Sycamore fishery

Rowans canal peg 28 , 8th June

After yesterdays eventful match in the supercup i decided to try to get on to the open match at Sycamore fisheries it had been limited to just twenty pegs because a club match was booked on the other water , after a few phone calls i managed to wangle first reserve and hoped that i would get on as i fancied a bit of f1 fishing today back to normality .

On the day of the match i woke to find blue skies and not the forecast grey-miserable day , i just hope it will stay that way to give my stuff chance to dry after yesterdays soaking . When i arrived at the venue i was surprised to find very few cars knocking about , not the amount i was expecting with two club matches plus an open taking place .

When i got to the cabin i had to wait till 9am before confirmed on to the match and their fore at the draw i was last to pick so was left with peg 28 not the area i wanted to be in but at least i was fishing and my mate had drawn the next peg too so at least we could have a chat if we were struggling , i had decided to target the venue like i did on Weds but with it being windy today i stepped up a touch on the float size .


Margin , 0.3 scone pellet float with 0.10 garbo line direct to a size 18 gamma pellet hook and elastic was red matrix.

Far slope line where it was 2.5ft deep , i used a 0.3 matrix series 3 float with 0.12 garbo main line which had a 0.10 garbo hook length attached was a size 18 gamma pellet hook and elastic was orange matrix .

Far bank where it was 1ft deep , i used a 0.4 matrix series three float with a 0,12 garbo line direct to a size 18 gamma pellet hook my elastic was orange matrix .


1 pint red maggots

half pint micros

half pint 4mm pellets

half pint sloppy ground-bait

small tub expanders

When the all in sounded i started on my usual margin rig loose feeding half a dozen maggots on to my left and kinder potting a ball of ground-bait rolled in micros every five minutes towards my right , it took about ten minutes before my first fish which was a little tench about 4 oz and three more followed before i had a stockie then a barbel all on my maggot line . I kept trying my right hand pellet swim without a single indication and i will be thinking about that before my next match on here because sloppy ground-bait-micro combination hasn’t worked on the margin for the last couple of matches here .

After my first hour i put just 5lb in the net things weren’t going great especially in my margin  but word around the match was that it appeared to fishing extremely hard which is only to be expected with all twenty pegs being taken , i tried both my far bank swims and i would get a few bites the odd fish but nothing was working very well my mate on the next peg had started catching shallow so i decided to follow suit and a new rig needed to be set up ;


1.5ft deep rig with 0.12 garbo line direct to a kamasan f1 hook which had a micro bait band , my float was a 0.3 matrix series three float and orange matrix elastic .

I began loose feeding at five meters because the wind prevented me going any further as it hindered my grouping of the pellets , it took about 15 minutes before i had my first fish which was a nice sized stockie but the bites were few-far between and you really needed to work hard by tapping-slapping to even get an indication , i think that by slapping and not feeding got a better response which meant that you was just picking up the odd fish swimming through the peg rather than attracting a shoal of them and it appeared that the recent heavy rain , drop in temperature had turned the fish off feeding today .

The second-third hour was pretty much uneventful with little being added to the net , i felt that i was well off the pace needed to frame so decided i would concentrate on trying to make the far bank swims work which would be handy for future matches on here . I cupped in some ground-bait-micro tight against the far bank and left it to settle while i went back on to my 2.5ft line where i kinder potted in a mixture of maggot-micro-capped with a nugget of ground-bait.

Every time i put in some feed i would get a quick indication but i needed to be really careful because the bites were just tiny dinks and very hard to connect with , i managed to pick up the odd fish but they didn’t want to settle and after thirty minutes i thought it was time to try tight across in 1ft of water this produced a couple of small f1s-crucians but it was a struggle there too .

It seemed to me that the 2.5ft rig was the best depth on the day so i decided to concentrate on this for the rest of the match both near and far slopes , i had continued feeding my margin and could really do with it working but just like every other swim you would get a few bites before they backed away but by rotating between the two swims i picked up a couple of fish from each although it was very hard work .

I was now into the last hour and after all the recent matches (6 in 10 days) started to catch up on me with my concentration beginning to ebb away this coincided with things starting to go wrong ,first my elastic began sticking which resulted in a couple of costly lost fish as you will find out later and then rather bizarrely i hooked something on my top kit that felt really heavy hugging the bottom it kind of plodded off to the middle of the canal then snagged me up on my near slope , not once did i get it under control and it resembled the fight of a big bream which of course aren’t present in the match waters ! ! !

I managed a couple more fish before the all out and i ended up with 18 f1-stockies plus a few silvers for just short of 23lb which surprisingly was good enough for fourth only 3oz from third and 2lb from second , it seemed that all the noted better areas did not produce today and overall it fished extremely hard , to make matters worse the club didn’t turn up to fish the match on silver birch so we was all tightly bunched up for nothing , on the plus side i sorted my sticking elastic because i found a tiny stone stuck in to the ptfe bush which prevented it working properly when i packed up .

I am having a few days off fishing this week but will be back on the bank Weds for another go at the Sycamore evening match lets hope i can improve on my two consecutive fourth places on their .


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