Maver match this Partridge lakes

June 28th , Covey 5 peg 105

Covey 5

Covey 5

Well where do i start about todays match but i am sure the fishing gods was against me because on the way to the venue i couldn’t find a cash point that was working and i just managed to scrape together enough money for the pools , then on the way their i had just got to the golf course near Partridge lakes when for some reason my car span off the road went straight through a temporary fence just missing two trees and ended up within yards from the edge of the pond . Luckily my car seemed fine and i was expecting a puncture but the tyres looked ok and i was at a puzzlement on just what had caused my near crash maybe i had aqua planned across the road in the wet weather but i managed to get back on to the road and arrived at the complex a bit later than i had planned , i was understandably a bit shook up but surely nothing else could go wrong ! ! !

After booking on for the match i joined the draw for the queue and you always get more big names present than on the fisho qualifier  because it costs a bit more and you are guaranteed a ticket if you get it early enough , i felt rather out-of-place competing against these sort of anglers but nothing ventured nothing gained . When it was my turn to pick i pulled out peg 105 on covey 5 not where i wanted to be as this lake is full of smaller fish around the 8 oz mark and you would need to catch a hell of a lot of them to get a decent weight ,my peg wasnt that far away from where i had parked so i decided to leave the car where it was and walk over with my tackle and when i got their it looked rather promising with an aerator-point of an island-long margin to my left and an empty peg to my right which had a few mud banks for me to target .


I had decided on just three areas to fish today so as not to confuse myself and these where ;


Far bank slope

Mud line far bank

Two rigs would cover all these ;

2ft deep , 0.3 matrix series 3 float with a spread bulk of number 9 stotz and my main line was 0.12 garbo with a 0.10 garbo hook length , hook was a size 20 gamma pellet .

1ft deep ,0.3 matrix series 3 float with a spread bulk of number 9 stotz and my main line was 0.12 garbo with a 0.10 garbo hook length , hook was a size 20 gamma pellet .

With the rain continuing to pour down my bait brolly would be required to keep everything on my side tray dry ;


1 pint micro coated with ground-bait

1 pint sloppy ground-bait

3 pint mixed maggots

small tub of 4 mm expanders


When the all in sounded i went onto my 2ft far shelf line first because i wanted to leave the mud bank for later when the weather had hopefully improved and warmed up a little , i tapped in a full kinder pot of micro+sloppy ground-bait and lowered my 4mm expander amongst it . It didn’t take long before i was into fish and by regular feeding plus lift-dropping i had thirty small f1s in the first ninety minutes which was a fish every three minutes not a bad catch rate but could i keep it up , the answer unfortunately was no because  the fish backed off so i tried fishing against the mud bank and this is an area of my fishing that i am struggling with at present because i miss too many bites and when using soft pellet i was constantly re-shipping in wasting too much time in matches .


After three hours my catch rate had really slowed i only had forty fish in the net and was really struggling too put a run of fish together tight across , it was beginning to do my head in and it was about this time that i noticed my top kit was starting to stick into my number four section due to the wet conditions which was something i hadn’t met before with my other poles and it wasn’t long before it was stuck solid with a fish on the end of my rig and upon trying to free it i managed to break it clean in two , i lost the fish as well which just about summed up my day but they do say bad luck comes in threes .


I did have a spare number four in my holdall so i could carry on fishing but by this time my head had gone totally , i did catch a few bigger stamp fish by potting in maggots on to my left hand margin but i was just wasting time to the all out and i re-tried fishing long again but i couldn’t get them to settle so with forty minutes to go i decided to call it a day and began packing up . When the scales came round my 52 fish went 35lb getting comprehensively beaten on both sides but that’s what happens when a club angler goes to contest these big matches and i think i need to improve a lot before i give them another try next year , i have noticed that i am not catching the same amount of smaller fish that the others anglers do on here and this is obviously one of the many reasons that i am struggling to compete at present .

I had thought about giving the evening open another try at Sycamore fisheries which i have done reasonably well on before fishing the Thursday open at Partridge lakes but I’m not sure yet , i think that i might benefit from some far bank fishing practice before i go back to fish on the coveys as you really need to master that style of fishing or fishing shallow to do any good on their .


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