Sycamore fishery

Peg 18 Silver birch , 24th June

A bit of a different blog for you to read today , as i was left at home looking after the kids while my wife was away at work which meant i couldn’t get on the bank as much as i would have liked , so i light-heartedly suggested to my little lad who is only six if he wanted to go fishing for a few hours and to my amazement he jumped at the chance because  i thought it would be a real challenge dragging him away from his tablet and cartoon network but he wanted to go and he was even telling all his friends at school how he was going to catch a whopper .


On my way home from work i picked up a pint of maggots and sorted out a bit of fishing gear it will make a nice change travelling light and not taking a barrow load of gear , so after picking up the lad from school and getting changed then off we headed to sycamore fishery but after the recent sunny weather it was forecast for a few scattered showers so when it started drizzling on the way their i wasn’t expecting it to last long .

There was only a couple of other anglers on the complex and i presumed most people would be watching the england football team get beat in the world cup yet again , so we settled on Silver birch and with little in the way of breeze we choose peg 18 .There was plenty of fish topping along the far-bank but that didn’t concern me because i couldn’t see my little lad holding 13 meters of pole , so we concentrated on just the top kit and after plumbing up to find the required 3ft depth off we started .


After getting my little lad in a comfy place for holding the pole i began flicking a few maggots at the float every few minutes the fish were swirling even at this close range and the float was getting knocked about all over the place , so i decided to try shallow which worked a treat and he began getting lots of bites . Of course he was missing plenty of them because he was using the top kit more like a whip , the ones he was connecting with were the ones that ripped his elastic out and the look on his face the first time the top kit nearly got pulled out of his little hands was priceless .


After about twenty minutes the rain started getting a bit stronger and i was just waiting for him to ask to go home but surprisingly he ignored it all , as he was really enjoying himself and apart from a couple of lapses of concentration when he got side tracked with the ducks he couldn’t take his eyes of the float . Towards the hour mark i felt he had caught enough and didn’t want to over do it on only his second ever fishing trip , he was definitely getting in the swing of things and even saved the biggest fish for the last with a 2 lb mirror carp making its way to the net .


All in all he caught ten f1s plus a 2 lb stockie for about 15 lb and he really enjoyed himself which made my day so i treated him to a mcds on the way home , i am not going to push him into going again but if he asks to go then i will be keen to take him because i never had anybody show me how to fish and it would be nice to have another angler in the family .


Off to Partridge lakes on Saturday to contest the Maver match this which was a bit of a last-minute decision but i just hope i make a better job of it this year and lets hope for a good draw .


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