Sycamore fishery

Peg 16 Silverbirch , 11th June


After the weekends some what strange match i was back at Sycamore fishery to try to put a few things right but yet again i was left with more questions than answers just your typical f1 match then .After the previous days thunder-storm which will have hopefully freshened up the water a bit , today we was faced with warm weather , blue skies and little in the way of breeze which isn’t actually what you would like for fishing but can’t do much about that .

I had heard rumors that their might be a full house for todays match so i was a little disappointed with the 21 we had attending and it seems to be attracting some better class of angler these days too which can only help in improve your fishing technique .But at least we would all have a bit of room and come draw time that’s exactly what i was looking for , with the club not turning up at the weekend to fish Silver birch it meant that it was a week since anyone match fished it and i was eager to give it a try , so when it came to my turn i choose peg 16 halfway down the straight with two empty pegs either side .


My match plan was the same as always on here , start in the margin before going across and spend the last 40 minutes back to the margin but i had decided to try a different bait combination today ;


margin 2.5ft deep ,0.3 scone pellet float with 0.10 direct to a size 20 gamma black hook and elastic was red matrix .

far shelf 2ft deep , 0.3 matrix series 3 float with 0.12 garbo line direct to a size 20 kamasan f1 hook and micro bait band , my elastic was orange matrix

tight across 1ft deep , 0.3 matrix series 3 float with 0.12 garbo line direct to a size 20 kamasan f1 hook and micro bait band , my elastic was orange matrix .



1 pint mixed maggots

1/2 pint micro dusted with ground-bait

1/2 pint soaked 4mm pellets

small tub mixed hard pellets

As the all in sounded i went onto my left hand margin and began flicking maggots at the float , it didn’t take long before i had my first which was a f1 and the fish seemed ravenous because i had 17 over 8oz plus a dozen silvers in the first hour but i noticed the bites beginning to slow down so i was eager to give the swim a rest and not take the last fish from it like i did on my last evening match here .


My next line of attack was at 12 metres which was half way up the shelf at 2.5ft depth , i haven’t been happy with how my expander fishing has gone lately so i decided to change to a 4mm banded pellet also i had given up on the sloppy ground-bait too and gone for lightly dusted micros which could be made into a ball , i hoped this would make a difference to my far bank work which has let me down on my last few visits here .

I taped in a kinder pot full of micros and followed it down with my banded pellet , the bait hadn’t even touched the bottom before my elastic ripped out of my pole and a nice sized stockie made its way to the net , i then had a variety of species before it started slowing down and i probably wasted twenty minutes without changing swims which cost me a fair few fish because i worked out that 15 fish an hour would be needed for a good weight as they are slightly smaller on Silver birch .


After setting up a new far bank swim to my right i was back catching again but they was a smaller stamp of f1 , after two hours i had 27 fish over 10oz which was slightly off my target number but it was more than i caught all match on Sunday and it just shows how different these evening matches are .When i started missing bites on this line and then bumped of a small skimmer i decided on another change of rigs , so i cupped in some loose ground-bait tight against the far bank and gave it twenty minutes to settle while i was waiting i re-tried both of my far shelf rigs although i caught they wasn’t coming quick enough for my liking .

When it was time to try my far bank line i didn’t exactly get the response i had hoped for , first put in i had a barbel then a small f1 and then a crucian but i was having real trouble hitting the bites and kept coming back with silk weed on the bait band .Enough was enough i needed to catch some quick fish and as we were fast approaching the last hour out came the margin rig again ,i had been continuously feeding this swim with a variety of baits since the match started and maybe i had overdone it because it was black with fish .


I was struggling to get my rig to the deck and when it did i was getting liners left-right-center , a change of shotting pattern for on the drop produced a couple of stockies and going shallower didn’t work so i bulked up my shot near the hook length and went a couple of inch over depth , i vaguely remember Jamie Hughes fishing like this in the Fisho final last year for the barbel and it worked for me today too because it was barbel central on my margin and when i worked out what the best shotting pattern was , they were literally pulling the elastic out before i could strike and in the final forty minutes i had 15 of them upto 1.5lb .


As the all out sounded it was obvious that it had fished better than at the weekend and rumour was their had been an 89lb from Davids pool which came as a real surprise , there was also two mid 50lb nets from Rowans and my 47 fish mainly barbel was enough for 47lb and second best weight from Silver birch behind an 87lb from peg eight . So as you can see it fished extremely well and a quiet forty minutes mid-match cost me a chance of framing because 60lb was well within my reach from this peg and i cant wait to give it another try as it is becoming one of my favorite venues but it might be a few weeks as my wife starts working away again for a fortnight but before then i have a club match at widdows to contend with so lets hope i can keep my good form for one more match anyway .



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