Sycamore fishery

2nd July , peg 18 Silver birch



After my last match on Partridge lakes where it all went tits up i was eager to get back on the bank to try to put a few fish in the net so i decided on a trip to Sycamore fishery to contest the evening rover match, when i arrived at the venue i went to unload the car which would give me a bit more time later for setting up and after having a quick look at the canals to see just how bad the wind was because it had been forecast to be rather gusty . I made my way to the cabin to book on and find out just how far down the line to pick i would be , luckily i had a low number and an early decision  on where i would like to fish , after checking out the weekends results and thinking that most people would prefer to go on Rowans canal because the fish seemed a bit bigger on that one but i fancied a bit of barbel bashing so settled on peg 18 Silver birch which also gave me some room as their was only three other anglers on my bank .


On getting to my peg it was obvious that no one would risk fishing across due to the wind so a short pole attack would be the way today so i took just six meters of my pole out and planned on fishing my right hand margin , i would normally prefer to fish to my left because it would offer me better control of my float in the conditions but i also wanted to fish shallow so i needed to loose feed by hand which would be easier this way .

Nothing complicated with my rigs or bait today ;


1ft and 2ft shallow rig was a 0.3 matrix series 3 float , with 0.12 garbo line direct to a size 18 f1 hook which had a micro bait band attached .

2.5ft margin rig was a 0.3 scone float with a spread bulk above my short six-inch 0.10 garbo hook length my main line was 0.12 garbo .


2 pints red maggots

3 pints hard 4mm pellets

small tub of hard 4mm and 6mm pellets


When the all in sounded i put a small cupping kit full of maggots onto my margin line and i would repeat this after every six fish , i had decided to feed this way because on my last visit here i struggled with line bites because i was loose feeding and hopped by feeding heavier would solve the problem . I also began loose feeding hard 4 mm pellets every couple of minutes on to my shallow line but with the wind  being quite gusty i could only group them at four meters by hand which i didn’t think would be a problem with the wind giving the fish plenty of cover .

My match didn’t start that well with only a couple of stockies + small tench and not the hoped for barbel but i kept feeding it heavy because i had no doubt that they will turn up later in the match , so i went on to my shallow line a bit earlier than i had planned but this was also a bit slow by working hard slapping-tapping-double pouching i managed to get a few and the fish i was catching were of a bigger stamp which is usually the case when fishing up in the water with pellet on here .

After two hours of the match gone i was going nowhere fast a return to the margin was in order and luckily the barbel had at last turned up in numbers , so finally i started putting some fish in the net but they would only come  in patches and not the prolonged periods needed for me to catch up after my bad start to the match .When time was sounded my 37 fish went just short of 40lb which worked out at nearly 1lb a fish and this weight put me off the pace slightly with 73lb winning and only a mid 50lb needed to frame so like i expected my earlier bad start cost me in the end .

Off to Partridge lakes tomorrow for another try at the open match and hopefully banish a few demons from my last visit when as you probably remember was a bit of a nightmare , it will also be nice to get back on coveys 1-4 because it has been a really long time since i fished on them .


4 thoughts on “Sycamore fishery

  1. hi gary, love reading your blogs every week. was gutted for you when you was suffering with the dreaded fishermans blues (been there lol). anyway im on a match on nooky hollow next week and wondered if you had any advice/tactics/bait tips that you could pass on plz….. thanks in advance sean..

    • thanks for taking the time to read my blogs and its always nice to get good feed back ,unfortunately i haven’t fished nookey hollow but if you go on standish mg blog they have fished it a few times recently .

      • hi gary, i saw a blog off your mate Branny about nooky hollow at fir tree and i just assumed you would know it….. no worries mate and hope you hit your ton soon at partridge, thanks anyway sean..

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