Sycamore fishery

4th June , peg 38 Rowans canal


After Sundays club match win on here i decided to give the evening match on here another try to see if i could continue my good run of form , the weather today was forecast to be great and after the recent rain plus drop in temperature i wasnt sure how well it was going to fish especially with the amount of anglers attending including a few of the Partridge lakes regulars . It seems to be that it is becoming one of the best attended evening matches around here , after paying my money i pulled out number 25 which meant i was halfway down the queue to choose a peg .

When the draw started gradually all the better areas went with most predictably choosing to fish the inform Rowans canal ,when it came for my turn i managed to get on peg 38 which was the same one i won the club match from on Sunday so i was pretty confident of catching a few fish from their but as i started setting up one by one all the pegs on my side of Rowans filled up including those either side of me and my early confidence started to drain away with 9 of the 10 pegs being filled but i would give it my best shot .


With the match only lasting 3.5 hours i decided to concentrate on just two areas of my peg which were ;

3ft deep margin on near shelf ,0.2 scone float with 0.12 garbo main line with a 0.10 garbo hook length with a size 20 gamma pellet hook and red matrix elastic .

2ft deep across on far shelf , 0.3 matrix float with 0.12 garbo main line ,0.10 garbo hook length which had a size 20 gamma pellet hook and orange matrix elastic .

My bait today was the usual ;

1 pint mixed maggots

1/2 pint micro

1/2 pint ground-bait

When the all in sounded i fed a nugget of ground-bait rolled in micros on my right hand margin then proceeded to loose feed six maggots onto the left hand side which i found was the most prolific side on the club match , it took a good 15 minutes before i had my first fish which wasn’t the start that i wanted but i was soon picking up the odd fish including a nice barbel and it became clear upon looking round that as i thought at the start the venue was fishing extremely hard so i was happy just putting fish in the net.


The scum on top of the surface near the side and blustery wind was playing havoc with my light float ,thinking about it after the match i should have a heavier more stable float because the conditions were totally different from Sundays match and yet again decisions have cost me the extra few fish needed to frame .After an hour i had eight fish for 10lb in the net which was more than those around me but i couldn’t get a bite towards my right hand pellet line as a result i put too much pressure on my maggot swim so when it started to die on me i wasnt that surprised ,the trouble was i decided to stay on this line for too long when it was obvious that it needed a rest which was another mistake on the day .


When i finally got round to fishing my long line i was straight back into the fish although they wasn’t as big as on my margin but their was plenty of them but they seemed reluctant to feed because i was missing plenty of bites so i decided to fish maggot rather than pellets or i would have shipped in and out all match , i was feeding the same sloppy ground-bait rolled in micros and was getting indications as soon as i tapped it in .

We was now approaching the last hour and the lad on the next peg was catching really well tight across and i needed a good spell to catch him up so i made the decision to retry my left hand margin because i would be able to get the fish in quicker , i had continued to feed this swim all the time i had fished long so i expected an immediate response and that is what i got with fish after fish coming to the net but with 15 minutes remaining i started missing bites just what i didn’t want to happen .


The all out soon sounded and i was unsure just how i had got on but i would find out soon enough because i was one of the first to weigh in , the lad on my next peg weighed in 44lb for the match win and my 30 fish went 36lb just short of framing because their was 3 low 40lb nets . I am sure that my peg was capable of the winning weight but for bad decisions before and during the match , but getting them right makes the difference between winning or not as i was only a few fish away .

Another what if match but on the plus side i finished fourth and it kept my good form going into the second round of the Supercup where we will be fishing on a private club water and doing some carp bagging i fully expect my match record to go then , so i need to put my delicate f1 rigs away and exchange them for some heavier gear .


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