , so i did the usual of collecting pools + bonus then started the draw and one by one all the good pegs went . When it came for my go i was left with peg 38 which was in an area that had some good form but i had end peg 40 in my section which frames on most matches plus a few of the better club anglers to contend with so i could be up against it today .


When i got to my peg it was the same as most others on the canal with it being 14 meters across with a nice looking mud bank which i planned on targeting and some nice rushes along both margins , i decided to fish more or less the same way as i had done yesterday so used the same rigs ;



1ft and 2 ft deep rigs for fishing the far bank ,using a Matrix series three 0.3 float with 0.12 garbo line attached to a 0.10 garbo hook length with a size 20 gamma pellet hook .

3ft deep rig for the margin which was a 0.3 malmam speedy float with 0.12 garbo main line attached to a 0.10 garbo hook length with a size 20 gamma pellet hook .


1 pint red and white maggots

1/2 pint micros

1/2 pint 4mm pellets

1/2 pint ground-bait

As the all in sounded predictably everyone went straight across to the far bank , so i decided to concentrate on my margin and wanted to leave the usually more prolific area for later in the match where hopefully the fish would back away from my neighbours pegs into my safety zone . I began loose feeding maggots on to my left hand side and it wasn’t long before i had my first fish which was a stockie about a pound , in the first hour a mixture of f1s-stockies came to the net ten in total but it seemed that they was being extremely finicky and the bites would be either proper elastic ripping out gazunders or just the tiniest of little dinks but by getting my hook bait to register on my float tip and by keeping altering my shotting pattern i was hitting more than i missed .


I decided to rest my margin swim because it was noticeable that i was waiting longer between bites and i was eager to build on my good start by going on what should have been the best area of my peg , i started on my 2 ft deep rig with a 4 mm expander on the hook and sloppy ground-bait rolled in my micros in the pole pot , i tapped the contents out and proceeded to lift-drop my hook bait but to my surprise nothing happened but not to worry a refeed with slightly less bait should get me a response and that it did but not the hoped for f1s but a procession of small skimmers and missed bites which is usually a sign of no decent fish being in the vicinity so a change of swim was in order .

I re-plumbed up a meter further to my right which was a lot closer to some overhanging reeds thinking that they might have backed off underneath them with the sun blazing in the sky and this seemed to work because i managed a couples of f1s but the bites became really hard to hit , i found myself shipping in and out more than i was actually fishing so i tried maggot over their but this did not produce a single bite neither did my mud bank line which was a surprise and in the second hour i only managed a miserable three fish .


All the time i had fished long i kept trickling in the maggots on to my left hand margin so i re-visited this swim while i had a think on what to do next about putting some fish in the net , but my float kept on going under here and because i was putting fish in the net so i decided to keep at it . Upon looking round the canal it became clear that lots of people were struggling to catch especially on the bank facing me but rumors came up the bank that two lads who was catching shallow had just put in their second net so they must be doing well .

We was now approaching the final two hours and i had problem because i had started to run out of maggots plus i doubted whether i could keep one swim going for the rest of the match , so i decided to set up another swim on to my right hand side but this time using pellets and just like on my far bank i began feeding sloppy ground-bait rolled in micros , by lifting-dropping and dragging it up the slope a touch i was back among the fish .


The rest of the match went quite swimmingly and by rotating my two swims i kept putting fish into the net , i did notice that on the pellet line i would get bursts of fish where on my maggot swim it was more steady but did benefit with a rest once in a while . When the all out sounded a lot of people were relieved because it had fished hard in places which was only to be expected with every peg being took but i felt that i had fished one of the best matches for a while on here , which was reflected in the result with me winning the match quite convincingly and the lads who had two nets in didn’t even get into the top three so they must have done it to wind me up ! ! !

Anyway the enforced break had made me really look at how my fishing was going and going back to basics has done me the world of good with two good results in consecutive matches , lets hope my form lasts because i have the second round of the Angling times Supercup at a private water next Saturday and i might even try to get on the mid-week open at Sycamore fisheries but unfortunately we are due a break in the sunny weather with plenty rain forecast so i will have to wait and see .

1st Gary 48 lb

2nd Dave 33 lb

3rd Richard 30 lb


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